12: Thomas Constant, Age 26

Company: BeoBia

Age: 26

Website: https://www.beobia.com/

Business: A closed loop system that turns user’s food waste into protein and also plant fertiliser.


About Thomas and Beobia

Thomas Constant is the founder of the sustainable feed company BeoBia. BeoBia means ‘food for life’ in Irish Gaelic. The meaning of the word embodies their belief that we can produce and consume sustainable feed, without compromising our planet.

As Western economies continue to recover from this global pandemic, we are seeing a stark rise in consumer awareness around sustainability. Thomas believes that we are living through an eco-enlightening period, with consumers aiming to become more self-sufficient, reducing pressure on the global supply chain. It’s all about what is available, sustainable, and affordable. And insects are well-placed to solve this global issue. That’s why Thomas founded BeoBia.


beobia insects


Thomas was studying design & technology at university when they discovered the amazing benefits of insects. Mealworms require a fraction of the land, water and resources compared to traditional sources of protein. Thomas instantly knew that insects are the future of sustainable protein.

BeoBia’s mission is to empower people to reduce their carbon footprint, reuse their food waste and rethink their relationship to pet food. That’s why they have developed the future of pet feed. Their pods are a closed loop system that recycles user’s food waste into protein and also plant fertiliser. This empowers people to create their own source of affordable and sustainable pet feed in their own home.

Their modular, cable-free, and user-friendly design can be placed anywhere in the home, encouraging people of all ages to take an interest and get involved. The user simply needs to feed each tray with fruit and vegetable waste, wait for the insects to develop, harvest them, then feed to their pets – ideal for fish, birds, chickens, reptiles and amphibians.

BeoBia has big plans for the next 12 months. They aim to launch their V2 product in the coming months, secure series A investment, grow the team and expand. Over the next few years, they aim to remove over 125,000,000 kg of CO2 and help hit the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically addressing: Goal 2 ‘zero hunger’, Goal 12 ‘responsible consumption and production’ and Goal 13 ‘climate change’.

They have been featured in the BBC, Mashable, Business insider, Channel 4, Barclays, and were officially ranked as the 7th Top Sustainable Startup by TechRound.


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