The New Tech Behind Online Slot Games

Since the day they were invented, online slots never stopped evolving. The whole online gaming industry is in a state of constant development thanks to new tech trends. From mobile gaming to new gameplay features, online video slots have become much bigger and better than before.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. The interest in online gaming has been through the roof the past decade, with literally everyone preferring them to land-based casinos. The future will bring newer technologies that will further improve the way we play slots and make them more rewarding. To name a few, blockchain and virtual reality (VR) casinos are on the horizon, along with new gameplay technologies that will change the way we get prizes in online slots. You can already see sites such as IceCasino offer an endless count of video slots and jackpots using the latest technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has been at the forefront of future technologies for at least 30-40 years. The augmented experience the simulation offers is second to none. Although it’s fair to say that VR never really took off the ground like anyone imagined it would, VR casinos are already here along with immersive VR games. Next year, experts expect to see a major influx of VR business apps including some developed for the gaming industry. Bit by bit, VR is growing at a steady pace and we think it won’t be long before we play our favourite slots with a headset on our head. Talk about an immersive experience.

Blockchain Casinos

Blockchain casinos are a growing trend in the industry. Their numbers are rising by the day and offer a decentralised system where you can stay anonymous and don’t need to spend a fiat dime. Everything happens on the blockchain, a transparent, yet fully anonymous “market” where crypto transactions take place. Thanks to the digital nature of the currency, everything happens instantly. You will fund your account in a second and get your winnings in no more than a minute: what’s not to love?

Bitcoin gambling is on the rise and it’s not hard to see why casinos opt for it. As more and more countries legalise cryptos, expect to use Bitcoin instead of coins in your favourite slots.

Gameplay Improvements

The first one-armed bandits had only 3 reels and the slot industry stuck to it for quite a long time. As slots moved online, the number of reels jumped to 5 first and dozens later. Nowadays, we have slots with unique cascading reels and hundreds or even thousands of combinations to win. The online slot market has obviously evolved past bubble gums for prizes and went supernova.

Thanks to continued tech development, the industry is due for new gameplay improvements that will make slots all the more exciting. Expect more reels, more ways to win, and of course, more prizes as early as next year when a new batch of modern slots arrives.

Further Progress of Mobile and Social Gaming

Mobile gaming is all the rage right now as it allows players to bet and enjoy the best games on the go. Add social media to the equation and its popularity shouldn’t be surprising. It isn’t set to stop anytime soon, with half of the world’s popular expected to own a smartphone in 2020, it will push forward at an incredible speed. The majority of online casinos have already developed mobile apps; those who don’t have them are mobile-friendly. We use our gadgets all day long and it was a matter of time before the industry made the mobile jump.


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