Top 10 Allergy Startups

Allergies, a common occurrence in the UK, happen when the body reacts to specific foods or substances. They affect over 25% of people at some point, with children being particularly prone. While some allergies fade with age, many persist into adulthood, and new allergies can develop over time.

Globally, innovative startups have stepped in to help people suffering from allergies, helping individuals better understand themselvesto make informed lifestyle choices.

Here, we explore the top 10 startup companies that are changing the way we think about allergies, helping individuals to live higher quality lives.


Top 10 Allergy Startups



1. Kitt Medical


Kitt medical

Kitt Medical, founded by Zak Marks and James Cohen, offers an innovative solution to anaphylaxis emergencies in schools with their Anaphylaxis Kitt service. Inspired by Zak’s own severe nut allergy, the company provides wall-mounted kits, akin to defibrillators, equipped with adrenaline pens and online training resources.

These kits aim to address the lack of awareness and preparedness for allergic reactions, particularly in school settings. Since its launch in 2023, Kitt Medical has partnered with over 300 schools, trained thousands of staff members, and supported over 150,000 students across the UK. With a vision to become as ubiquitous as defibrillators, Kitt Medical is committed to enhancing safety and support for individuals with allergies.


2. ible



ible is an IoT & wearable device company founded in 2015, prioritising high standards in design and functionality. Their flagship product, Airvida, is a wearable air purifier series aimed at improving air quality and enhancing life. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Airvida combines Taiwanese and German craftsmanship, ensuring both elegance and robustness. It removes up to 99.9% of pollutants, including pollen, PM2.5, and viruses, validated by third-party lab tests and international certifications.

Recognised with prestigious awards, Airvida is endorsed by medical professionals and users alike for its efficacy in combating air pollution and alleviating allergic symptoms. As a reliable ally in the pursuit of better health, ible’s Airvida promises to make life simply better for its users.


3. Allergy Butler


allergy butler\

Allergy Butler, established in 2017, pioneers virtual allergist services, driven by a team of physicians, pharmacists, and software engineers. Their mission is to revolutionise allergy treatment by offering accessible, customised immunotherapy solutions from the comfort of home.

Users begin with an in-home allergy test, followed by a personalised treatment plan using innovative precision medicine technology. The treatment options include Allergy Toothpaste or sublingual drops, aimed at providing permanent relief from allergies.

With headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee, Allergy Butler prioritises simplicity, safety, and affordability, aiming to make immunotherapy accessible to the millions suffering from allergies across America. By adhering to their core beliefs of convenience, scientific excellence, home-based care, and cost-effectiveness, Allergy Butler aims to fix allergies, not just manage them.


4. Soosee



Soosee offers a free allergy and vegan food scanner designed to help users easily identify allergens and intolerances within seconds. With its real-time scanning feature, Soosee highlights ingredients to avoid, drawing from built-in word lists covering common allergens like gluten and lactose, as well as animal-derived e-numbers for vegans. Available in multiple languages, Soosee is useful worldwide and allows users to create custom word lists tailored to their dietary needs.

Developed by Jordi Bruin during home quarantine, Soosee provides a convenient solution for individuals navigating food choices while managing allergies or following a vegan lifestyle.


5. AlliApp



AlliApp offers an intuitive solution for tracking lifestyle factors that may trigger allergies and chronic illnesses, such as IBS, asthma, and migraines. With a Free Standard Package and a more comprehensive Premium option, users can monitor symptoms, diet, medication, and various environmental factors. Founded on medical expertise, including endorsement by NHS Honorary Paediatric Allergy Consultant Dr. Jimmy Abraham, AlliApp aims to empower individuals to identify and address their health concerns efficiently.

The app’s ethical, independent funding model ensures unbiased health information and prioritises user privacy. Recognised with an NHS Innovation Award and validated through extensive clinical trials, AlliApp saves time and resources for both users and healthcare systems. By facilitating ongoing dialogue between users and medical professionals, AlliApp fosters proactive health management for a better quality of life.




6. Well Science


well science

Well Science is dedicated to revolutionising respiratory allergy management through innovative combinations of natural ingredients. Committed to scientific innovation and market growth, they aim to create products with high consumer demand, ensuring sustainable long-term growth and shared value for stakeholders.

Acting as a trusted partner in allergy management, Well Science strives to improve lives by offering effective, all-natural solutions. With a team of experts led by CEO Ian Metcalfe and Chief Scientific Officer Sébastien Holvoet, they prioritise customer needs and continuously innovate to make a real difference.

Their flagship product, BlossomUp, is a novel food supplement designed to support individuals through the pollen season with its natural ingredients, Swiss-made quality, and effectiveness. Well Science collaborates with esteemed advisors, investors, and partners who share their passion for health and nutrition, driving meaningful business growth for the benefit of their customers.




lify air

LIFY AIR addresses the pressing issue of pollen allergies by offering a groundbreaking alert system. With allergies affecting a significant portion of the global population, especially in industrialised nations, the demand for real-time pollen information is on the rise. LIFY AIR is at the forefront of this challenge, providing a solution based on patented optical sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms. Their innovative approach enables the identification and tracking of pollen types in real time.

Through their user-friendly app, individuals suffering from allergies receive timely and geolocated information, empowering them to take proactive measures such as adjusting medication and altering behaviour to mitigate symptoms. By improving daily life and reducing associated health costs, LIFY AIR aims to make a meaningful impact on public health and allergy management.


8. TreatOut


treat out

TreatOut is a platform founded by Debbie and Tracey, aiming to simplify dining out for individuals with dietary requirements. With a combined expertise in technology and hospitality, Debbie and Tracey are dedicated to enabling everyone to enjoy dining out without stress.

Their platform provides users with back-of-the-pack details for dishes straight from the kitchen, ensuring full transparency and ease of decision-making. By creating individual food profiles, users can list their dietary restrictions and filter menus accordingly. TreatOut’s mission is to redefine dining experiences by focusing on what users can eat, not what they can’t.

With a vision for full menu transparency and a commitment to putting the fun back into eating out, TreatOut aims to revolutionise the way people dine out, one meal at a time.


9. Third Harmonic Bio


third harmonic bio

Third Harmonic Bio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming the treatment landscape for dermal, respiratory, and gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases. They focus on targeting mast cells, key players in inflammatory responses, through KIT inhibition.

Their lead product candidate, THB335, a highly selective oral small molecule KIT inhibitor, is poised to enter clinical trials in 2024, with a primary focus on chronic urticaria. This dermatologic condition, characterised by red, itchy welts or hives, severely impacts patients’ quality of life.

By advancing a targeted approach to mast cell-driven inflammation, Third Harmonic Bio aims to provide meaningful relief to millions of individuals worldwide. Led by a seasoned executive team and backed by renowned board members, the company is committed to developing impactful medicines for patients in need.


10. IgGenix


third harmonic bio

IgGenix is a pioneering biotechnology company focused on developing groundbreaking therapies for individuals with allergies. Their mission is to transform the landscape of allergic diseases, offering hope to millions by providing first-in-class treatments. Utilising their SEQ SIFTER™ antibody discovery platform, IgGenix delves into molecular immunology, developing products designed to elicit faster and more sustained clinical responses.

Their lead development candidate targets food allergies, employing an innovative antibody approach to directly tackle allergic disease by blocking the allergic cascade. With a robust pipeline spanning both food and environmental allergies, IgGenix aims to address unmet medical needs across various allergic conditions. Led by a distinguished team of experts and bolstered by cutting-edge research, IgGenix is committed to delivering impactful solutions for allergy sufferers worldwide.