Top 10 Robot Tech Startups And Businesses

Robotics is becoming really important in the UK, promoting productivity and economic growth. In sectors from manufacturing to aerospace, robotics support higher efficiency and job creation, rather than displacing the workforce.

As Juergen Maier from Siemens UK suggests, “The beauty of it is, if we get this right, it doesn’t just drive productivity, but it also means that you’re driving jobs up the value chain, which means that people are getting better paid, so ultimately you raise living standards.”

Companies around the world are tuning into the robotics space with innovation in mind. Below are 10 innovative robotics startups and companies:

1. KinderLab Robotics




KinderLab Robotics is the creator of KIBO, a robot kit designed for primary learners. KIBO nurtures playful STEM learning through hands-on, screen-free exploration. With KIBO, kids, starting at age 4, can build, programme, decorate, and tell stories through coding, building, and engineering!

For hands-on STEM in early childhood, focus on solutions proven by research into how young children learn. KIBO is based on 20+ years of child development research, that lets young learners build, programme, decorate, and run their own robot.

With the KIBO robot and its comprehensive, supporting curriculum, young students develop their computational thinking, STEAM learning, SEL, Computer Science skills, and more, in any environment:

• Classroom – from PreK-5th grade
• Special needs programmes
• Enrichment, summer, and afterschool programmes
• STEAM and Makerspace programmes


With playful STEM, you can create early education classrooms we all dream of – classrooms bubbling with engaged students asking questions, kids learning from one another, and excitedly helping each other find answers.

KinderLab offers a complete suite of curriculum to integrate STEAM elements into any subject. STEAM learning has never been so much fun! Build. Art. Code. Play!


2. Autrix



In a groundbreaking move set to disrupt the landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Autrix, a dynamic robotic automation company, has launched with the mission of making automation accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK.

Formed from leaders in the robotics space and talent from automation companies, Autrix aims to enable SMEs to compete globally through increased efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Autrix works with best-of-breed technology partners, including Hikrobot, VisionNav and ProGlove, to provide SMEs with automated mobile robots (AMRs), robotic arms, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), smart gloves and more.

By bundling technologies from multiple vendors, Autrix can provide SMEs with integrated automation systems from single robotic solutions to large deployments of 50+ AMRs tailored to their needs at a lower cost than purchasing from individual technology providers.

Autrix’s dedication to democratising automation for SMEs through its tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and commitment to success positions it as a valuable partner for SMEs seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.

Autrix is set to empower SMEs with the knowledge, confidence and tools they need to embrace automation and unlock their full potential.


3. Dogtooth Technologies




Dogtooth Technologies specialises in robotic harvesting solutions in partnership with UK growers. With over 70 robots operating across 5 hectares in 2022, Dogtooth provides scalable solutions for efficient fruit picking, integrating advanced data analytics for yield and quality insights.

They offer night picking and support various tabletop infrastructures, enhancing farm productivity and data-driven decision-making.


4. Voliro



Voliro offers the multi-purpose robotic flight platform, Voliro T, designed for work at height with omnidirectional capabilities and advanced autonomy.

Suitable for tasks like inspection and physical work, it applies force and torque to structures and collects data for end-to-end workflows.

The platform is particularly useful for tasks in challenging environments like wind turbine inspections and offers a range of payloads for non-destructive testing.


5. Nordbo Robotics





Nordbo Robotics focuses on making surface processing and quality inspection intuitive through software platforms for robotics. They address manual process challenges and traditional automation limitations by offering solutions for coating, painting, sanding, buffing, grinding, and deburring.

Nordbo serves various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical, by automating surface treatment processes for improved consistency and efficiency.



6. RoboSavvy Ltd.





RoboSavvy Ltd. focuses on the sales, distribution, and development of robotic and DIY products for hobby, education, and research sectors globally.

They are currently developing an advanced 1m tall research humanoid robot and offer a range of products including 3D printers and DIY electronics.

Based in London, with a research lab in Lisbon, RoboSavvy aims to integrate video game excitement into reality with their humanoid robots.


7. Vention



Vention offers a Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP), providing an end-to-end tech stack for automated factories. The cloud-based system includes design, automation, deployment, and operation solutions for manufacturing equipment.

Vention’s platform simplifies the design and customisation of factory equipment, supported by leading manufacturers of automation technology.


8. NODE Robotics



NODE Robotics specialises in autonomous intralogistics with their NODE.localise skill for localisation and mapping, ideal for large-scale industrial environments.

The technology offers easy mapping, robust long-term stability, and operates with minimal hardware changes, supporting various sensors for enhanced efficiency in dynamic settings.


9. SEER Robotics



This innovative startup stands out as a global leader in mobile robot autonomy solutions, distinguished by its exceptional precision and reliability in localisation and navigation technologies.

Founded by a celebrated team that triumphed in the RoboCup world championships, SEER Robotics brings a rich legacy of competitive robotics to the commercial sphere.

Their comprehensive proprietary research and development efforts have resulted in a wide array of products, including advanced AMR controllers, robots, and specialised software solutions.

SEER Robotics caters to a diverse spectrum of industries around the globe, demonstrating a robust application of their cutting-edge technology. Their contributions are especially significant in transforming operational efficiencies and enhancing the intelligence of automated systems in various sectors.


10. Geek+



A global leader in mobile robotics, Geek+ has been revolutionising supply chain operations with reliable robotics solutions since 2015.

They specialise in automating order fulfillment, enhancing efficiency in logistics for diverse industries including retail and manufacturing.

Geek+ boasts partnerships with major brands like Adidas and Siemens and delivers solutions that significantly improve productivity and accuracy.