National Gardening Day 2024: Top Startups To Get Your Garden Blooming

Welcome to a celebration of green thumbs and budding innovations. As National Gardening Day recently graced our weekend, many of us seized the sunshine to nurture our green spaces. Assisting us in this endeavour are the sprouting array of gardening startups, where the fervour for flora meets the prowess of technology and sustainability.

Come along as we shine a spotlight on startups at the forefront of the gardening world. Let’s dive into these initiatives redefining cultivation and enriching gardens with their inventive solutions and unwavering dedication to sustainability




Ever fancied adorning your home with beautiful, easy-care indoor plants? Then it’s time to transform your living spaces into lush havens bloomboxclub. Elevate your living spaces with this innovative platform’s curated selection of beautiful, low-maintenance indoor plants and discover the joys of blending beauty meets functionality by inviting the vibrant world of houseplants into your life.

Choose from its diverse range of indoor plants, each offering its own unique benefits to enrich your living environment. With hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep, your chosen plant arrives safely, ready to breathe new life into your space.

Join the community of over 150,000 plant lovers who have welcomed the beauty of houseplants into their lives through bloomboxclub. Embark on the journey to find the ideal indoor plant today – your lush oasis awaits.


All Year Bloom



Discover the convenience and beauty of All Year Bloom’s ready-made, customisable garden collections. Designed to keep your garden blooming from February through November, these curated collections ensure year-round enjoyment of your green sanctuary.

Select from a variety of spring and summer bulbs from the stunning plants available from All Year Bloom. With seamless delivery to your doorstep throughout the year, there’s no need for subscriptions or hassle. Simply pre-order, plant, water and enjoy.

Thanks to the comprehensive planting and care instructions, ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners alike, with All Year Bloom cultivating your dream garden has never been easier.



Ottershaw Cacti



Step into the world of Ottershaw Cacti, a haven for succulent enthusiasts founded by Daniel Jackson. Drawing from his expertise in managing one of the UK’s largest private collections of cacti and succulents, Ottershaw Cacti invites you to experience Daniel’s passion firsthand, over a cup of tea and a slice of cake, amidst lively discussions about succulents.

Explore the Ottershaw shop and order up to 20 cacti and succulents, each carefully curated for their beauty and resilience. With swift and affordable postage, you can swiftly enjoy these award-winning succulent plants in your own space.

Benefit from Ottershaw Cacti’s comprehensive support on succulent care, ensuring you select the perfect plant for your needs and environment. Let these succulents bring enduring joy to your indoor or outdoor spaces, guided by expert advice every step of the way.


Finding Roots



Welcome to Finding Roots, where the joys of gardening can be brought directly to your doorstep with its seasonal MicroGarden subscription. Experience the delight of professionally designed plant displays, scaled down to fit your MicroGarden.

Simply choose your preferred plant theme and watch as your garden blooms to life. With Finding Roots, enjoy hassle-free deliveries every three months, ensuring your MicroGarden is always refreshed with new, beautiful plants to look forward to each season.

Embrace the simplicity of its pre-planted, mess-free MicroGardens, offering an alternative approach to traditional gardening. With Finding Roots, revel in 100% plant joy guaranteed throughout the year, as the platform brings the beauty of nature right to your home.


Gardeners South West London



Gardening is a universally important practice, but particular joy can be found in nurturing urban green spaces. Fortunately, this is the mission of Gardeners South West London, who work to preserve and enhance these precious outdoor spaces.

Find local skilled and insured professional gardeners in South West London, ready to transform your outdoor space into a stunning, low-maintenance garden retreat. With its team’s 7-day availability, top-notch training, and competitive rates, expect nothing less than a 5-star service tailored to your needs.

With Gardeners South West London, your outdoor oasis will be meticulously maintained, offering a clean and inviting environment to cherish for years to come.