2. Sylvia Kang, CEO of Quanovate Tech Inc. (Mira)

Company: Quanovate Tech Inc. (Mira)

Website: www.miracare.com


About Sylvia & Quanovate Tech Inc. (Mira)

Quanovate Tech Inc. (Mira) empowers women all over the world. Quanovate Tech Inc. (Mira) is a San-Francisco-based company that provides healthcare products for more personal, accurate, and reliable home healthcare;

It was founded in late 2015 by a group of scientists, engineers, OBGYN doctors, and business execs to solve the problem of the unavailability of advanced home health testing;

Prior to its public launch in 2018, Mira had raised $6 mln from investors, then quickly reached self-sufficiency and was able to grow at the expense of profit. The company grows exponentially, attracting on average 20% more users each year;

The Company’s first healthcare product for at-home testing — Mira Fertility tracker — is an AI-powered device that aims to help women who are struggling to conceive. It measures numeric concentrations of hormones like in a lab directly from their bathrooms; 99% accuracy proven in trials;

Mira CEO. Sylvia Kang, is an example of delayed motherhood herself. Giving birth to her first child at the age of 36, Sylvia believes that women should own their bodies and their data, so they can make the right decisions along their fertility journey. Over 60,000 Mira analysers have been shipped to date.


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