Health Food & Drink Companies To Watch in 2022

Health Food & Drink

With March being Food Month here at TechRound, we wanted to feature some up-and-coming companies set to make headway within their sector in 2022. With the impacts of the pandemic still prevalent for so many businesses and startups, it’s more important than ever to recognise the companies bringing new and innovative ideas to the table.

From vitamins and natural energy drinks, to platforms helping you to find the products you need, these companies all have a unique offering that the team at TechRound wants to showcase!


Health Food & Drink Companies Featured:

  • Mamamade, founded by Sophie Baron
  • Resilient Nutrition, founded by Dr Greg Potter & Ali MacDonald
  • Fighter Shots, founded by Anna Szymanowska & Kavita Madhvani
  • PACK’D, founded by Alex Stewart
  • Fearne & Rosie, founded by Rachel Kettlewell
  • PiQi, founded by Aksana Fitzpatrick & Nick Young
  • Wicked Gummy Co, founded by Richard Staveley & Warren Steyn
  • TiNDLE, founded by Andre Menezes & Timo Recker
  • PerfectTed, founded by Levi Levenfiche , Marisa Poster & Teddie Levenfiche
  • SHORE, founded by Keith Paterson & Peter Elbourne
  • With M, founded by Michaela Hanna
  • London Nootropics, founded by Zain Peer & Shez Shaikh
  • betterland foods, founded by Lizanne Falsetto
  • FUL, founded by Julia Streuli, Sara Guaglio & Cristina Prat Taranilla
  • Fruits for Drinks
  • Ready Burger, founded by Max Miller & Adam Clark
  • GoBeDo, founded by Dr Karl Skriner
  • ShelfNow, founded by Philip Linardos & Sajid Ghani
  • Vitaminology, Mike Murphy (Chief Nutritionist)
  • We Are Low Carb, founded by Heidi Normanton
  • Hunter & Gather, founded by Amy Moring & Jeff Webster
  • You + I, founded by Kelsey Moore & Alan Moore
  • Brite, founded by Simas Jarasunas & Andrius Ratkevicius
  • CHIKA’S Snacks, founded by Chika Russell
  • Oh Lily!, founded by Govinda Cortier-Agrawal & Dewi Cortier-Agrawal


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Sophie Baron Mamamade


Founder: Sophie Baron


Mamamade is one of those businesses that feels like a definite ‘one to watch’. Starting literally from founder Sophie Baron’s kitchen table, and inspired by her personal needs, this business plugs a massive gap in the market.

Sophie founded the business when she had her first child and realised that while all parents are eager to give their children the best, most nutritious start in life, at that time there wasn’t a single brand that combined health and convenience, and so Mamamade was born.

The direct-to-consumer brand specialises in infant and toddler nutrition, with a focus on supporting parents. After just two years in business, they have successfully closed a record-breaking round, bringing their total pre seed investment amount to a total of £1.5m. In addition to an oversubscribed fundraise on crowdfunding site Seedrs, Mamamade received investment from top angels and entrepreneurs including founders and execs from Allplants,, Heals, Design my Night, Bulb and Xexec.

The company has experienced phenomenal growth, with a parenting community of 50,000 and is on track to record annualised revenue of £10m next year.


mamamade square


Dominated by legacy companies, the choice for parents is to dedicate huge amounts of time to cooking everything at home or to buy subpar, highly processed unhealthy baby food. As a tech focused company, Mamamade uses data and community feedback to improve their recipes and develop new products. Sophie explains;

“All our decisions are based on data, our algorithms and speaking directly to our community. As a result, we had huge success when we launched our toddler range in the summer, and because it was exactly what our customers wanted, it has become one of our main lines. We can now support parents not just in the early stages, but all the way through their journey.”


Resilient Nutrition

Greg and Ali Resilient Nutrition


Founders: Dr Greg Potter & Ali MacDonald


Switch On is an innovative chocolate drink that boosts health, mood, brain function and alertness, while reducing tiredness – even after a poor night’s sleep. Unveiled by Resilient Nutrition, one of the world’s leading developers of performance and nutrition products for endurance athletes, Switch On is thought to be the first healthy morning cuppa to meaningfully improve brain function when short on sleep.

