10 Startups In Manchester To Keep An Eye On

Renowned as the powerhouse of the North, Manchester is increasingly becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurial innovation. Symbolised by the industrious worker bee, Mancunians epitomise a strong work ethic, their city a bustling hive of activity.

Within this lively ecosystem lies a burgeoning surge of startups spanning various sectors. From innovative cybersecurity initiatives to sustainable housing solutions, the city is literally buzzing with entrepreneurial energy. Here’s a deep dive into 10 Mancunian startups that are solidifying the city’s position as a hub for innovation, each poised to shape the future of their respective industries.






Recognising the critical importance of tackling the global scourge of child labour, HACE is dedicated to addressing this pressing issue through its implementation of the Child Labor Index, an ESG rating system powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This evaluates a company’s performance across three dimensions: Company Disclosure, Public Perception, and Supply Chain scrutiny.

Using its extensive database and publicly accessible information, HACE employs its expertise to assess how effectively a company identifies, manages, and mitigates the risk of child labour within its supply chain. These scores serve as valuable tools for companies to include in their reporting mechanisms, empowering investors to monitor portfolio performance and mitigate share price vulnerabilities while ensuring sustainable long-term financial returns for stakeholders.

These insights facilitate meaningful conversations between investors and portfolio companies, fostering discussions on the strategies employed to address child labour risks within supply chains and promoting ethical and responsible business practices.


2. Forthstar




Established in 2023 by a group of seasoned industry experts, ForthStar represents a bold venture aimed at revolutionising the gaming landscape. Recognising that the pinnacle of gaming excellence arises from teams empowered with creative freedom, this innovative startup sets itself apart.

ForthStar champions its dedication to crafting exceptional, free-to-play games with broad appeal, designed to enthral players and redefine the gaming experience.


3. Pencil Biosciences


Pencil Biosciences

Pencil Biosciences is at the forefront of pioneering the healthcare sector with a groundbreaking fully synthetic gene editing technology poised to redefine the industry for generations to come.

Their mission is to develop an innovative gene editing platform that is compact, modular in design, and distinct from CRISPR technology. With the potential to revolutionise various applications, this technology holds promise in creating novel therapeutic solutions for individuals afflicted with rare diseases.


4. Decently




Decently is driven by a mission to enhance lives through groundbreaking digital products, firmly believing in the transformative potential of technology when it’s developed collaboratively with and for the users. Through strategic partnerships with the NHS, industry leaders, and academic institutions, Decently harnesses the power of technology for positive impact.

Combining expertise in digital product design, software development, and data science, Decently is dedicated to creating tangible solutions that address real-world challenges. From startups to established global entities, Decently empowers organisations of all sizes to scale sustainably and tackle some of the most significant patient-centric issues.


5. Versori




Versori is committed to offering enterprises user-friendly, robust, and budget-friendly data integration software, tailored to handle even the most intricate infrastructures in recognition that data serves as the cornerstone of business operations and facilitates the development of an interconnected ecosystem.

With Versori, organisations can swiftly establish an integrated hub for their Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. By either crafting a personalised connector to any protocol or selecting from a vast library of options, Versori’s intuitive integration studio empowers users to construct detailed integrations and workflows seamlessly, without the need for coding. From its diverse toolkit, users can effortlessly publish their custom workflows into a private, scalable, and secure environment.



6. Academy




Academy is dedicated to revolutionising the process of identifying and nurturing new tech talent. By facilitating the discovery of talent, Academy aims to democratise the field of technology and remove the obstacles hindering companies from leveraging its transformative potential.

Through its specialised screening technology, this platform identifies promising individuals in the tech industry. Following this initial assessment, Academy offers a tailored training program aligned with your company’s specific tech requirements, ensuring that every new hire is equipped to seamlessly integrate into your team. With a curriculum designed to prepare candidates for entry-level positions in as little as 15 weeks, Academy fast-tracks their journey toward becoming valuable assets to your organisation.

And Academy’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The platform provides ongoing support to new hires throughout their entire first year, empowering both individuals and companies to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology.


7. Vector Homes


Vector Homes


Vector Homes is committed to promoting sustainable living while striving to establish itself as a globally recognised brand in the realm of affordable and eco-friendly housing solutions. The platform aims to achieve this by streamlining costs, simplifying construction processes, and reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of its homes.

At the heart of Vector Homes’ approach is its flat-pack housing systems, designed with sustainability in mind. All components of the house embrace recycled materials and enable swift production, assembly, and potential reuse, emphasising efficiency and environmental responsibility. The outcomes are impressive: a 25% reduction in price, a 60% decrease in build time, and an 80% reduction in carbon emissions.

8. Forfeit.




An innovative productivity tool, the app operates on the principle of setting “Forfeits” – tasks you must complete by a specified deadline. If you fail to provide evidence of task completion on time results, Forfeit will take your money as a penalty. This evidence can be validated through GPT4 Vision, a human verifier, or by accessing data from various sources such as Apple Health, iOS Screen Time, GPS check-ins, or RescueTime. Any remotely matching evidence to your task description must be approved by the app.

So, whether it’s hitting the gym, practising meditation, managing household chores, limiting screen time, or meeting deadlines for assignments, Forfeit can help you achieve your goals.


9. Shopit




Experience seamless management of your online store with Shopit’s e-commerce platform, designed to simplify every aspect of your selling journey. Offering an all-in-one solution, it’s perfect for sellers seeking efficiency and ease.

Simply import your items, assign them to sales channels, and create compelling product descriptions. Launch your products across multiple channels effortlessly and enjoy cost savings daily with its Pay-As-You-Go platform, ensuring affordable shipping for all your orders. Despite distributing across various channels, Shopit empowers you to efficiently oversee all orders and inventory from a centralised platform.


10. BlackDice




BlackDice is dedicated to providing unparalleled digital safety and data intelligence, employing vigilant monitoring of device behaviour to detect threats around the clock.

Recognising the pervasive influence of technology in today’s society, especially among children, BlackDice acknowledges the challenge parents face in navigating this new reality. Founded with the mission to revolutionise cybersecurity, BlackDice aims to empower individuals and businesses by restoring control in the digital realm.

With a commitment to fostering safe, secure, and privacy-preserving interactions in the digital realm, BlackDice endeavours to equip individuals, families, and businesses with the tools they need to navigate the online world confidently. Continuously innovating in the field of cybersecurity, BlackDice stands as a leading product innovator, dedicated to developing accessible and user-friendly solutions for everyone.