10 Startups In Glasgow To Keep An Eye On

Nestled in the heart of Scotland, Glasgow is rapidly becoming renowned as a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly within the tech industry. Home to a thriving startup ecosystem, this city not only boasts historic charm and vibrant entertainment options, but it is also brimming with pioneering potential.

As Glasgow continues to assert its presence on the global stage, we shine a spotlight on 10 startups poised to make waves in various industries that we think embody the spirit of innovation and promise to shape the future landscape of Glasgow and beyond.


1. Innovatium



Founded in 2017, this climate technology initiative is on a mission to help the UK’s energy-intensive industries become more energy-efficient and curb carbon emissions.

Armed with its expertise and groundbreaking PRISMA technology, a revolutionary liquid air energy storage (LAES) system designed to facilitate companies’ journey towards Net Zero, this innovator has already garnered recognition for its positive environmental impact. Honoured with the Product Innovation of the Year award at the edie Net Zero Awards 2023, this low-carbon technology pioneer is actively shaping a more sustainable landscape in the UK, one stride at a time.

With accolades such as the VIBES Scottish Environment Business Award 2022 already under its belt, this pioneering initiative is poised for even greater accomplishments in the future.


2. Exizent




Navigating the complexities of bereavement is undeniably challenging, which is where Exizent steps in to provide support. Its mission is to streamline the process, easing the burden so you can focus on coping with your loss. Bereavement entails more than just emotional strain; there’s a multitude of tasks to manage, from probate to administrative duties. Exizent serves as the industry-leading platform for individuals involved in handling the bereavement process. Leveraging technology, it seamlessly connects data, services, and networks, consolidating them into a single, user-friendly platform to enhance the experience for everybody.

With Exizent, your operational team can efficiently collaborate with executors, next of kin, solicitors, or any other parties involved in notifying you of a bereavement. Its integrated platform facilitates the creation and management of notifications with heightened efficiency and reduced risk, helping your bereavement teams improve the experience for notifiers.


3. Willo




With Wilo’s user-friendly candidate screening software, the traditionally arduous and costly hiring process becomes seamless. The platform allows its customers to slash their time-to-hire by an impressive 30%, saving them 12 hours of administrative work in recruitment every month. This enables efficient screening of more candidates without the hassle of tedious phone calls, invitations and data collection, allowing you to focus on evaluating candidates and enhancing overall company productivity.

Not only is their approach time-effective, but it’s cost-effective as well. Customers can kickstart their journey with a free 15-day trial, no credit card required and no commitment necessary. When you’re ready to upgrade, its plans are straightforward and budget-friendly. Moreover, Wilo prioritises security, boasting full GDPR compliance, an unwavering 24/7 support team, and the ability to operate on global servers. This ensures reliability and peace of mind, no matter where you and your candidates are located.


4. Continulus




Experience a wealth of courses and free lectures from the world’s foremost healthcare researchers, subject experts, and organisations by joining Continulus. But the platform offers more than just access to others’ content. Suppose you’re eager to share your own course or lecture with a global audience in a responsible way. In that case, Continulus can facilitate CPD/CME accreditation and provide all necessary technical support, guiding you through every step of the process to turn your vision into reality.

If you represent an organisation, Continulus can even help you tailor a bespoke solution so that you can build your very own online organisational education program.

Passionate about supporting global healthcare, Continulus recognises the significance of collaboration among experts worldwide. By granting healthcare professionals access to courses and lectures featuring leading global healthcare experts in a fair, inclusive, and socially responsible manner, while also ensuring accessibility for anyone wishing to contribute to this wealth of knowledge – particularly in cases where resources and finances are initially limited – Continulus harnesses the power of technology and remote communication to enable experts and expertise to have a global impact.


5. Gigged.AI



Gigged.AI distinguishes itself with its AI-powered Talent Portal, designed to optimise the alignment between businesses and tech professionals. Their innovative platform vows to streamline the hiring journey for SMEs, bolstering employee retention and easing the integration of new talent.