The sugar-free, plant-based and gluten-free drink, which took six years to perfect, includes ingredients such as cocoa, creatine, L-tyrosine and L-theanine, which are known to have positive effects on the body when consumed over time. Benefits include improved blood flow to the brain, helping to improve memory, antioxidants to boost the immune system, prebiotics to support gut health and amino acids to promote feelings of calm focus.

Dr Greg Potter, Chief Science Officer at Resilient Nutrition and one of the UK’s leading specialists in nutrition, sleep, circadian rhythms and metabolism, said:

“The relationship between nutrition, sleep and overall health are inextricably linked. During my PhD research I reviewed how to use nutrition to counter poor sleep and improve cognitive function and started working on the prototype for Switch On. It’s a morning product to be enjoyed up to one hour before any physically or mentally demanding, and most people drink it at the start of the day.”


Switch On Pack Front


Already used by the military and record-breaking adventurers, Switch On is now available to consumers.

Resilient Nutrition has been developing products for high performers since early 2020, with a focus on using nutrition to support health and performance around the clock.

Co-founder of Resilient Nutrition, Ali MacDonald, said: “We already have a range of performance-enhancing nut butters that were initially developed for ultra-endurance athletes, but there was a clear gap in the market for a drink that would help you to wake you up and contained the right ingredients to boost alertness and mood.

“Working with Dr Potter has enabled us to tap into the morning drinks market with this amazing and unique product, and it’s something we look forward to more people trying.

“Whether you need some focus to deliver a brilliant presentation at work, or you’re a new parent in need of a pick-me-up, we think you can benefit from Switch On.”


Fighter Shots

Fighter Shots Founders


Founders: Anna Szymanowska & Kavita Madhvani


Fighter Shots have all natural and cold pressed health drinks aimed at anyone who wants to boost their immunity, reduce fatigue, and improve their overall wellbeing.

Their shots all include the wonder ingredient, ginger as well as other active ingredients such as manuka honey, beetroot, turmeric, and marine collagen. The products are specifically designed to boost immunity, reduce fatigue, and promote joint and skin health.

They organically reached sales of quarter of a million units by the end of 2021 and having stabilised their production, are looking to aggressively grow this volume by expanding to France, invest in marketing and partnerships as well as introduce new products, to complement their range.


Fighter Shots Product


The latest addition to the product range is the 100% pomegranate juice in an aluminium can, which is launching mid of March 2022. Pomegranate is full of health benefits; it is a source of potassium, which is necessary for normal cell’s functioning. It is also a symbol of fertility. A can of pomegranate juice is 1 of your 5 a day. Fighter Shots wanted to make it the most sustainable drink they could, hence it is coming in a can format. Aluminium is light, yet unlike plastic, it is easily recyclable and doesn’t harm you and the planet.

The company was founded in London by Anna Szymanowska, MBA graduate from London Business School. Anna also holds MSc in Industrial Engineering and MSc in Renewable Energy. Her work at Airbus, Microsoft and as a management consultant fostered strong product development and sales skills. Kavita Madhvani joined the business a year later, with her freshly earned executive MBA degree. She helped raising initial funds, oversaw their expansion to the UAE, secured listings with several retailers as well as helped growing their team to five employees.


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PACK'D Alex Stewart


Founder: Alex Stewart


For some time now, consumers have been appreciating the immense benefits of frozen produce, and thus the category has been growing exponentially. One brilliant brand leading the way is PACK’D , a range of fabulous Superfood Smoothie Kits and organic Frozen Fruit. In fact so great is their success that they are the fastest growing frozen produce brand on Ocado in the last 12 months, out-performing well-known frozen brands such as Chicago Town and Strong Roots.

Just last month PACK’D announced a significant step in the growth of the business as they added a listing with retailer Morrisons to their growing list of retail partners. The listing which went live at the start of the year is yet another achievement for the fast growth start-up which is already listed in the likes of Ocado; Whole Foods Market; Sainsbury’s, Costco and Amazon Fresh. The news came as the business confirmed that they are on track to turnover over £3.8 million by the end of 2021 – this is a result of 50% growth year on year for the last three years. The figures reaffirm PACK’D as a key player in the frozen category.


