Startup of the Week: Basket

  • Basket was founded in 2021 by Lex Deak & William Neill.
  • The startup aims to revolutionise the online shopping experience by informing customers of price drops and any discounts available on their desired items.
  • The startup helps to make shopping effortless with a single Basket for all the things you love.



What is Basket?

Basket is an app that allows users to add in their favourite products from almost all online retailers, shopping apps, blogs, and more into one place. Here, users can keep track of all their must-buy items in one place, without having to switch between dozens of tabs and apps. Not only does Basket keep all your desired products in one place, but it also informs users of price drops, helping them to save time looking for discounts and their well-earned money.

“Keep track of everything you’ve got your eye on and let Basket find the best prices for you. Wave goodbye to browser bookmarks, endless tabs and random lists. There’s now a better way. Basket lets you add products from almost all online retailers, shopping apps, blogs and more. Basket automagically scans thousands of retailers for the best offers, saving you time and money.”


Who Founded the Startup?

Basket was founded by Lex Deak and William Neill in order to completely transform the online shopping experience. The app allows customers to save money by informing them of price drops and any discounts available on their desired items.

In under two months, Basket has already staggeringly had over 20,000 products added by its users.

“Basket lets you keep track of things you want to buy, automatically finding the best prices, saving you time and money. Say hello to your new shopping companion.”



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Why Was the Startup Founded?

The startup was founded in 2021 with the aim to reimagine the online shopping experience. With a desire to build an exciting new future for e-commerce, Lex Deak and William Neill started on the journey to creating Basket.

“I love to bag a bargain but like many busy people, I struggle to find time to track deals and reductions and I know the frustration of missing out on savings, especially when looking for holidays and bigger ticket purchases.

That’s why I believe Basket is going to transform the shopping experience for millions of people, giving them the power to easily get the best deal. Basket is also going to be a brilliant tool for influencers and creators – allowing them to share curated Baskets with their followers.” (Lex Deak via UKTN)



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