Central to this endeavour is Gigged.AI’s Internal Talent Marketplace, which streamlines workforce mobility by harnessing the skills within your existing workforce, allowing you to prioritise internal resourcing before resorting to external hires. With its vast global talent pool of over 20,000 freelancers proficient in 500 skills worldwide, Gigged.AI ensures swift and precise skills-based matches, enabling you to swiftly identify the ideal candidate.

Simply create your gig and let Gigged.AI do the rest with its pioneering recruitment platform, matching you with the people who can get it done, right away.



6. Renewable Dynamics


Renewable Dynamics


Renewable Dynamics specialises in providing cutting-edge control engineering solutions tailored to model, optimise, and analyse wind farms. As a trailblazing entity in the renewable energy sector, this company offers expertise in control engineering solutions for wind and tidal turbines, as well as wave energy devices. With a distinguished track record in aeroelastic modelling, design, loads and performance analysis, Renewable Dynamics offers comprehensive services ranging from system modelling to consultancy, advisory, performance analysis, fault identification and life assessment.

By meticulously evaluating wind farms, Renewable Dynamics identifies areas of underperformance, thereby pinpointing opportunities for enhancement to maximise the value of each wind farm. Leveraging its unparalleled understanding of wind turbine functionality, the company recommends solutions aimed at extending the life of wind farms, consequently unlocking the potential for substantial financial returns.


7. Lupovis




Lupovis shields your organisation’s sensitive data and invaluable intellectual property from potential theft by outsmarting in-network attackers. By employing precise, high-fidelity threat identification, Lupovis effectively draws attackers away from critical assets. This is achieved through its SaaS-based Deception as a Service platform, which significantly reduces the alert-to-noise ratio.

With Lupovis, you can access targeted and contextual intelligence tailored to your company’s needs. Stay ahead of potential threats with insights that highlight insider risks and pre-breach events, such as leaked credentials, allowing you to focus on actionable intelligence without being inundated by distractions.


8. Gibson Robotics


Gibson Robotics


Gibson Robotics is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge autonomous aerial systems and Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) technology, poised to redefine the future airspace landscape. Initially focusing on the security sector, the company aims to extend its innovative technology across diverse industries to address pressing market needs.

Currently emphasising security applications, Gibson Robotics is dedicated to enhancing security systems, safeguarding valuable and sensitive sites against potential threats. Through the development of UAS, the company ensures comprehensive security and safety measures both on the ground and in the air, equipped with groundbreaking capabilities to fortify site defences.

These UAS can be swiftly deployed to respond to aerial and ground threats, identifying and monitoring ongoing situations to facilitate an appropriate response. With the ability to autonomously navigate and dynamically adapt to evolving circumstances, Gibson Robotics’ UAS provides an active presence that serves as a deterrent to intruders and malicious activities.


9. Taveo




Founded from a desire to revolutionise commercial insurance broking in favour of the customer, Taveo embarked on a mission to create a solution that would align pricing with service quality. The result? Taveo – a commercial insurance broker harnessing the power of AI, automation, and data science to provide businesses with optimal coverage effortlessly and at the best possible price. By leveraging advanced technology, Taveo ensures transparency, efficiency, and value, enabling business owners to obtain insurance tailored to their needs.

Recognising the potential of technology to streamline processes, Taveo aims to reduce administrative burdens, eliminate manual tasks, and mitigate human biases inherent in traditional models. Instead, the company relies on AI-driven decision-making, data augmentation, and innovative process automation to deliver superior service.


10. Soar




Soar is dedicated to empowering credit unions and other ethical financial institutions to thrive, operate with efficiency, and stay competitive in the dynamic financial services market. Serving as a digital lending and banking platform tailored for the community banking sector, Soar offers solutions to elevate your lending business. With its comprehensive loan management system and robust back-office support, you can easily streamline operations and enhance performance.

Its platform offers credit unions an accessible pathway to embrace the mobile revolution securely and affordably, courtesy of essential mobile technology and a user-friendly dashboard catering to back-office needs. Soar is strategically designed to equip ethical finance entities with the tools they need to better serve their communities and flourish while simplifying operations.

Ultimately, Soar facilitates enhanced engagement, efficiency, and growth for your organisation, fostering scalability that allows you to extend fair banking services to a broader customer base than ever before.