PACK'D product


The Smoothie Kits are a super convenient way to start the day, or for healthy snacking. Each kit comes with a perfectly portioned mix of prepared fruit and veg and unlike other ready-to-blend smoothie kits, every PACK’D Smoothie comes with its own unique Superfood sachet, carefully designed by nutritionists to supercharge every recipe and deliver its own unique benefit.

The Organic Frozen Fruit range is the ultimate convenience providing the same nutrition as fresh fruit, without any of the waste. A staggering 50% of fresh fruit and veg ends up being thrown away, making farm to freezer the only zero waste option.


Fearne & Rosie

Rachel Kettlewell - Fearne & Rosie


Founder: Rachel Kettlewell


Rachel Kettlewell, founder of healthy jam brand, Fearne and Rosie, appeared on Dragon’s Den last July, and was offered and accepted an offer of £40k for 35% of the business from health supremo, Tej Lalvani. However, soon after filming (Sept 2020), Rachel decided to walk away from the offer, opting instead for hands-on mentorship and partnership with food and drink industry icon Giles Brook, whose success stories include the likes of Bear, Mindful Chef and Vita Coco.


Fearne & Rosie Product


Declining Tej’s offer was a terrifying move for Rachel, but one that was totally amicable and has proven to be a key driver in the growth of the business since. Today, Fearne & Rosie is at the beginning of an investment raise for a further £250k.

The brand is listed in major retailers such as Waitrose, Ocado, Morrisons, as well as other leading specialist and independent retailers.


Aksana Fitzpatrick PiQi


Founders: Aksana Fitzpatrick & Nick Young


Launched in 2021 by Aksana Fitzpatrick and Nick Young, PiQi drinks was founded on the belief that what we consume should make a difference, not just to our health but also to our planet and all living beings.

PiQi was born out of a simple idea to help people look after their gut-health on a plant-based diet, providing an alternative to the popular kefir milk-based beverages on the market. Packing a powerful probiotic punch as well as naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and 30 billion live cultures per bottle, PiQi drinks can help support healthy gut microbiota, which plays an important role in digestion, weight management, blood regulation, and the immune system.

Piqi is a play on the word “piquant” which means stimulating to the senses, the original word first appeared in the English language in the 17th century and was used to describe foods that are zesty and flavourful.


PiQi Drinks Lifestyle


Made from water kefir, a fermented, living beverage famed for its powerful probiotic punch and immune-boosting benefits, PiQi drinks come in four delicious, sparkling and dairy-free flavour combinations, each packed with billions of live cultures and bursting with naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids that ensure every sip is super-healthy and beautifully stylish.

PiQi drinks feature an impressive list of potential health benefits, thanks to the fermented nature of water kefir, with each 250ml bottle containing up to 30 billion live cultures. Studies show that diverse microorganisms in water kefir have recognised probiotic qualities and can help support healthy gut microbiota, which plays an important role in digestion, weight management, blood regulation, and the immune system.


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Wicked Gummy Co

Wicked Gummy Co Founders


Founders: Richard Staveley & Warren Steyn


Wicked Gummy Co.’s pioneering nutritional gummies are now available for purchase in Selfridges, marking the brand’s first retail offering and bringing the philosophy of elevating a daily chore into a little daily treat to one of London’s most prestigious department stores.

Both in their flagship Oxford Street store and online, customers are able to purchase Apple Cider Vinegar, the award-winning Happy Tummy probiotic, Vitamin D, and Iron gummies, each sold as a month’s supply of 60 gummies for £19.99. Multi-Vitamin Gummies are available as 60 for £14.99 for and Peaceful Zzzzz Gummies come in a pack of 60 for £24.99.

The health and wellness space has evolved over the last 10 years, with increased demand for different types of products that are not only functional, but enjoyable for users. Wicked Gummy Co.’s delicious gummies are registered by the Vegan Society and are Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free and Cruelty-Free.


Wicked Gummy Co.


