Startup Of The Week: Sylvera

  • A leading carbon data provider, Sylvera is on a mission to incentivise investment in real climate action.
  • Sylvera builds software that independently and accurately automates the evaluation of carbon projects that capture, remove, or avoid emissions to help organisations ensure they’re making the most effective investments toward net zero.
  • With its data and tools, Sylvera hopes that businesses and governments can confidently invest in, benchmark, deliver, and report real climate impact.





What is Sylvera?


Sylvera is on a mission to drive investment in genuine climate action. With net zero standing as the uniting global plan for combatting climate change, the demand for one of the most significant economic transformations in history can no longer be denied. Enter Sylvera, poised to hasten the transition of action and investment towards the net zero objective, urging organisations to quite literally put their money where their mouth is regarding global climate goals.

As it stands, many organisations simply aren’t taking the necessary climate action. Whether due to apprehensions about public criticism or the perceived burdens this poses to business operations, climate action often takes a backseat. How can this be rectified?

Sylvera has a distinctive approach to motivating organisations towards achieving climate goals by incentivising investments in tangible climate action initiatives.


What makes Sylvera unique?


Rather than merely chastising organisations for their insufficient climate efforts, Sylvera takes a more proactive approach. This forward-thinking platform believes that providing new incentives for climate action elevates it on the corporate agenda, empowering organisations to make meaningful progress towards achieving net zero targets.

Sylvera actively catalyses climate action by providing the necessary data and insights to mobilise investment towards the most impactful carbon projects, helping to put the world firmly back on track for net zero. Quickly emerging as a leading carbon data provider, through its innovative software the platform can autonomously and accurately assess carbon projects aimed at capturing, removing, or averting emissions, helping organisations to make the most effective investments towards net zero and instilling confidence in their carbon finance strategies


Is there a market for Sylvera’s services?


Like it or not, net zero is an imperative global objective that must be achieved to effectively combat climate change. Platforms like Sylvera play a crucial role in this endeavour. Despite being relatively fresh-faced, Sylvera is already instrumental in assisting businesses and governments towards this goal.

An organisation may lack the confidence to make substantial investments in climate goals, feel overwhelmed by the prospect of initiating action, or simply want assurance in making optimal carbon project investments. Whatever the backstory, Sylvera can give them the support they need to get their climate action off the ground. 

Fortunately, armed with industry-leading data and tools, government bodies and businesses of all sizes can confidently invest in, benchmark, deliver and report real climate impact.




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