Meet 8 Companies Defining The Future Of Pet Care

Pets have been considered a central part of the family home for a long time, so it’s no surprise that the tech world caught up.

In the world of PetTech, 8 companies are reshaping the future of pet care.

We spoke to Ayaz Ahmadov, Founder at PetTech company Dosty, who helped pull together the list of 8 companies innovating in the space.

He commented “The practice of considering pets as integral parts of the family is increasingly becoming popular, shaping the array of products and services within the pet sector. This includes everything from pet-specific fashion and furniture to digital offerings that cater to the lifestyle of animal companions. Healthcare stands out as a key focus and aspiration. Veterinary facilities are currently grappling with a significant mismatch in workforce availability and need.

“Despite the unprecedented demand from pet owners for veterinary services, these clinics are struggling with a severe lack of veterinary professionals and technicians. To enhance care delivery efficiency, solutions such as telemedicine, home-based diagnostic tools, and the thoughtful incorporation of artificial intelligence are being explored.”

Let’s get into it…


1. Dosty


Dosty aims to redefine convenience in pet parenting, offering a comprehensive platform that addresses the multifaceted needs of pet owners. Traditional “all-in-one” solutions are often avoided for human needs, yet the dynamic shifts when it comes to pet care. A single, comprehensive app like Dosty is preferable for managing a pet’s life, consolidating everything from health records to daily routines into one platform.

Dosty offers detailed features such as a pet passport, vaccine calendar, supply tracker, and walking widget, each providing significant value and convenience to pet owners. The app also houses extensive data on over 360 dog breeds and 50+ cat breeds, covering the entire lifecycle of pets. This rich database, coupled with user interactions, enables personalized care and advice.

The app adjusts recommendations based on individual inputs (e.g., a pet’s weight), aligning daily activities and dietary needs with breed standards for optimal health. Dosty symptom checker provides assurance when it most needed by directing owners towards a possible cause for over 60 various symptoms for dogs and cats. 


2. 11Pets 


11Pets is a pet care platform that connects pet owners with care providers. The platform aims to boost sales for pet care businesses, whilst also promoting high quality care providers to pet owners.

From the perspective of pet owners, 11Pets stands out as a 360 solution to their pet care needs. The platform offers a user-friendly platform through which they can easily search and discover a number of care providers, all tailored to meet the specific needs of their pets. Once the right provider has been found, owners can efficiently manage, book, and even modify appointments directly through the platform, simplifying the process of managing pet care.


3. AirVet 


AirVet is a employee pet benefit platform, set to change how businesses support their workforce’s pet care needs. This innovative platform empowers companies to offer their employees the perk of virtual vet appointments, integrating pet healthcare into their workplace benefits.

By giving employees access to virtual 24/7 vet services, AirVet allowing businesses to gift employees a benefit that saves time, money and stress.


4. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross 


The American Red Cross has levelled up pet care with their Pet First Aid online course. The course is designed to empower pet owners with the knowledge and skills that they need to provide care for their household pets.

This online course covers a range of topics, from routine pet care to what to do in an emergency. The course aims to ensure that pet owners are well-equipped to handle a range of situations that may occur over the course of their pets’ lives.

Beyond routine monitoring, the Pet First Aid course also teaches about the importance of preventative care, ensuring pet owners know how to maintain their pets’ health proactively. This includes nutritional advice, recommendations for exercise, and tips on preventing common illnesses and injuries, all aimed at extending the quality and duration of pets’ lives.



5. PupTox 


PupTox is an important app for any cat or dog owner. The app contains a comprehensive list of over 250 things that are toxic to cats and dogs.

Not only does it contain a list, the app also has a Chocolate toxicity calculator which alerts pet owners to determine how dangerous certain foods are.

By providing instant access to information about toxic substances, the app plays an important role in preventing accidental poisonings, reducing emergency vet visits and potentially saving pets’ lives.


6. PetDesk 


PetDesk’s app helps vets communicate with clients more efficiently, with their all-in-one patient journey bundle.

PetDesk is an app that significantly improves the way vets communicate with their clients, offering an all-in-one patient journey bundle designed to streamline the entire process of pet care.

This app stands out by providing a solution that not only facilitates better communication between vets and pet parents but also empowers pet owners with tools to manage their pets’ health. This includes allowing pet parents to see upcoming appointments, track vaccinations, schedule medication and more – helping them care for their pets more efficiently.


7. Joii 


Joii is innovating pet care with its AI-led, free pet-symptom checker app, designed by leading pet care experts.

This app is changing the way pet owners are able to approach the health and wellbeing of their animals by providing immediate, round the clock access to reliable, expert-backed health information.

Joii was specifically created to combat one of the biggest challenges in pet care: the often-long waiting times to secure appointments, which can be stressful for both pets and their owners.

By leveraging AI, Joii is helping pet owners everywhere get more instant and accurate care information, all with the click of a button.


8. Digital Pawprint 


The Digital Pawprint is a newsletter that educates tech-savvy pet owners on the latest technologies to help them care for their pets.

Each edition of The Digital Pawprint is packed with insights, including in-depth facts about new gadgets, breakthroughs in pet health technology, and analyses of market trends. This information is not only informative but also practical, designed to help pet owners navigate the latest innovations in Pet Tech.


These companies are all leading the charge in the world of pet care. As they continue to innovate and inspire change, they pave the way for a healthier, happier generation of pets and pet owners.

Stay tuned for more updates on the forefront of PetTech innovation.


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