Wicked Gummy Co founder Richard Staveley said: “We created Wicked Gummy Co because we realised that so many people were still reliant on pills and capsules which can be a somewhat joyless experience. My mission was to make supplementation delicious and enjoyable, with a product that is backed by science and gives users great results which have a positive impact on their overall wellbeing. We are delighted that Selfridges agrees with us about how wellness is evolving and has partnered with us to bring Wicked Gummy Co to more customers looking for a delicious way to get their daily supplements.” 

Wicked Gummy Co.’s Multi-vitamin contains invaluable ingredients which can boost the production of oxygen-carrying proteins, helping the body to perform and repair during rest. The gummy also contains vital nutrients including vitamins C, B6 and E, which can also help maintain a proper fluid balance.





Founders: Andre Menezes & Timo Recker


Next Gen Foods has announced that its first product, TiNDLE, is now available in a range of iconic restaurants across the United States including some of the country’s leading ‘foodie’ cities and a $100 million Series A funding round – the largest Series A to date for a plant-based meat company.

The new funding supports the expansion of TiNDLE – and its chef-first approach – into U.S. foodservice and distribution, along with the research and development of new sustainable foods.

TiNDLE has seen rapid success across several culinary epicenters – including Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Dubai – and the new funding supports Next Gen Foods’ rapid acceleration to bring TiNDLE to key markets around the globe like the United States. Starting today, American diners can now taste TiNDLE in a range of delicious preparations at select eateries, these can be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Napa, New York, Miami and Philadelphia.


TiNDLE Vegan Bao at Coffee & Coconuts


TiNDLE is a versatile, easy-to-work-with, plant-based chicken that has caught the eye of all-star chefs and culinary professionals due to its unique versatility and similarities in taste and texture to chicken from birds. It features the distinctive flavor of chicken, thanks to Lipi™ – the company’s proprietary emulsion of plant-based ingredients that mirror the aroma, cookability and savory qualities that typically comes from chicken fat.



PerfectTed Founders


Founders: Levi Levenfiche, Marisa Poster & Teddie Levenfiche


In an age of constant distraction, PerfectTed’s aim is to become the go-to alternative energy drink for flavour, functionality, and health, replacing the need for daily coffee fixes or artificial energy drinks.

Teddie Levenfiche, Marisa Poster and Levi Levenfiche met at the University of Pennsylvania where they grew tired of the jitters and crashes caused by coffee and artificial ingredients in energy drinks, which led them to experiment with matcha for a healthier, long-lasting energy. They found drinking matcha reduced their anxiety and increased their focus. The trio had never felt so mentally and physically energised! Once back in the UK, they were dissatisfied with poor quality matcha and unhealthy energy drink options, leading them to create the perfect, all-natural and ready-to-drink solution.

The three refreshing flavours consist of Pineapple Yuzu, Apple Raspberry, and Pear Ginger, which are all made from real fruit juice. Each contains 80mg of caffeine for energy, and 80mg of L-theanine for focus. L-Theanine is a powerhouse compound in the matcha plant that regulates caffeine uptake, delivering a calm and sustained focus. The drinks are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten-free, free from additives, preservatives, and added sugars.




Co-founder Teddie, who deferred Harvard Law to set up PerfectTed said, “We’re creating next-generation products, using an age-old ingredient in matcha that supports physical and mental wellbeing. We’re a future-focused team, where consumer longevity is at our core. Our vision is to build a brand that not only solves modern-day problems, but is completely relatable, bursting with character, and that oozes humour.”

The team recently bought a ‘plot’ in the metaverse as an AR experience, where customers can purchase the products virtually and receive them in real life.

The PerfectTed range is available to buy now from their website:, Planet Organic, and will be available at all 400+ Holland & Barrett stores from May 2022.


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SHORE Founders


Founders: Keith Paterson & Peter Elbourne


SHORE’s small and passionate team is working to create an edible seaweed industry of scale in Scotland that is 100% sustainable, good for the coastal environment and beneficial for their local rural communities – a true local superfood and plant-based food of the future that is naturally nutritious, tasty and, above all, kind on the planet. Their first harvest was in March 2016 with a motley crew from a range of backgrounds and all ready to learn the craft of picking seaweed. Six years later, three of those harvesters are the core of the Wick team that now comprises five full-time people and a further five on a part-time basis. The company harvested over 70 tonnes of seaweed in 2021 and are looking to grow that to around 100 tonnes in 2022.

