10 Startups In Bristol To Keep An Eye On

Nestled in the lively core of England’s southwest, Bristol has a storied past as a rich centre of cultural heritage and a thriving arts scene. However, in recent years, this historic city has also emerged as a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity, causing a wave of ambitious startups to call it home.

Explore the stories of ten Bristolian startups that define the city’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem and lead the charge in ushering disruptive transformations across various industries.


1. Cogsy




Cogsy operates on the principle that sustainable growth for brands requires a delicate balance between expansion and financial prudence, not giving into the temptation to incur unfavourable debts in pursuit of rapid expansion. Instead, they advocate for a nuanced approach, wherein various metrics are balanced to navigate the interplay of growth, risk, immediate needs, and long-term gains. This platform is designed to empower brands with the insights and tools necessary to make informed decisions and foster sustainable growth.

At the heart of Cogsy’s offering lies its proactive inventory management solution, bridging the gap between insights and actionable strategies for Shopify brands. Its comprehensive inventory control system simplifies tasks such as optimising purchase orders, deciphering complex calculations, streamlining inventory management and eliminating costly stockouts – all without the tedious and time-consuming spreadsheets.

The Cogsy platform not only liberates brands from the most monotonous tasks, but it offers robust security, flexibility and accessibility to its users so they can concentrate on the stuff that really matters: building their brand, safe in the knowledge that their inventory management is in expert hands.


2. CellVoyant




CellVoyant stands at the forefront of biotechnology innovation, leveraging AI as a cornerstone in its mission to combat chronic diseases through groundbreaking stem cell therapies. Their pioneering approach utilises AI-powered live cell imaging to predict and optimise stem cell differentiation, enabling scalable production of diverse cell types and tissues within the human body.

By working at the nexus of cell biology, computer vision, engineering, and machine learning, CellVoyant aspires to transition cutting-edge scientific discoveries from the realms of research into tangible solutions for real-world applications. By spearheading the development of technologies to manufacture stem cell-based therapies that are robust, controllable, efficient, and safe, the company aims to revolutionise the landscape of medical treatment.

In doing so, CellVoyant seeks to supplant the current slow and often inefficient approach to stem cell differentiation, offering a promising alternative that can deliver life-changing therapies to patients in a more effective and timely manner.


3. OKKO Health


OKKO Health


OKKO Health is dedicated to enhancing patient-doctor interactions when they need it most, enabling individuals to maximise the quality of their time with healthcare professionals. By facilitating home monitoring of vision between appointments, the platform not only reduces unnecessary hospital visits, alleviating strain on healthcare systems whilst facilitating personalised eye care and flexible appointment scheduling tailored to individual needs.

The platform’s home-monitoring apps for measuring vision seamlessly embed deep vision science behind simple games on smartphones and tablets, ultimately creating applications that can be used across clinical practice, scientific research and R&D.

By employing established methodologies alongside cutting-edge research, OKKO Health not only refines traditional vision measurement techniques but also pioneers novel tests that capture the intricacies of human vision in diverse dimensions.

This innovative approach generates a wealth of data, which OKKO Health harnesses to develop predictive algorithms capable of detecting sight issues at their earliest stages. By leveraging this diverse data pool, OKKO Health empowers proactive intervention, ensuring timely and effective management of visual health concerns.


4. EnsiliTech




Citing alarming statistics from the World Health Organization revealing that approximately 50% of vaccines worldwide are wasted, largely due to shortcomings in cold chain transport and storage, EnsiliTech has embarked on a transformative mission.

Harnessing innovative ensilication technology, EnsiliTech addresses this pressing issue by fostering the growth of protective silica nanoshells on the surface of biological components, shielding them from degradation and potential spoilage. This breakthrough method can safeguard a diverse range of biomolecules against environmental threats, obviating the need for stringent cold chain requirements.

The application of ensilication opens doors to enhanced oral and mucosal delivery of vaccines and therapeutics for both human and animal populations. By eliminating the dependence on cold chain infrastructure, EnsiliTech’s solutions revolutionise storage and transportation protocols, curbing wastage, extending shelf life, and democratising access to biological therapeutics and diagnostics on a global scale.


5. Martian Lawyers Club


Martian Lawyers Club


The Martian Lawyers Club (MLC) stands as a pioneering full-stack game studio, distinguished by its innovative approach to game development atop an auto-modding platform. This unique platform empowers MLC to create personalised, procedurally-generated player experiences, revolutionising the gaming landscape.

