Top 10 Startups In Belfast To Keep An Eye On

Next stop on the shining startup tour: burgeoning Belfast. This dynamic hub has rapidly emerged as a breeding ground for innovative startups, drawing a wave of visionaries eager to leave their mark on the industry stage.

Teeming with promise and potential, let’s delve into the stories of these standout startups, explore their impact on Belfast’s thriving ecosystem, and uncover the reasons why they deserve our attention in the months and years ahead.


1. Sensoteq




Sensoteq stands as a trailblazer in industrial wireless sensing for condition monitoring, embodying a culture of innovation and boundary-pushing advancements. Founded upon 50 years of new product development expertise in electronics engineering, Sensoteq designs and manufactures low-powered wireless sensors tailored for remote machine health monitoring. These sensors provide continuous measurements of critical parameters on high-wear components in a wide range of industrial applications.

From seasoned engineers to visionary minds spearheading product design, Sensoteq thrives on a collaborative spirit that fosters the development of cutting-edge solutions. By prioritising safety in workplaces, prolonging machine longevity, and curbing energy wastage and unplanned downtime, Sensoteq contributes to a more sustainable world.

Unified by a shared dedication to excellence, Sensoteq’s team is driven by a singular mission: to revolutionise the realm of reliability technology and pave the way for a future defined by unparalleled innovation and reliability.






The fashion industry is grappling with a pressing sustainability challenge that demands urgent attention. Fortunately, RESPONSIBLE is poised to tackle this issue head-on by revolutionising the way we buy, trade, and circulate our beloved streetwear garments.

At the core of RESPONSIBLE’s ethos lies the concept of circularity, wherein every product has an end-of-life plan. Unlike conventional fashion items that often meet their sorrowful end in landfills, RESPONSIBLE ensures that everything sold or created by its partners comes with a built-in buy-back reward upon return. In other words, RESPONSIBLE takes the product, refurbishes and resells it and, if this can’t be done, the platform responsibly recycles the materials.

After all, we all aspire to make sustainable choices, yet the perceived hassle or cost makes this impractical. To bridge this gap, RESPONSIBLE has implemented a rigorous five-step process to guarantee the quality and authenticity of every product before resale, ensuring you can shop confidently and safely in the knowledge that your purchases align with your values and contribute to a more sustainable future.


3. CattleEye




Introducing CattleEye, the world’s pioneering hardware-independent autonomous livestock monitoring platform revolutionising herd management. By harnessing the power of low-cost security cameras, CattleEye provides insights into the health and productivity of your herd, unlocking its full potential through autonomous video monitoring.

Gone are the days of cumbersome collars and pedometers; with CattleEye, a standard security camera positioned in the milking parlour to offer a hands-free solution for monitoring your cows’ welfare and performance. This approach enables easy identification of cows requiring intervention, such as those in need of hoof trimming or treatment, thereby facilitating effective management of lameness levels.

Simply mount the camera at the milking parlour and let AI algorithms in the cloud do the rest. These will analyse the footage to uniquely identify cows and monitor their welfare and behaviours. These insights are seamlessly delivered to your smartphone and/or integrated with your farm’s herd management system, meaning substantial cost savings for the average farmer – potentially hundreds of pounds per cow per year.


4. Continually




Ensure you never miss a lead from your website with Continually’s seamless integration of chatbots and live chat, available 24/7 to respond with friendly, conversational messages. Continually understands that you can’t be available 24/7, that’s why they have introduced the quickest and simplest way to add a bot to your site. With potential customers expecting an immediate reply, chatbots help you capture leads by replying automatically, even when you’re out of the office or in a different time zone.

Introducing Continually’s simple solution, featuring a drag-and-drop bot builder. This intuitive platform empowers you to construct bots without breaking a sweat. These bots possess versatile capabilities, including live chat functionality, automatic meeting scheduling, and seamless integration with over 1,500 applications such as CRM systems, mailing lists, and analytics tools like Google Analytics. Notably, Continually seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Slack, HubSpot, Mailchimp, WordPress, Salesforce, and more.

Not only are these bots simple to implement, but they are also unlimited in number, capable of sending notifications, and can be deployed across multiple websites. They also offer features like team-wide access, multilingual translation, and direct client engagement, ensuring a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.


5. loyalBe




loyalBe understands that the most effective way to connect brands with the best customers is by cultivating loyal fans. By transforming customers into devoted fans, loyalBe ensures efficient and seamless brand engagement while minimising wasted advertising expenses. Through loyalBe, brands can redirect marketing budgets directly to shoppers, incentivising purchases through cashback rewards.

Tailored for financial services, airlines, and FinTechs, loyalBe offers a plug-and-play platform to power customised rewards programs. Leveraging payment data, loyalBe enhances customer engagement and lifetime value by offering cashback incentives from leading retailers within your app. For retailers, loyalBe facilitates the identification, outreach, and influence of potential buyers through personalised campaigns, while also providing metrics to accurately measure the impact of these sales.

