Top 10 Cloud Computing Solutions for Startups


What Is Cloud Computing?

There are various cloud computing applications both businesses and individuals use today – some widely known examples are Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox. Cloud computing enables users to easily access and store data on the internet, or what is known as “the cloud”. 

In short, cloud computing allows users to access data on-demand. Data today can now be managed, stored and accessed via the internet, or cloud, easily without needing to use a local server or personal computer. 

Find out more about what cloud computing solution is and how it works for startups here.

How Can Startups Benefit from Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has not only helped businesses grow, but it has made growth easier. Today, businesses can benefit in various ways from cloud computing. Data backup, marketing tools, data sharing and even project management is all made easy through cloud computing software. 

Another reason why startups should consider cloud computing is that it is very affordable to implement and keep. Startups who may not have the same manpower as other businesses can especially benefit from cloud computing solutions. Data, and specifically client data, can all be easily managed and stored (and accessed anywhere in the world) through the cloud. Therefore, cloud computing is cost-effective for those just starting their business ventures. 

Everything is quickly being moved to the cloud. So, it is important for all businesses, regardless of their industry, to keep up – and, especially startups who want to stay in the race. Moving to the cloud is fast, easy and inexpensive. 

Top Cloud Computing Solutions for Startups 

Without further ado, let’s get into TechRound’s top 10 cloud computing solutions for startups. Our top picks take into account the core services, we believe, startups need in cloud computing. Such key features include, but are not limited to, managed services, scalability alongside flexible and fair pricing. 

1. Infinity Group 


Infinity Group is 1 of 200 managed Microsoft Gold Partners in the UK. With years of experience, and over consistent top reviews, Infinity Group is definitely a leading company for startups to consider.

What sets Infinity Group apart from other competitors is that they provide unlimited 24/7 on-site and remote support. Not only this, but they also assign specific account managers to clients. So, startups can have peace of mind that they’ll have support every step of the way. 

2. Blue Frontier 


Tailored cloud computing solutions are implemented for startups by Blue Frontier, a leading digital agency located in Southampton. For startups switching to the cloud, Blue Frontier will recommend the most suitable infrastructure options based on the business’s requirements. 

Startups that want to benefit from cloud computing solutions, yet don’t want to break the bank, can consider Blue Frontier. They pride themselves on working alongside businesses, of varied sizes, to find the best cloud computing solution (and charge fairly). 

3. Lucidica 


Lucidica, based in London, also provides on-site and remote support for businesses of varied sizes. Not only this, but Lucidica can also provide startups with the latest cloud computing technology. From data storage and backup to hosting blogs and applications, Lucidica provides all-round, yet inexpensive, cloud computing solutions for startups. 

Furthermore, Lucidica can also help startups migrate their current infrastructure to the cloud. Or alternatively, can create customised cloud solutions from scratch. So, for those considering cloud computing solutions in the UK – Lucidica is definitely one to consider if you’d like high-quality support at a competitive price. 

4. EBC Group 


Startups that use EBC Group only pay for what they use. EBC Group provides cost-effective and flexible cloud computing solutions for many startups across the UK. This is particularly useful for startups that don’t currently have the capital, yet would like to compete. 

EBC Group also offers free IT audits to help businesses find the best cloud computing services based on their current IT infrastructure. This way, startups can be reassured that they’re using the appropriate cloud computing solutions based on their current needs. 

5. deeserve


Deeserve are a UK based IT support company who provide easy cloud solutions for businesses. They help businesses create specific cloud-based solutions, based on the needs of the client’s business and industry, at reasonable rates. 

Clients of deeserve can expect flexible and fair pricing – startups, therefore, can pay-as-they-go and only pay for what they need. Deeserve do only design cloud-based solutions, but they’ll also implement and host and support them on their private cloud for businesses around the clock. 

6. Sky Potential 


Sky Potential is based in Slough, UK. They pride themselves on their scalability. Therefore, startups which may quickly grow in size can be assured Sky Potential will support them as they do.

Another great thing about Sky Potential is that they provide high-quality cloud computing services for businesses of all sizes. What’s more, they set out fair prices compared to other cloud computing solutions in the UK. Regardless of a company’s size or needs, Sky Potential will set fair rates while providing support. 

7. Cloudscape

Cloudscape offers cloud services ‘anywhere, any time’. Their hosted services use reliable and safe server-based solutions in London. They also provide a free cloud services audit worth £300 – so, startups can see how cloud computing solutions could benefit their company growth without feeling locked into a contract.

8. Custard


Startups can either migrate all of their technology to the cloud environment with Custard, or only partially as they adjust to their industries. Either way, Custard aims to increase business’s revenue alongside efficiency. 

Additionally, Custard offers tailor-made and high-quality cloud computing solutions for various startups. With headquarters in London and Nottingham, Custard continues to grow and support businesses across various sectors. 

9. Arrow


Arrow focuses on businesses wanting to capitalise from cloud computing solutions. Having made significant investment in cloud, Arrow have their own award-winning cloud delivery platform called ‘ArrowSphere’. This platform, which continues to grow, helps businesses to relocate to their own cloud service at reasonable rates. 

10. Online Support  


Online Support, like many other UK cloud computing solutions, offer their services on a PAYG basis. This way, startups are not pressured to commit to any long-term contracts yet can see how cloud services can benefit their business. 

Furthermore, Online Support have also had 20 years of providing IT support to UK businesses. So, if you’re a startup and looking for a company with experience, Online Support might be one to consider.