Startups Helping Visually Impaired

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation isn’t just about technological advancement; it’s about inclusivity. Across industries, there exists an overarching aim for businesses is to dismantle barriers and establish equal opportunities for all. Among those facing challenges are individuals with visual impairments – an issue that can range from being a mere inconvenience to a life-affecting ailment.

Yet, whatever the obstacles, hope remains thanks to the work of remarkable startups driven by a collective mission to leverage technology for the betterment of those with such impairments. These ventures are crafting innovative solutions that not only improve daily functionality but also foster a sense of empowerment and autonomy within the visually impaired community.

Startups Pioneering Solutions for the Visually Impaired

The World Health Organisation reports that approximately 2.2 billion people worldwide experience varying levels of vision impairment. From significant conditions to minor inconveniences, these challenges extend beyond the individual’s sight and have broader societal impacts.

According to LinkedIn, visual impairment also poses a huge global financial burden, resulting in an annual productivity loss of around $411 billion in purchasing power parity.

Such statistics highlight the vital importance of startups committed to improving the lives of the visually impaired. These ventures not only offer essential aid for improving quality of life but also play a crucial role in integrating these individuals into society, empowering them with the autonomy to actively contribute and participate in all aspects of life.

Offering innovative solutions ranging from assistive technologies to inclusive programmes, let’s delve into this realm of innovation, empathy, and empowerment, where startups are not merely developing products but shaping a more inclusive future.





The WeWALK smart cane offers a unique blend of traditional tactile feedback and cutting-edge technology. Equipped with ultrasound sensors, it can detect obstacles above ground while retaining the standard white cane’s ground feedback. What’s more, WeWALK’s smart technology cane integrates seamlessly with its smartphone app, allowing users to keep one hand free and control their phone with simple voice commands and touchpad gestures. With just a swipe and tap, navigating to your destination becomes effortless.

WeWALK’s Navigation feature sets a new standard for accessibility. By incorporating clock directions, destination tracking, and low-vision mapping, every journey becomes more intuitive from the outset. Even without a WeWALK smart cane, users can access these advanced navigation tools by downloading the WeWALK Smartphone App, available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Travel Hands


Travel Hands


Ensuring that everyone including the visually impaired can enjoy the simple pleasure of walking is at the heart of Travel Hands’ mission. This innovative charity is dedicated to opening up London for the visually impaired, facilitating wonderful journeys shared between them and volunteers.

For the visually impaired, Travel Hands offers newfound independence on walks, assisting in straightforward journeys in and around London without relying solely on personal connections. For volunteers, by dedicating their time, they can make a significant impact on the lives of others

With services available 7 days a week, the visually impaired are empowered to navigate the city with confidence. Each journey undertaken through Travel Hands contributes significantly to someone’s life and helps foster support within the visually impaired community.


Novis Games



Taking the lead in gaming accessibility, Novis Games is dedicated to enhancing your gaming experience with innovative features, enabling blind and visually impaired gamers to fully engage with their virtual worlds like never before.

Its cutting-edge solution adds distinct contrast colouring to allies, enemies, items, and interactive objects, delivering enhanced gameplay with clearer visuals and heightened accessibility. Moreover, the platform offers audio descriptions of on-screen elements, menus, and interface options through built-in screen reader tools, converting in-game text into audio for equal access to important information.

But that’s not all; Novis Games incorporates AI-generated voices for in-game dialogues and text, ensuring clear and natural-sounding audio representations to enrich the storytelling experience. Additionally, spatial audio cues assist blind and visually impaired users in accurately identifying objects, hazards, and interactive elements, elevating gameplay to new heights. The platform even provides tactile and auditory feedback, allowing players to interact with in-game objects, receive contextual information, and execute actions, thereby expanding the possibilities for immersive gameplay experiences.






GiveVision is on a mission to revolutionise accessibility in live entertainment for the visually impaired. By enhancing the remaining sight of individuals with sight loss, the platform sets a new standard for inclusivity in sports and entertainment, breaking down barriers and empowering independence.

At the forefront of this initiative is the world’s first VR-based wearable vision aid system: SightPlus™, and the innovative sight testing kit: SightCheck. These cutting-edge technologies combine expertise in wearable technologies, camera systems, and sight loss to provide unparalleled support.

GiveVision ensures a seamless installation process and ongoing support for venues, guaranteeing an inclusive match-day experience like never before. What’s more, they reinvest a minimum of 51% of their profits into the development of assistive technologies. This funding supports groundbreaking research in visual impairment solutions and provides pro-bono vision aids to those in need, fostering a more inclusive world for all.


Be My Eyes



Be My Eyes is a pioneering platform connecting blind and low-vision individuals with sighted assistance worldwide by utilising live video and artificial intelligence. With its free mobile app, Be My Eyes facilitates live video calls between blind and low-vision users and sighted volunteers and companies from across the globe.

Since its inception in 2015, Be My Eyes has garnered over 7 million volunteers, forming the largest online community for the visually impaired and one of the world’s largest micro-volunteering platforms. Users can seek assistance in over 180 languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility on a global scale.

Every day, volunteers join Be My Eyes to lend their sight and expertise, empowering blind and low-vision individuals to overcome challenges and solve problems together. As a visually impaired individual, simply request video support through the app anytime, day or night, to connect with a volunteer. As a volunteer, seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by supporting those in need and transforming lives.





Step into the barrier-free realm that Streetco is shaping. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive solution for mapping accessibility and guiding individuals with reduced mobility, with a steadfast commitment to enhancing mobility accessibility in cities and businesses for all.

Streetco’s collaborative app aims to foster more inclusive cities, transforming your everyday journeys into impactful experiences. By simply flagging obstacles encountered along your route, your reports contribute to Streetco’s StreetNav application – a GPS tailored for individuals with reduced mobility.

You can make a difference individually or join forces with your company or school to participate in a supportive and competitive challenge: identifying obstacles. This simple yet impactful activity has the potential to bring about significant social change.