Led by company founders Keith Paterson and Peter Elbourne, and the inspiration for the business was looking for sustainable foods that could be grown and harvested in Scotland that met the increasing consumer demand for heathier, plant-based diets. Their vision was always to combine wild harvesting with farming and their first step was to find the best place in Scotland to harvest high quality seaweed. Peter is a marine ecologist by training and led a team of scientists that scoured the coastline for the ideal locations. Their long search led them ever further north to the coast of Caithness at the top of Scotland. One of the country’s most remote communities and where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea, this natural environment with its cool, clean waters and unspoilt coastline makes the perfect conditions for great quality seaweed to grow.

They harvest all year round in all weathers to select and hand harvest the best seaweed (up to 17 different varieties) their shores have to offer, before drying and milling to include in their range of chips, clusters, pesto and tapenades that launched in late 2020. Packed full of nutrients including iodine, antioxidants and prebiotic fibre, the range is stocked nationally at Holland & Barrett and in Coop and Sainsbury’s in Scotland. The pesto and tapenades are also widely distributed to health stores, delis and farm shops. With its diverse range of applications, they also supply their sustainably sourced seaweed to other food and drink manufacturers in Scotland for biscuits, seafood and gin to name a few.


Credit: SHORE/The Scottish Seaweed Co


They have harvest licences with the landowners that include strict quotas for how much seaweed they can pick every year. They use over a dozen separate sites each with their unique characteristics and all a short journey from the company’s factory in Wick. Research into farming also started in 2016, with the company’s first trials with the Scottish Association of Marine Science. Seaweed farming is an incredibly low impact form of aquaculture and SHORE was the first seaweed company to put a farm in the sea in 2018. Their focus is on selected species of seaweed that are in high demand and are more difficult to harvest from the wild, which means that farming and wild harvesting will continue side by side.

As well as expanding production at Wick, the team at SHORE have plans to increase their farming activity in the coming years. Demand for Scottish seaweed is growing at a pace and the team are well placed to keep up.


With M

With M Founder


Founder: Michaela Hanna


Private chef and former MasterChef: The Professionals contestant, Michaela Hanna launched an immersive food and activity experiences business, With M in 2021.

With M provides a range of unique, immersive experiences in secluded locations across the Yorkshire Dales – offering countryside retreats, experience days or bespoke events catered towards parties, stag and hen do’s or corporate away days.

The experiences provide an escape from reality where guests can truly switch off, get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and enjoy all-inclusive feasts of delicious food prepared by Michaela. She also shares her expert knowledge and provides cooking demonstrations, giving guests the opportunity to expand their culinary knowledge and recreate their foodie experience at home.

Not only this, each experience is tailored towards specific activities, so guests can enjoy some of their favourite past times, such as running, hill-walking and mountain biking, to name a few – with professional guides and coaches on hand to share their expertise and guide guests through the activities.


With M Experience


Michaela, who has also had a successful career in events management alongside her culinary career, was inspired to set up the business as she wanted to combine her love of cooking, outdoor activities and event organising, to provide unique experiences that bring like-minded people together to create lasting, joyful memories.

When booking, guests can also request certain foods or cooking demonstrations they’d like to see and share any dietary requirements ahead of time so the experience can be tailored to their needs. Coming up over the next few months is a Run & Brunch event in March, a Feasting & Mountain Biking break in April, a Feasting & Running staycation in June, and a Feasting, Gardening, & Art holiday in July, with more events set to join the schedule soon.


London Nootropics

London Nootropics Founders (1)


Founders: Zain Peer & Shez Shaikh


Made with the highest-quality natural adaptogens from around the world, London Nootropics’ premium adaptogenic coffee blends are designed to help balance & flow through the day.

Used in Ayurvedic and Asian medicine for thousands of years, adaptogens help the mind & body adapt to physical, mental & emotional stressors, improving its response to stress and finding balance. Many adaptogens have nootropic properties – nootropics are ‘brain boosters’, they enhance cognitive performance and improve brain health, producing benefits across memory, focus, motivation and encouraging physical, mental and emotional balance.


