Startup of the Week: Howamigoing

  • Howamigoing was founded in 2018 by Julian Cook and Kim Olive.
  • The startup is helps streamline employee appraisals and constructive feedback within companies.
  • So far, Howamigoing have raised £1.1 million over 2 funding rounds.


Creating a safe and stress-free space for businesses to both give and take constructive feedback, our Startup of the Week for this week is HRTech business Howamigoing!

Howamigoing has developed a platform to help streamline the process of employee appraisals and performance management processes overall. The platform helps companies to manage check-ins, Team 360s, goal setting and private feedback.

The startup was founded in 2018 by Julian Cook and Kim Olive, who both experienced first-hand the issues even successful companies were facing when it came to performance reviews. Julian worked at Goldman Sachs in Sydney before later moving to J.P. Morgan in London, and while working with ‘hundreds of amazing colleagues around the globe’, the founder notes that real-time praise and constructive feedback was a rare occurrence.




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Co-founder Kim also found issues with the way performance reviews were given at the companies she was working for, offering bi-annual feedback rather than regular feedback that was applicable to her real and everyday working life.

On a mission to improve the performance review process, Kim and Julian started working together in London in 2017, launching their startup the following year.

Howamigoing’s HR platform offers a range of different features, including ‘Pulse surveys’ where companies can get quick and accurate insights into their team culture, ‘Good vibes’ enabling team members to provide public, real-time recognition to one another, reinforcing positive behaviour, and an ‘Ask me anything’ section where staff can post questions anonymously to managers and receive answers the whole team can view.

So far, Howamigoing have raised £1.1 million over the course of 2 funding rounds; their latest being a Seed Round announced in April 2019 which raised £890k.