Startup of the Week: t2

  •  t2 was founded in 2021 Mengyao Han.
  • The startup focuses on the curation value users contribute with their attention.
  • t2 is a decentralised world for publishing and reading.


t2 logo

What is t2?

t2 is designed as a decentralised online publisher promoting collaboration, with incentives between users. The incentives between writers, readers, and curators have been thoughtfully aligned so that everyone who does contribute will reap fair rewards for their contributions.

“t2 intends to stimulate altruistic and contributing behaviours which can conversely increase the overall social awareness of collaborating in the attention economy. t2 is also a rapid, hyper-efficient matchmaker for community forming. The algorithm allows users to merge around their common interests for the collective goals with mere economic parameters bonding their group incentives.”


Who Founded t2?

t2 was founded in 2021 Mengyao Han. Hoping to help people recognise the value of their attention, t2 allows both writers and readers to create their own subcultures (t2 territories) and organise around their interests.

With t2, the value is distributed between contributors based on the engagement of each contributor in a decentralised manner.



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What is the Vision?

t2 builds on the promise of shared not owned data that web3 offers. The startup wants to evolve the user experience to another level of connectivity, enabling them to leverage all the available information on the web in a decentralised manner. With t2, every user becomes a contributor who will be rewarded fairly for their time.

“t2 focuses on the curation value users contribute with their attention, which helps consolidating of content instead of only focusing on the creation of new content. t2 produces relevance for every individual and small collective group, positive user behaviours are as valuable as the content itself and shall be captured and returned to its contributors.”


Mengyao Han t2 Founder
Mengyao Han, founder of t2.


What is t2’s Key Message?

The startup’s key message can be broken down into several different parts:

  • Value Capture – t2 captures the curation value from user’s attention as a network signal. It then uses this network signal as fuel for growth in content creation and also community generation.
  • Social Reading – it is a reading mechanism that has been designed for users to read in a social scenario, creating positive feedback.
  • Monetising Time – t2 markets itself as the first player in the web3 world using the revolutionary approach to monetise human time through reading.

“t2 (short for time squared) is a decentralised world for publishing and reading. On t2, people’s reading time serves as the currency, and sub-culture is the collective curation outcome.”


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