Top 5 Industries Revolutionised by Technology

Throughout the 21st Century, the world has witnessed first-hand how much technology has evolved, and furthermore transformed many of the ways in which we live our lives. From smart phones to self-driving cars, with tech’s modern-day sector booming, many of the other industries are starting to reap the benefits from these innovations, revolutionising the ways in which they operate for the better.

But what industries have been most transformed by developments in technology? And how are these improving the way the world operates? This piece will explore 5 of the top areas that have been revolutionised by technology, and how these innovations have helped to further advance the sectors.

The Healthcare Sector


The healthcare industry has, and is continuing to be, an industry majorly revolutionised by advancements in technology. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is one such major advancement that is improving the way in which healthcare professionals can analyse their patient’s anatomy. With such revolutionising pieces of tech as a glucose-monitoring implant that transmits data onto the patient’s phone via apps, the healthcare industry is making major advancements in the way they can monitor people’s health and further treatment.

The Automotive Industry 


Another incredibly exciting and revolutionising innovation technology has brought to the world would be advancements in the motor vehicle industry. Such operations as Google’s Waymo cars has started to offer driverless cars as a taxi service. With the creation and implementation of driverless cars into the public domain, the tech sector has transformed the very nature of how motor vehicles operate, improving efficiency, reducing human error, and furthermore revolutionising the motor vehicle industry.



Technology has transformed a vital component to many manufacturing companies, this being the way in which they make their products. With technological advancements in 3D printing, manufacturers can now use this technology to “print” their products faster, improving time efficiency and increasing the overall productivity of manufacturing businesses, and thereby the industry as a whole.

The Finance Sector


Finance is another industry which is being revolutionised by technology, becoming increasingly more accessible due to the online world.  Online banking is becoming the way in which people access and manage their finances, with most major banks now providing an app for account holders to monitor their account. In addition to this, there has been a significant boom in FinTech, looking to innovate and further improve the ways in which finances are managed and maintained throughout the world. For example, the FinTech company Xero provides online accounting software to help manage many of the accounting tasks for small businesses.



Technology has helped to transform many of the ways in which people operate their everyday lives, dating and romance being no exception to this. Although online dating is not an extraordinarily new tech innovation, the advancements in online dating are. With the development of such handy and easy-to-use apps as Tinder and Bumble, technology has helped to improve the ease of finding a date; users being given access to pictures, interests and hobbies whilst simultaneously attracting potential matches with the swipe of a thumb.

To say the least, this exciting boom in tech that the 21st Century is currently experiencing has advanced many different industries throughout the world, helping to improve the way in which people navigate their every-day lives and professions.