Nature Tech Startups Protecting The UK’s Biodiversity

Biodiversity, which refers to the variety of life forms from tiny organisms to vast ecosystems, plays a critical role in maintaining the balance of our planet. Unfortunately, human activities such as habitat destruction and pollution have accelerated the loss of biodiversity, leading to catastrophic extinction of certain species.

Nevertheless, innovative companies have manufactured technological advancements that offer hope in protecting and restoring our ecosystems. Emerging technologies like drones, sensors, and even cyborg jellyfish allow for real-time monitoring of wildlife and habitat changes, which in turn combat illegal activities such as poaching and habitat destruction. Bioremediation techniques like phytoextraction and monitoring abandoned areas, such as Chernobyl, offer new hope for ecosystem restoration.

By utilising technological innovation, we can reverse the trend of biodiversity loss, creating a more environmentally and economically stable future. It’s a crucial step towards protecting our planet and nature tech startups are paving the way.


Startups Protecting The UK’s Biodiversity






Entocycle, a leading insect technology company based in the UK, is on a mission to revolutionise the way we produce sustainable protein using insects, innovation, and technology. Their approach addresses the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising food waste associated with traditional agriculture. By farming insects as a protein-rich feed source, Entocycle aims to mitigate deforestation, overfishing, and biodiversity loss.

With a dedicated team and cutting-edge technologies, including insect farming in the heart of London, Entocycle is spearheading the development of sustainable protein solutions on a global scale. Through partnerships and research collaborations, they are paving the way for a more environmentally conscious future.






FlexSea Film offers an innovative solution to plastic pollution with their FlexSeable Film, a truly compostable biopolymer material derived from seaweed and other natural, sustainably sourced additives. This flexible seaweed-derived bioplastic film is not only competitively priced but also processable on standard industrial equipment.

With a composting period of 8-12 weeks in natural environments and no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing, FlexSeable Film presents a nature-friendly alternative to traditional plastics, contributing to the protection of the UK’s biodiversity by reducing plastic waste and its impact on the environment.






California-based Caltech researchers are revolutionising ocean exploration with biohybrid robotic jellyfish. These bionic creatures, outfitted with electronics and prosthetics, can navigate the ocean depths autonomously, gathering vital climate data. Led by John Dabiri, the team’s mission is to leverage nature’s efficiency for environmental monitoring, fostering sustainable marine research.

Their innovative approach not only enhances scientific discovery but also offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional research vessels. By mimicking jellyfish locomotion, they minimise energy consumption and maximise data collection, paving the way for unprecedented insights into our oceans’ health and biodiversity.






Sylvera is a leading carbon data provider with a mission to drive investment in genuine climate action. Through its innovative software, Sylvera autonomously evaluates carbon projects, helping organisations make effective investments towards net zero. By incentivising tangible climate action initiatives, Sylvera empowers businesses and governments to confidently invest in, benchmark, deliver, and report real climate impact.

Its proactive approach motivates organisations to prioritise climate goals, addressing apprehensions and perceived burdens. With the imperative global objective of achieving net zero, Sylvera’s services play a crucial role in combating climate change and protecting UK biodiversity.







Arborea pioneers net-zero protein and functional ingredients through its Biosolar Leaf™ cultivation system, leveraging nature’s efficiency to create sustainable, nutritious products. By sequestering CO2 and utilising sunlight as feedstocks, Arborea’s system minimises environmental impact while maximising scalability.

This nature-tech approach not only addresses food security but also mitigates biodiversity loss, requiring only a fraction of land compared to traditional agriculture. Through partnerships with industry leaders, Arborea aims to revolutionise food production, offering a cleaner, more efficient solution to meet global demands while safeguarding UK’s biodiversity.


Renovare Fuels


renovare fuels


Renovare Fuels pioneers a groundbreaking technology that converts biogas into liquid fuel, offering a sustainable solution to energy demand and waste accumulation. Their patented process efficiently produces diesel or Jet A1 from biogas derived from landfills, anaerobic digesters, and sewage treatment facilities.

By utilising waste materials as primary energy sources, Renovare mitigates issues associated with conventional biofuels, such as competition with food supply chains and environmental damage. Their nature-tech approach aligns with UK biodiversity goals, as it minimises land use change and achieves significant greenhouse gas reductions. Renovare’s innovative technology is poised to revolutionise fuel production, promoting a greener future.






Foodsteps is a platform connecting food businesses with climate science, facilitating environmental measurement and reduction. With a focus on transparency and accountability, Foodsteps empowers businesses to understand and communicate their food’s impact on the planet.

By providing powerful yet simple impact measurements and farm-to-fork insights, they help businesses identify carbon hotspots and implement sustainable practices. Trusted by global brands like Bupa and Tesco, Foodsteps’ nature-tech approach aids in protecting the UK’s biodiversity by promoting eco-friendly food production and consumption. Join the movement towards sustainable food practices with Foodsteps.


Fuse Energy


fuse energy


Fuse Energy offers hassle-free energy tariffs, ensuring users always get the best deal without the need to switch. Their nature tech approach protects UK biodiversity by investing in renewable projects, with 18MW of solar and wind sites operational and plans for further expansion. Users enjoy real-time bill tracking, customer support, and transparent sourcing of green energy.

With Fuse, users not only save money but also contribute to a greener future. Founded by engineers from Revolut, Tesla, and Voltalia, Fuse prioritises affordability, sustainability, and accessibility in its mission to revolutionise the energy sector.


ev energy offers a Smart EV Charging App designed to optimise charging for electric vehicle (EV) owners. With automated adjustments based on energy price and emissions, users can charge their vehicles with the cheapest and greenest electricity available. The app tracks charging costs, savings, and emissions, providing users with full control and transparency.

By incentivising sustainable charging practices, contributes to protecting UK biodiversity by reducing the environmental impact of EV usage. With over 100,000 drivers already onboard, is revolutionising EV charging for a greener and more cost-effective future.






Tandem offers financial services with a green twist, promoting both financial health and environmental sustainability. With savings accounts and lending initiatives, Tandem supports greener homes and lifestyles. Through partnerships and acquisitions like Loop, they streamline money-sharing practices, fostering a community-centric approach.

Tandem’s impact extends to 97,000 customers making greener choices, £288m+ in green home improvement lending, and 49,000 tonnes of CO2 removed in 2022. Their model harnesses savers’ funds to empower homeowners towards eco-friendly upgrades, envisioning a greener future for generations to come. Tandem’s commitment to sustainability is evidenced by their Trustpilot rating and accolades, demonstrating their growing influence in driving positive change.