At the core of MLC’s endeavour lies their functionality generation tool, offering players an unprecedented level of freedom and choice previously unattainable in gaming. By transcending conventional “static content” limitations, MLC is spearheading a shift in gameplay, unlocking new dimensions of personalisation in video games.

MLC believes in bridging the gap between the immersive allure of video games and the unrestricted freedom found in tabletop gaming experiences. Their commitment to empowering players with limitless choices underscores their mission to redefine the boundaries of interactive entertainment.



6. The Bunch


The Bunch


Sorting through household bills can be a tedious and overwhelming task, especially for renters and students residing in shared accommodations. Enter The Bunch: a solution designed to streamline this process by consolidating gas, electricity, water, and broadband bills into a single monthly statement.

With thousands of satisfied users already benefiting from its services, The Bunch is driven by a commitment to simplify your life. By making bill management effortless, The Bunch frees up your time and energy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

The ultimate goal of The Bunch is to alleviate the stresses of modern life for renters and students in shared accommodations, who often find themselves grappling with the complexities of household expenses.






As the UK’s multi-award-winning women’s urinal, Peequal is on a mission to pioneer pee-equality. Recognising the frustration of women facing long toilet queues at festivals and other events, Peequal offers a swift solution, enabling them to swiftly go and return to enjoying their experiences. Their superfast “squat & go” urinals boast three times the efficiency of traditional portable toilets.

Peequal’s innovation extends beyond speed. Their touch-free urinals prioritise hygiene by minimising germ transmission, while open-air design promotes ventilation and odour control. Regular cleaning and disinfection, coupled with readily available hand sanitiser, ensure a clean and safe user experience. Versatile and adaptable, Peequal urinals come in various configurations – full circles, semi-circles, or linear – to accommodate diverse requirements, spaces, and terrains.

Manufactured locally in Somerset, Peequal urinals exemplify sustainability. Crafted from a blend of sugar cane biopolymer and ocean-recovered recycled plastic, they are both eco-friendly and efficient. Their flat-pack design optimises transport, reducing CO2 emissions and transportation costs. Remarkably easy to set up, a Peequal urinal can be erected by a single person in under 90 seconds, making it a practical and eco-conscious choice for events and gatherings.


8. Pure Electric


Pure Electric


Step into the future with Pure Electric, where innovation unfolds – literally. Envision a world free from parking fines, where electric scooters offer seamless mobility, ready to whisk you away on any adventure, anytime.

Pure Electric’s ultra-compact e-scooters redefine convenience, effortlessly fitting into cars, public transport, or snug spaces at home or work. Beyond mere convenience, these scooters contribute to the worldwide quest for sustainable urban transportation solutions.

With a range of designs, from the Flex to the Advance, Pure Electric delivers cutting-edge technology, compact folding mechanisms, and customisable accessories for a comprehensive riding experience. Whether commuting or exploring, Pure Electric ensures you’re always ready to roll into the future of urban mobility.


9. Bot-Hive




Bot-Hive is driven by a bold mission: to usher automation into organisations worldwide. Recognising the transformative power of automation in enhancing business efficiency, they aspire to integrate robotics systems into every manufacturing and logistics enterprise globally, believing that intelligent automation is essential for global prosperity.

At the forefront of this vision is Bot-Hive’s commitment to shaping the future of Flexible Automation. By empowering engineers to develop smarter and more adaptable automation systems, Bot-Hive aims to democratise access to advanced automation technology for manufacturers and logistics teams worldwide. Central to their approach is the establishment of a global ecosystem, providing engineers with access to product intelligence and application block codes through a standardised interfacing framework.

With a steadfast ambition to lead the charge in the new era of automation – characterised by flexibility and adaptability – Bot-Hive is poised to redefine industry standards and drive innovation across the automation landscape.


10. Payaca


Perhaps your company has assembled a stellar team, honed your expertise, and set your sights on ambitious goals. Now, what you need is a CRM system that matches your drive and determination. Enter Payaca. Setting itself apart from other software providers, Payaca works with you to optimise your processes, driving efficiencies that fuel business growth.

At the heart of Payaca’s offering is its client portal, granting seamless access to essential documents and files, simplifying collaboration and setting you apart from competitors. Building service plans, inviting customers, and managing commitments become effortless tasks streamlined in one centralised platform. Moreover, Payaca’s software enhances your chances of securing contracts with visually striking interactive quotes and seamless integration with top accounting and payment services.

With its intuitive mobile and web applications, Payaca offers a unique fusion of sales CRM, job management, payments, and analytics features. Designed for simplicity and versatility, Payaca’s solutions cater to businesses ranging from sole traders to SMEs, empowering you to achieve your goals with ease.