Startup of the Week: TokenTraxx

  • TokenTraxx was founded by Tommy Danvers, Paul Taylor, Brian Elders, Miles Leonard, Tim Gentry & Max Kantelia in 2021.
  • The startup is an NFT marketplace, built by musicians for the music community. 
  • TokenTraxx brings Music3 to the world of Web3.



TommyD TokenTraxx
TommyD, one of the founders of TokenTraxx.


What is TokenTraxx?

TokenTraxx is a team of music and cryptocurrency specialists whose sole aim is to help artists develop their music, find and engage with their true fans, and then build bespoke Music3 packages to securely manage that relationship.

The highly customisable platform can be personalised, allowing users to browse music by artist, genre, play list and location. Ultimately, the gamification, competitiveness and ultimate profitability of TokenTraxx trading is designed to build on the basic human desire to achieve status. In this instance, the status comes from owning something rare, or the success of profiting from the early-stage ownership of something that increases in value.

“TokenTraxx is a music platform that develops Web3 tools which innovate the way we all engage with music.”


Who Founded TokenTraxx?

TokenTraxx was founded by Tommy Danvers (AKA TommyD), Paul Taylor, Brian Elders, Miles Leonard, Tim Gentry & Max Kantelia. Recognising the uniquely intricate and symbiotic mutual relationship between music’s Creators, Curators and Collectors and their role in the implementation of music, the team founded TokenTraxx.

The founding team created a platform with TokenTraxx that allows these three roles in music to work together and also profit together using NFTs. However, unlike other NFT sites which sell a range of different types of NFT, from music to art and sports memorabilia to videos, TokenTraxx is exclusive to the music loving community.

“There’s a wealth of amazing music out there, it’s just not getting the exposure or funding it deserves. We’re determined to change all that with TokenTraxx.”



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What is TokenTraxx’s Mission?

TokenTraxx aims to bring back value to the music industry, something they feel has sadly been missing over the last decade in music.

“TokenTraxx takes a 360 approach, providing innovative tech to reward all members of the music ecosystem. We call them The 3C’s – Creators, Curators and Collectors. They complete the world of music making, discovery and engagement and now, with Music3 – trading and owning.”


What Actually is Music3?

Music3, or Music 3.0, is based on the same principles that shape the modern and future internet: decentralisation, the token-based economy, and blockchain technology. For TokenTraxx, Music3 accompanied the emergence of Web3 – where the new iteration of the internet revolves around decentralisation and incorporates blockchain technologies.

“In short, Music 1.0 enabled listening, Music 2.0 listening and sharing and, finally, Music 3.0 is introducing a new variable to the mix – owning your input to the listening and sharing experience.”


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