23. Sara Tateno and Emily Tredget, Co-Founders of Happity

Company: Happity

Website: https://www.happity.co.uk


About Sara, Emily & Happity

Happity is the UK’s leading platform for finding and booking parent & child classes. Created by two women who had experienced loneliness and isolation in new motherhood, Happity helps over 130,000 parents every month to escape the four walls and engage in their local community. It’s a problem shared by parents all over the world!

Prior to Happity, Emily Tredget had been an active campaigner for awareness of maternal mental health. She was determined to turn her own personal experience of postnatal depression into a force for good. Her co-founder, Sara Tateno, had spotted a gap but didn’t have the skills or contacts to help get a tech company started. She realised that the gender diversity gap in tech meant there were many problems in the world being left unsolved, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. When her son was 5 months old, she signed up for a coding bootcamp whilst her husband took shared parental leave. Sara learned to code and built the first version of Happity from her kitchen table. She now leads the team on Product.

Sara and Emily have drawn on their own personal experiences of the corporate workplace to reimagine what work could look like in the 21st Century, and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Having been frustrated by the lack of options available to parents, they now job-share at the highest level, operating as Co-CEOs. The company runs remotely, offering full flexibility to their highly motivated team.

During the pandemic, Sara & Emily worked tirelessly to help hundreds of small businesses take their classes online overnight. They pivoted the site to service online subscriptions instead of face to face classes, and led the charge in lobbying for the sector to be recognised in the covid recovery roadmap. Not only were they successful in changing the law, but they were nominated by the Parliamentary Committee for an award in achieving democratic change.

With millions of bookings under their belt and thousands of happy baby smiles enabled, Happity is well on the road to success!


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