12. LocalGlobe

  • LocalGlobe is a venture capital and private equity firm founded in 1999 by Robin and Saul Klein and is headquartered in London, England.
  • LocalGlobe invests in companies operating in the following industries; energy, creative industries, property, fashion, finance, food, education, insurance, security, health, travel, and transport.
  • Notable companies who have received funding from LocalGlobe include TransferWise, Zoopla, LOVEFiLM, Wonga, VIO Technology and Robinhood.




About LocalGlobe


LocalGlobe is a seed investor founded in 1999 by father and son duo Robin and Saul Klein. The pair started out as a two-man team backing founders and sitting on the boards of now-household names such as Farfetch, Transferwise and Zoopla. They institutionalized LocalGlobe in 2015 with an aim to put their combined experiences to work.

LocalGlobe’s most notable investment funds have been the Seed fund and the Latitude fund. LocalGlobe successfully raised $115 million in funding for their seed fund, which is to be used to make seed investments, and $180 million for their Latitude fund, which is to be used to make investments that are series B or later, and only investing in companies who have previously received funding from LocalGlobe.

LocalGlobe Portfolio


LocalGlobe has made a total of 279 investments since its foundation in 1999. Their most recent investment was on June 15, 2021, when Hertility Health, a firm on a mission to revolutionise the world of reproductive health, raised £4.2M in a seed funding round.

LocalGlobe has made a total of 18 diversity investments. Their most recent diversity investment was on December 9, 2020, when Meet Cute, a podcast company that focuses on romantic comedies and intends to entertain people, raised $6.3M in a Series A funding round.

LocalGlobe has had a total of 38 exits. LocalGlobe’s most notable exits include Wandera, who provide a unified cloud security solution to protect the modern workplace, Food52, an online portal that provides a curated shop, content, and community for kitchen and home enthusiasts, and MyHeritage, a destination to discover, preserve, and share family history.


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