Top 10 Startups In Oxford To Keep An Eye On

Welcome to a journey through innovation in the historic city of Oxford. Nestled amidst the spires and scholarly pursuits lies a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurship, where bright minds converge to shape the future.

In this exploration, we uncover the top 10 startups in Oxford poised to make waves in their respective industries, each offering a glimpse into the exciting future being forged right here in the heart of England.


1. MitoRx Therapeutics


MitoRx Therapeutics


Introducing MitoRx Therapeutics, a platform where groundbreaking innovation holds the promise of halting the progression of some of the most formidable diseases. With a focus on three rare indications internally and collaboration on broader indications externally, MitoRx Therapeutics is at the forefront of medical advancement.

Harnessing proprietary technology, MitoRx uses a mechanism that governs sulfide signalling, replenishing substrates crucial in states of trans-sulfuration deficiency present in various diseases and medical conditions, leading to the restoration of adaptive metabolism. MitoRx’s products are distinguished by their potency and precision, enabling the administration of small, safe doses.

Led by the pioneering expertise of Prof. Matt Whiteman PhD, a trailblazer in mitochondrial-targeted sulfide donor technology, and backed by over a decade of research, the MitoRx team boasts specialisation in rare diseases acceleration and IP strategy, posing the platform to redefine the landscape of medical intervention.


2. Machine Discovery


Machine Discovery


In the realm of scientific inquiry, complex numerical simulations are critical. Yet, their utility is often hindered by the time-intensive nature of the process. From grappling with new input file formats to manually deploying simulations to supercomputers, researchers endure lengthy waits spanning hours, weeks, or even months. Enter Machine Discovery, a timely solution to this pressing dilemma.

Seeing an opportunity to move away from the process of deployment and parameter optimisation using emulation methods, Machine Discovery seized the opportunity to innovate. Through the application of emulation methods, it has enabled access to actionable results in a tiny fraction of the time.

With technology born in the Department of Physics at Oxford University, the positive response it received from its initial foray encouraged Machine Discovery to build its Discovery Platform – a comprehensive solution for simulation management and acceleration.

Armed with its groundbreaking technology, bolstered by our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), and driven by a spirit of proactive collaboration, Machine Discovery empowers its clients to unlock new frontiers of discovery


3. Salience Labs


Salience Labs


As the pace of AI computation continues to double every 3.4 months, traditional semiconductor technologies find themselves struggling to keep up. This rapid evolution demands a new computing paradigm, one that not only accelerates performance but also caters to the specific needs of various applications. In response to this pressing challenge emerges Salience Labs.

Salience Labs is pioneering the development of silicon photonic solutions designed to address the formidable obstacles posed by the exponential growth of AI. Its innovative approach aims to revolutionise data movement in an era where conventional semiconductor technology struggles to maintain pace with the relentless march of innovation.

Already backed by a diverse portfolio of investors including Cambridge Innovation Capital, Oxford Sciences Enterprises, Oxford Investment Consultants, Silicon Catalyst and Deeptech Labs, as well as prominent figures from the global semiconductor industry, Salience Labs stands at the forefront of transformation in the semiconductor landscape, poised to redefine the future of computing.


4. Ochre Bio


Ochre Bio


Amidst the escalating global threat of chronic liver disease, Ochre Bio stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to combating the most pressing challenges in liver health. From the critical need to expand the donor liver pool to the imperative of mitigating cirrhosis complications, Ochre Bio is committed to pioneering therapies that address the root causes of these complications.

Recognizing that for many patients, the prospect of a liver transplant remains the only viable option in the absence of effective therapies, Ochre Bio acknowledges the glaring disparity between organ demand and supply. This platform emerges as a transformative force, drawing upon decades of expertise in genomics and drug development to ensure access to healthy livers for patients worldwide.

Named in tribute to Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner, whose visionary contributions to science continue to inspire, Ochre Bio was born from a collective aspiration to revolutionise the treatment landscape for chronic liver diseases. With a focus on RNA therapies, Ochre Bio is already advancing towards its mission of addressing significant challenges in liver health, from bolstering donor liver availability to alleviating the complexities of cirrhosis.


5. HydRegen




HydRegen embarks on a transformative journey to redefine the landscape of chemical manufacturing, seamlessly integrating biology with the modern intensification of chemistry. This fusion heralds the adoption of biomanufacturing, a pivotal element in the evolution of next-generation chemical production.

Drawing insights from the realms of biology and chemistry, HydRegen can adeptly identify the most resilient and effective components from nature to serve as the building blocks for cutting-edge bio-based manufacturing technologies, tailored to address tangible challenges in sustainable chemical production.

Its products can replace heavy-metal catalysts in hydrogenation reactions and decarbonise existing redox biocatalysis processes. These breakthrough products seamlessly integrate into both batch and continuous-flow hydrogenation reactors, offering versatility and efficiency.

