28. Valeria Vahorovska, Co-Founder & CEO of Fondy

Company: Fondy

Website: https://fondy.io/en/


About Valeria & Fondy

Valeria is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fondy, an innovative online payments solution. With global coverage and ever expanding portfolio, Fondy operates from various locations around the world. Valeria has a team of over 120 employees and oversees all aspects including product, marketing and sales.

With over 8 years of experience in the financial services industry, Valeria founded Fondy to make payments more seamless. Since launch in 2016, Fondy has empowered SMEs with frictionless payment processing, enabling them to scale up and expand globally. The solution’s end-to-end capabilities allow entrepreneurs, merchants, eCommerce and marketplaces to accept online payments in over 150 different currencies through a simple API integration.

Entrepreneurship has played a vital role in fuelling passion and innovative advancements in todays’ world, so for Valeria entrepreneurs are the biggest drivers of the economy. Fondy was made to empower people and encourage them to explore endless possibilities. The solution offers support with payments designed to simplify payment flows and create seamless customer journeys. As the main Merchants such as Glovo, Bolt and Adidas can take advantage of global payments coverage with Fondy’s fast and secure solution to pay and get paid, these online payments solution facilitates a convenient place for clients including partners and the Gig-economy to take advantage of the simplified one stop shop for processing payments and payouts. Using Fondy, clients and merchants are able to connect with people all over the world hassle free.

As an innovative key player in FinTech, Valeria is committed to channeling her influence to support and increase inclusion within the eCommerce space. Now on a personal mission to encourage and make positive changes within the industry, she developed an educational platform for those who want to start and scale their businesses up. The core aim being to give the most valuable knowledge for those who wants to start business or scale in online. During their program they worked with different young entrepreneurs and chose the best who received MBA education. The core aim being to encourage learning and spread the joy that comes with ‘being capable’, this project has a focal point of entrepreneurship.

Valeria is an ambassador of the European Women Payments Network and a proactive champion of women in FinTech. Working with the EWPN allows plenty of opportunities to support and mentor many other women entrepreneurs, like herself. They are able to tap into her experience with Fondy for inspiration on launching and growing their businesses successfully. For Valeria, it is incredibly important that small businesses run effectively without any restrictions and difficulties. Especially ensuring that businesses run by women have the same advantages as those run by men with access to the same support.


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