Startup of the Week: The Tyre Collective

  • The Tyre Collective was founded by Hanson Cheng, Hugo Richardson, Siobhan Anderson and Deepak Mallya.
  • The startup have created a device to collect tyre particles from the wheels of vehicles and prevent them from polluting the environment. 
  • The Tyre Collective have won numerous awards, including the James Dyson Award, the Environment Award Winner for the Mayor’s entrepreneurship Competition and more. 


On a mission to reduce the damaging emissions of tyre wear from our environment, our Startup of the Week for this week is The Tyre Collective!

Tyre wear is the second largest pollutant of microplastic in the air and water, and also, as The Tyre Collective puts it, the ‘stealthiest … source of pollution’. To help mitigate the impact this emission has on the planet, the startup have created a device that catches tyre wear particles. Once collected, these particles are then sent off to be rebuilt as tyres again.

The Tyre Collective device collects tyre particles via the charge of the carbon they contain. This carbon is charged as the particles tear off from the tyre. The device is connected close to where the tyre comes into contact with the road, its position optimised to take advantage of the airflow around the wheel as it spins. Currently, on The Tyre Collective’s test rig, the device captures 60% of airborne particles.




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The idea for The Tyre Collective began as part of the co-founders’ MA/MSc project, studying Innovative Design Engineering. Collectively, co-founders Hanson Cheng, Hugo Richardson, Siobhan Anderson and Deepak Mallya are aiming to tackle the issue with tyre wear via an interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of the startup is to create a ‘closed-loop model’. Collecting and separating the fragments before sending the particles small enough to create new tyre walls, as well as other ‘exciting applications’.

In 2020, The Tyre Collective was one of 27 national winners for the James Dyson Award. The startup has also been included as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Manufacturing & Industry, was the Environment Award Winner for the Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Competition and a runner up in the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge.

The Tyre Collective are currently working to further the development of their technology, working with some of the biggest manufacturers of tyres and vehicles.