Having already partnered with numerous local, national, and international brands, with offers reaching over 20 million consumers, loyalBe aims to provide every business with an effective way to attract and retain the best customers, without squandering marketing resources.



6. Kinsetsu




Kinsetsu is committed to fostering fairness and ethical practices in all its endeavours, extending this ethos to its collaborations with clients, industry partners, and the communities it serves. Within the Healthcare, Defence, Government, and Commercial sectors, Kinsetsu’s innovative solutions in asset and workspace management are redefining efficiency.

At the heart of its solution lies Kinsetsu’s ktrack® platform, a cutting-edge solution engineered to automate and optimise daily tasks. ktrack® delivers unparalleled visibility and traceability to business assets, liberating valuable time for teams by automating insights. As an IoT platform, it offers seamless data insight into critical assets, enabling informed decision-making, real-time location tracking, automated insights for team efficiency, process transformation for risk reduction, and workflow optimisation to lower operational costs.

This solution can redefine efficiency across several sectors, optimising processes from equipment tracking in healthcare facilities to space utilisation in corporate environments, and resource management in educational institutions. By leveraging its technology, Kinsetsu saves both time and resources, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness.


7. Pitchbooking

Pitchbooking is a leading online software solution for booking, payments, facility management, events, leagues, and more. Trusted by sports clubs, schools, councils, commercial hubs, and sporting bodies alike, its software revolutionises sports facility management and provides a seamless solution designed to streamline all aspects of booking and payment procedures.

Bid farewell to cumbersome admin tasks and welcome a surge in bookings with its intuitive software features. From accessing instant data trends and making informed decisions based on real-time insights to its comprehensive Calendar offering a view of all bookings, ensuring essential information is always readily available. Additionally, its subscription feature facilitates block bookings with recurring payments, accompanied by efficient block booking management. Seamlessly fine-tune your offerings with our intuitive configuration tools, allowing you to set prices, timings, and other essential parameters with ease.

All-in-all, with its vast array of handy features, Pitchbooking redefines efficiency in facility management whatever your organisation, from being a grassroots sports club to an international multi-department operation.


8. SideQuest

Discover a secure gateway to unlock an array of new apps for your Oculus Quest with SideQuest, empowering you to immerse yourself in cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) content and elevate the capabilities of your standalone VR headset. SideQuest allows access to content not yet available on the Oculus Store, serving as a launchpad for developers to test their creations and cultivate vibrant communities. Best of all, SideQuest is completely free for both users and developers, reflecting its unwavering commitment to bolstering the VR industry.

In addition to providing access to exclusive content, SideQuest offers enticing giveaways and fosters a vibrant community where users can connect and discuss the latest offerings. Furthermore, developers can access exclusive benefits through SideQuest’s developer discord.

As VR continues to shape the landscape of modern gaming, SideQuest provides an immersive platform to embark on thrilling online adventures, showcasing the exciting potential of virtual reality.


9. Sonrai Analytics



Sonrai revolutionises the discovery and development of potentially life-saving drug candidates, novel biomarkers, and clinical algorithms by seamlessly integrating your discovery, research, and development data within its cutting-edge cloud-based infrastructure. By eliminating data silos and democratising data access across your organisation, Sonrai empowers efficient collaboration and informed decision-making.

Understanding that every biotech faces unique challenges that demand tailored solutions, Sonrai was purpose-built to address the specific needs of each organisation. Its platform offers comprehensive solutions to enhance every stage of the pipeline lifecycle, supported by an expert team dedicated to your success. Experience unparalleled excellence with Sonrai’s suite of features: effortlessly clean, integrate, and visualise multi-omic data in seconds, ensure universal team proficiency through simultaneous training, seamlessly integrate Sonrai products with existing processes and workflows, and achieve business objectives with unparalleled efficiency.

This facilitates the seamless sharing of data and real-time analytics across diverse teams, companies, or regions, all while ensuring stringent security, privacy, and compliance measures. Sonrai’s mission is to deliver actionable insights rapidly and in a user-friendly format accessible to all skill levels, empowering your organisation to make impactful decisions with confidence.


10. Obbi Golf



Introducing Obbi Golf, a revolutionary online platform that seamlessly integrates safety, compliance, and training throughout your club, ensuring accessibility and ease for all staff and promoting overall safety and compliance. Clubs utilising Obbi empower their teams to cultivate safer working environments, where staff members possess up-to-date information on their obligations, and team leaders remain vigilant of potential issues.

Obbi streamlines golf club management by providing a centralised platform accessible to all staff, facilitating task navigation and alignment. This approach enhances operational efficiency and fosters teamwork, enabling each member to contribute effectively. Moreover, Obbi excels in encouraging effective communication by delivering critical safety information clearly and succinctly. By centralising communication, Obbi mitigates the risk of overlooked information, ensuring everyone remains informed and aligned with the club’s objectives. Furthermore, its transparent approach holds individuals accountable for their obligations, fostering a safe and efficient club environment.

With Obbi, unlock the potential to reduce insurance premiums by up to 10%, streamline administrative tasks by up to 75%, and achieve comprehensive oversight of safety, compliance, and training.