London Nootropics


Their vision is to make the highest-quality adaptogens easily accessible, convenient & delicious, helping more people benefit from their balancing properties and find their flow.

Packed in letter-box friendly packaging, all London Nootropics’ blends are 100% free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners, made only with the highest-quality, natural ingredients. London Nootropics’ premium adaptogenic coffee blends are made in London and available to purchase on the website.


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betterland foods

LFalsetto betterland foods


Founder: Lizanne Falsetto


As the former CEO and founder of thinkThin, Lizanne Falsetto made retail history by pioneering the first nutrition bar on the market and paving the way for the gluten-free aisle in retail. Now, she’s launching betterland milk™, the first cow-free dairy milk that will be available to consumers with the Perfect Day animal-free whey protein.

This isn’t nut milk, mylk, malk, melk, or mulk. It’s cow’s milk — just without the cow. betterland milk is creamy and delicious, and whips, foams, cooks, bakes, and froths just like traditional cow’s milk. It’s healthier for people, with ZERO hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, nuts, or lactose, and 67% less sugar than traditional milk. It’s also cleaner for the environment, as Perfect Day’s protein has a carbon footprint of just 3% that of cow’s milk. betterland milk also uses a 1:1 ratio of water to milk production, far less than other plant-based milks.

betterland foods

For those unfamiliar with Perfect Day, their animal-free whey protein is produced using precision fermentation, creating a whey protein identical to that found in cow’s milk with a much smaller environmental footprint. Combined with a delicious, plant-based recipe, the resulting consumer product, betterland milk™, is creamy and rich and performs better than other plant-based milks, while delivering the same cooking, whipping, steaming, frothing, and baking functionality. betterland milk™ contains only MCT and sunflower oils; has less sugar than traditional cow’s milk; has no lactose, cholesterol, hormones; and is made without use of antibiotics.

betterland foods™ is launching two varieties of betterland milk™ in Whole and Extra Creamy. The company will debut betterland milk™ at Expo West this March and will launch in retail stores soon after. This is the first of many launches to come in betterland’s portfolio of better-for-you, better for the planet, and simply delicious products — so stay tuned!





Founders: Julia Streuli, Sara Guaglio & Cristina Prat Taranilla


Already a huge hit in Holland’s leading gyms and bars, FUL was created bythree climate-entrepreneurs, Julia,Cristina,and Sara in Amsterdam in September 2021. FUL sparkling spirulina drinks are a blend of carbonated water, patented ingredient FUL® Spirulina and natural flavourings to create a range of low calorie, low carb superfood drinks loaded with calcium, plant-based protein, iron, magnesium, vitamin B2 and powerful antioxidants. Available in three flavours: White peach,  Lemon & Ginger and Lime & Mint, the stand-out blue-green colour of FUL comes from the antioxidant phycocyanin.

FUL’s mission is to make spirulina more accessible to people as well as educating the world about the immense health benefits and climate positive effects of spirulina. Developed by a team of food scientists and passionate climate supporters, they sustainably harvested spirulina using cutting edge,patented technology to create a new ingredient called FUL® Spirulina. Better tasting than standard spirulina, yet still containing a rich source with nutrients,vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, this ingredient sits within the new ‘climate positive’ category of food. This means that FUL® Spirulina benefits the environment during production, through “CO2 recycling” a process that converts more CO2 into oxygen than it emits in the production process.


FUL Drinks


FUL sparkling spirulina drinks can be enjoyed on their own or mixed into cocktails and mocktails. This versatility means that the FUL sparkling spirulina drinks range is ideal for those looking to adopt a low & no lifestyle or boost the nutrients they incorporate into their diet.


Fruits for Drinks

fruits for drinks


Founder: Mirella Cestaro


Fruits for Drinks is making life tastier, more adventurous, bring theatre and always perfect with their amazing freeze-dried fruit garnishes for the home drinks experience.

Lockdowns created an explosion in the drink-at-home arena – with pictures of home bars and expertly-crafted drinks popping up on Instagram constantly, and more and more people knowing how to make the perfect Negroni or a superb Old Fashioned.