Driven by a team of scientific excellence and profound expertise in chemical manufacturing, HydRegen is fueled by a genuine passion for fostering commercially viable implementations of biocatalysis. With a steadfast commitment to advancing biotechnology for cleaner, safer, and more sustainable chemical manufacture, HydRegen stands as a beacon of innovation in the quest for a greener future.



6. OxDX




Introducing OxDX, a pioneering spin-out from the University of Oxford, poised to revolutionise pathogen testing through an innovative fusion of super-resolution microscopy and machine learning. Born from six years of rigorous research within the esteemed Department of Physics, OxDX embodies the forefront of diagnostic technology.

At the heart of OxDX’s groundbreaking approach lies its AI-powered diagnostic platform, capable of swiftly recognising and identifying specific species and strains of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens within a sample. Leveraging novel universal labelling technology alongside advanced machine learning analysis within a neural network, OxDX achieves unparalleled speed and accuracy, delivering results within mere seconds.

With its cutting-edge technology as the cornerstone, OxDX aspires to develop an ultra-fast analysis platform capable of rapidly scaling to address a multitude of diseases. Through simple software updates, OxDX aims to enhance the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of infectious disease diagnostics on a global scale, ushering in a new era of rapid and reliable pathogen detection.


7. Stayf




Elevate your company’s energy and foster a vibrant corporate culture with Stayf, a comprehensive app that seamlessly integrates sport and well-being. Designed to address key corporate challenges such as enhancing employee productivity, promoting team building, and bolstering ESG contributions, Stayf offers tailored well-being solutions for forward-thinking workplaces across various sectors, including businesses, the public sector, and educational institutions.

Access a diverse range of wellness solutions tailored to your specific needs, spanning social, physical, financial, mental, and emotional dimensions. From interactive chats that foster mutual motivation and support to team-oriented challenges that promote healthy competition and camaraderie to seamlessly connecting your team to major fitness trackers to be presented in a comprehensive activity dashboard, there is an array of ways to customise your wellness package and embark on a journey toward well-being rewards.

With Stayf, guide your team towards a path of holistic health and productivity and empower your workforce to thrive and flourish in a dynamic and supportive environment.






Beyond being a mere inconvenience, back pain poses a significant global health challenge, afflicting approximately 500 million individuals worldwide. In the US alone, it stands as the third largest contributor to healthcare spending and ranks as the leading global cause of years lived with disability.

At the crux of this issue lies the degeneration of intervertebral discs, a common culprit behind low back pain. Despite its widespread prevalence and profound impact on quality of life, treatment options beyond conservative therapy remain limited. Enter Orthoson, poised to revolutionise the landscape of back pain management.

Orthoson is on a mission to restore the mechano-biology of the intervertebral disc, addressing both the symptoms and underlying causes of degeneration. Its bio-structural gel represents a groundbreaking micro-invasive treatment for back pain and degeneration. Injectable and capable of in-situ formation, this gel follows the fissures of degeneration before gelling as it cools, effectively mimicking the body’s own tissue in the Nucleus Pulposus. This gel aims to restore tension in the annulus and mechanical function of the intervertebral disc, offering hope for relief and restoration to countless individuals suffering from back pain.


9. Collegia


Collegia | Your digital and sustainable Auto Enrolment pension


Introducing Collegia, a pioneering platform offering a sustainable and digital Auto Enrolment pension that not only benefits individuals and employers but also contributes to environmental well-being. With Collegia, members can invest in their future and the world’s, all accessible conveniently through the Collegia app, anytime and from anywhere.

Setting itself apart from traditional pension options, Collegia empowers individuals to consolidate their pensions into one account, catering to both employed and self-employed needs. With professional investing options that automatically adjust risk, no setup fees, and a government-matched 25% bonus on investments, Collegia offers a comprehensive solution to financial planning.

Collegia simplifies pension management by providing easy access to various components, including the state pension, pension pots from previous employments, or additional personal contributions, all with just a click. With a 5-star rating, Collegia not only helps individuals reduce costs and streamline administrative tasks but also elevates their sustainability credentials.


10. Added Health


Added Health


Enter Added Health, a transformative health and wellness coaching service created by world-leading doctors. At its core, Added Health operates on the belief that health is supported by five fundamental pillars: nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, sleep, and relationships. Recognising the interconnectedness of these pillars, Added Health takes a holistic approach, aiming to elevate your overall well-being by enhancing each facet.

Central to Added Health’s philosophy is the belief in the effectiveness of health coaching. Through a supportive and collaborative relationship, your coach will guide you in adopting and sustaining simple behaviours aligned with your health goals. With your coach by your side every step of the way, you’ll have a dedicated ally to share your challenges and celebrate your successes, ensuring you’re never alone on your journey towards better health.

Already collaborating with a diverse range of partners, including the NHS for chronic condition patients, corporate clients seeking to support their employees, and individuals committed to prioritising their health journey, join their ranks and forge lifelong habits in just a few weeks with Added Health’s tailored program designed to empower you to take control of your health and well-being.