Startup of the Week: Klima

  • Klima was founded by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau & Andreas Pursian in 2019.
  • The startup is a climate app that allows you to go carbon neutral immediately and sustainably.
  • Klima helps you to offset your emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and multiply your climate impact.



Klima Logo


What is Klima?

Klima is a climate change app that combines the most effective actions an individual can take to fight climate change today. It allows users to go carbon neutral immediately, but also sustainably by helping to offset your emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and multiply your climate impact. Klima offers a holistic climate action strategy for everyone who wants to take immediate and transformative climate action.

“Klima is a social startup from Berlin, with a growing team of mission-driven designers, engineers, marketeers, and changemakers from five continents. Together, we’re united by one goal: making a measurable dent in the fight against global warming.”


Who Founded Klima?

Klima was founded by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau, & Andreas Pursian in 2019. The trio first met 10 years ago while working for different sustainable development NGOs. They have since founded several tech-for-good companies, aimed at promoting civil discourse, quality journalism, and women’s empowerment. They joined forces and started Klima to commit their resources to the most important challenge of our lifetime, and help to empower others to do so along the way too.

“We founded Klima to answer a question that kept plaguing each of us, since our respective climate ‘wake-up’ moments: ‘I am just one person – what can I even do?'”



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Why Was Klima Founded?

Founders Markus, Jonas & Andreas recognised the severity of the climate crisis we are facing, and wanted to create a platform where they could make active change, and empower others to do so too.

“Millions of people want to take climate action, but don’t know how. We created Klima to make personal action radically easy and unleash an additional force in the fight against climate change.”


How Does Klima Work?

Klima helps users to offset their carbon emissions, and go carbon neutral immediately, but sustainably. In order to achieve this, the app works to offset, reduce, and multiply.

  • Offset: Users can calculate their carbon footprint, then offset their emissions by supporting verified climate projects that remove or reduce the same emissions elsewhere.
  • Reduce: Klima users can get personalised tips on how to live a more climate-healthy lifestyle. They can commit to impactful lifestyle changes and minimise their emissions one step at a time.
  • Multiply: Users can inspire friends and watch their impact as a leader for change. They can see exactly how much CO2 is saved because of their personal advocacy and its multiplying effect. 

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