Top Startups For Making New Friends

Despite technology making us more connected than ever before, making new friends can be difficult. This is especially true for nomads who work abroad or those moving to big cities.


The UK Loneliness Epidemic


According to approximately 3 million people in England say they feel lonely often. With so many of us now socialising more online, it can be hard to find places to truly connect with new people.

This loneliness can have a profoundly negative effect on people’s physical and mental health, not to mention on wider society. In a survey by the Belonging Forum, more than a third of Londoners (35%) reported regularly feeling lonely, showing that even in big cities it can be hard to meet new friends.


Is It Easy To Make Friends Online?


Making friends in real life can be difficult, especially if you are shy.

Luckily, making friends online is becoming increasingly popular, you just need to know where to look. Start by thinking about your interests and hobbies and see if you can lean on any of these to meet people. Making new friends is easier when there is common ground, so have a think about what that might be for you.

If you find yourself too shy to jump straight into a new sports team or club, finding friends online is easier than ever thanks to the internet.


Is It Safe To Make New Friends Online?


Making friends online can be a great way to meet new people, but any online relationship should be approached with a level of caution.

Try not to be too forthcoming with any personal information, including your address, full name or financial details. The best way to meet friends safely is through an app or organised community. Many times, these spaces will have safeguards in place to protect people, minimising any risk.


Startups To Help Make New Friends


Luckily, a whole new range of startups are popping up to help people form meaningful friendships. Whether you’re looking to meet likeminded individuals, find a new hobby buddy or simply expand your social circle, these startups offer the perfect solution.

Let’s explore them…


1. Linkup




Linkup is a startup that is helping people meet up with like-minded individuals. The app matches people who are looking for similar connections so that they can explore new places, join in hobbies or just hang out together.

The app is helping people find new friends wherever they are, helping people connect more in the real world.


2. Grazer


Grazer Review June 2024: Will You Find Your Vegan Love? - DatingScout


Designed to unite like-minded people, Grazer is a community app for vegans and vegetarians.

Doubling both as a friendship app and a dating app, Grazer is helping to connect people with similar ideologies.


3. Bumble BFF


Mococo — BumbleBFF - Mococo


Originally famous as a dating app, Bumble expanded its services to include Bumble BFF, a platform designed for making friends.

This app uses their iconic swipe-based mechanism to match people with potential friends in their area.


4. Peanut


Peanut - The Matchmaking App For Modern Motherhood: The Journey To 100m Profile Views


Initially designed to help new mothers connect, Peanut has expanded to include women in all stages of life looking to make friends.

It’s a space where women can find support and companionship and has features like forums and group chats to support people through both parenting and career changes.



5. Tastebuds


Tastebuds Review June 2024 - Just Fakes or Real Dates? - DatingScout


Founded by two music lovers, Tastebuds connects people who share a similar taste in music.

By bringing people together through a common interest, Tastebuds has helped hundreds of people find new friends through a shared love of music.


6. Meetup


Meetup Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG


Meetup has been a key plater in the world of  event organising since it began in 2002. It works by encouraging users to find and create groups based on shared interests.

Then, people with similar hobbies, professions or interests can organise a meet up or virtual gathering to help them make friends both on and offline.


7. BarkHappy


BarkHappy Discover the Dog Friendly World Near You


Just like the name suggests, BarkHappy is a friendship platform for dog lovers.

The app connects dog owners and lovers in local areas to arrange walks, hangouts and other events. Through a shared care for canines, the app is bringing people together all over the UK.


8. Hey! VINA


Home (2017) — VINA


Marketing themselves as a tinder for girl friends, Hey! VINA works just like any dating app, except it’s built on friendship. Using a ‘swipe’ mechanism, women can meet new friends, join communities and arrange to meet women near them.