What Office Space Is Best For Startups?


18% of startups fail due to pricing and cost issues. Many struggle to balance their finances, such as investing properly in product ideas, retaining staff as well as outsourcing support in other areas of business. One of the most fundamental areas startups will need to keep their finances in check is rent. Rent, especially in London, can be extortionate and one of the biggest worries for new businesses launching. 

But, there are ways to find affordable and long-term office spaces for startups even in the capital itself. In this guide, we’ll help run through how startups can find the best office space for them. 


Does Your Startup Need a New Space?


First things first, startups need to establish whether or not they need an office space. While working together can boost productivity levels and help physically materialise your company’s brand, it can be extremely expensive during the initial stage of launching. For some startups, working from home is the best option. This way, such startups can use the time to save money and plan ahead for when they do require an in-person workspace.

For other startups, however, office space may be more of a necessity, such as companies that rely on teamwork or client-facing work. If this is the case, keep reading to find out what office space is best for your startup. 


What Makes the Best Office Space?


Lockdown changed the way businesses now see office spaces. Today, the majority of companies have adopted hybrid working models. Therefore, previous factors which constituted the ‘perfect’ office space are no longer a requirement. For example, businesses both large and small are now looking for more affordable spaces. With this, communal office spaces and hot desking are rising in popularity due to how cost-effective they are. 

However, generally, these are factors which startups and other businesses tend to look for in a rented office space: 

  • Comfortable furniture (ergonomic desks and chairs) 
  • Buildings located in safe areas with security features (e.g. fobs and entrance codes) 
  • Relaxation areas (communal sofas or desk space) 
  • Basic kitchen facilities (microwave, kettle, coffee maker and fridge) 
  • Private conference areas or meeting rooms 
  • Parking space or bike areas 
  • Natural light 
  • Modern and vibrant decor 

Which factors are the most important will depend on the startup in question. For example, creatives may be looking for an open plan studio with natural light. Meanwhile, a tech startup may be looking for a large office space that can accommodate tech equipment. 

How to Find the Right Space 


Finding the best office space for a startup can seem time-consuming. But, it can be made easier by asking these questions: 

  • What is the budget? 
  • Where is the ideal location? 
  • How many employees are there? 
  • Are there any specific facilities required? 

For example, startups that require creative space may need a studio or industrial type workspace. In London, Soho and Shoreditch are known as some of the best areas for these types of startups. 

On the other hand, a consulting business may require a different location and a more private meeting space for clients. What makes the ‘best’ office space for startups is dependent on both the business’ goals and its purpose. 

Fortunately, nowadays startups can find both communal and/or private working space easily in London through specialist companies. Long gone are the days of searching relentlessly on online estate agent platforms, as today there are companies which can find affordable and purpose fit office spaces