Grocers are reporting an explosion in sales of all spirits and ready mixed (RTD) cocktails as consumers desperately attempt to improve their drinks experiences in the home in these challenging times. Consumers are constantly searching for ways to add a touch of luxury and make their drinks more interesting and more Instagrammable.

Fruits for Drinks, a Hertfordshire-based freeze-dried drinks garnish company, is here to save the day for home mixologists and cocktails enthusiasts, to ensure every drink is the perfect experience for them.


Fruits for Drinks


Mirella Cestaro of Fruits for Drinks says: “Fruits for Drinks is here so consumers can enjoy the perfect drink all the time. The idea came from liking a G&T at home but often being stopped by having a hard, dry, half used brown lime in the fridge rather than a delicious, zesty and bursting-with-flavour piece for fruit. We knew there had to be a way to make this happen for us and everyone who likes a nice-looking and great-tasting drink at home – and not by using horrible, brown dehydrated fruit which adds no flavour and looks unappealing. So we source fruit – we follow the fruit season around the world – freeze-dry it and package it. So now everyone can have the chance of enjoying their perfect drink at home with a great fruit garnish”.

Fruits for Drinks is available in a number of retailers, online and bricks and mortar, including Amazon and Drinksupermarket for £7.99 and there are six fruits in the Fruits for Drinks range – blueberry, lemon, lime, orange, strawberry and raspberry.


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Ready Burger

Ready Burger Founders


Founders: Max Miller & Adam Clark


Dubbed as the ‘Vegan McDonald’s’, Ready Burger serves 100% plant-based fast food at affordable prices, using high-quality proteins to create great-tasting versions of the world’s favourite fast food, burgers and classic sides.

The concept was conceived by co-founders Max Miller and Adam Clark, who set out to bring a value-based plant-based fast-food option to the UK high street. Ready Burger was founded on the belief that fast food should taste great, be inclusive, inexpensive, and more sustainable.

Co-founder, Adam Clark comments “Ready Burger is 100% plant-based, so there is no cross-contamination in the kitchen and customers can be confident the company shares their values – a plant burger emits 92% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, needs 93% less land and 70% less water than a beef burger.”


Ready Burger


Earlier in 2022, Ready Burger reduced the price of its signature dish, The Ready Burger from £1.99 to just 99p in celebration of Veganuary and to make plant-based options accessible and at an affordable everyday price which can often be out of reach in the vegan community.

Ready Burger currently has two sites in London – in Crouch End and Finchley Road and have plans to expand further with two new sites opening in the city soon.





Scientific Inventor: Dr Karl Skriner


GoBeDo has created a scientifically-backed Immune Boosting Peppermint Gum – the essential item to pack in your hand luggage. Even after half an hour of the first chew, initial studies show it could be an effective method of protection against Covid-19.

Dr Karl Skriner commented: “Because of Covid-19’s high infection rate, the development of methods and tools to curb the spread of the virus have been the focus of the medical and scientific community. One compound of particular interest at the moment is Chitosan. The idea behind GoBeDo chewing gum is to put a long-lasting layer of Chitosan in our mouths, which also happens to be where the virus is likely to enter.

“When Covid-19 travels through our mouths, it’s met with Chitosan particles, which could significantly weaken the virus’s potential to infect the body. GoBeDo Immune Boosting Peppermint Gum could be particularly beneficial to those who work closely with other people – particularly medical practitioners who are often in the same room as those who test positive for Covid-19.”


GoBeDo Gum


An in vitro lab study was carried out to test the effectiveness of the gum which ran over several months. The results showed evidence GoBeDo Gum could provide an effective method of protection from Covid-19 plus other well-known viruses and bacteria.

Based on new research, GoBeDo Immune Boosting Gum secreted an average load of 1.8 mg per 15 minutes of chewing time. Previous studies suggest at least 1 mg of Chitosan can produce protective effects from Covid-19. Furthermore, based on saliva samples, the study found that Chitosan from GoBeDo is still heavily present beyond 30 minutes after the first chew.



Philip Linardos ShelfNow


Founders: Philip Linardos & Sajid Ghani


Launched in 2019, ShelfNow is Europe’s first intelligent B2B online marketplace which aims to bridge the gap between smaller, high-quality food and beverage producers and independent buyers in the hospitality and retail sectors. Designed to facilitate the building of relationships and an easier, smoother way of trading, ShelfNow adopts a refreshingly fair, simple and transparent business outlook. Some specific brands they work alongside are PRESS Healthfoods which provide cold-pressed smoothies, KAYTEA which is known for its Beetroot Velvet Latte and Cannasa which produces CBD Botanical Rose Raspberry Lemonade.

With a collective experience of over 50 years in the retail, food and beverage and technology sectors, the team at ShelfNow pride themselves on their multi-faceted and innovative approach to trading. After identifying the most common concerns of buyers and producers – producers routinely find wholesale costs expensive whilst buyers struggle with the amount of time it takes to find new products without the help of a middleman – ShelfNow set about creating a business model that recognises and acknowledges these stumbling blocks and also simplifies the process. The brand takes the reins on logistics and paperwork to allow the development of effective interpersonal relationships to be the sole focus of buyers and producers.


By cutting out the costly and inefficient wholesaler, ShelfNow ensures a smoother, easier and direct dialogue between traders. Vowing to nurture smaller brands within the food supply chain and always champion innovation and sustainability, ShelfNow is dedicated to the continued development of its technology and data-driven insights so that producers and buyers can discover, engage and transact in a seamless and efficient manner. As well as incorporating data science into its building technologies, the company plans to introduce machine learning algorithms over the next few years which will offer a more curated marketplace experience and help provide a better user experience for partners with more relevant and profitable product recommendations.


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Mike Murphy


Chief Nutritionist: Mike Murphy


A new, independent search engine has launched called Vitaminology, which enables the search, discovery and comparison of vitamins and supplements to empower consumers to make more informed choices and find the right products for their personal health goals and requirements.

The company has set out to reduce confusion in this market through choice and high-quality information as well as access to one-to-one consultations with accredited nutritional therapists. By offering the complete package of advice, resources and products Vitaminology helps people to lead healthier lives.

Mike Murphy, who is Chief Nutritionist for Vitaminology, comments, “This innovative platform has a powerful comparison and filtering feature that helps to simplify the choices available for consumers so they can make better self-care decisions. This is supported by access to video consultations with nutritional therapists as well as a comprehensive library of ingredient profiles, articles clustered around health conditions and unique recipes to support wellness.”

Danielle Rushton, Head of Marketing for Vitaminology comments, “The vitamins, minerals and supplements market continues to grow in the UK, however it is a highly confusing space. We want to demystify this complicated market and give customers a one-stop-shop for all their vitamin and supplement needs, by presenting only accurate data and facts and highly credible and helpful information.”

Vitaminology is the trusted source to help customers find the right vitamin, mineral or supplement.


We Are Low Carb

Heidi Normanton


Founder: Heidi Normanton


We Are Low Carb is the only online wellbeing store demystifying the world of low carb living, by offering exclusive low carb and keto grocery products, supported by user friendly advice.  Customers can shop by goal or browse amazing easy to make recipes.  We Are Low Carb supports a community of women at every stage of their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

As well as providing support for individuals, We Are Low Carb is also the leading low carb and keto wholesaler, the only one its kind in the UK, disrupting the way traditional wholesalers work. We Are Low Carb nurtures and supports brands, helping them grow as well as surprising and delighting buyers.  As part of the We Are Low Carb community, the business is the only wholesaler that truly understands what consumers want and need and is fast becoming the leading low carb and keto wholesaler that brands want to work with.

Providing everything from ‘how-to’ e-books and food bundle starter guides through to sweet treat bundles and low-carb pasta products, We Are Low Carb caters for women at all stages of their keto and low-carb journey.

We Are Low Carb is proud to only offer the best products in the industry. Every product stocked by We Are Low Carb has undergone testing to ensure it not only tastes amazing, but also provides great value for money too. Since being launched by Heidi Normanton in March 2021, We Are Low Carb has already built partnerships with global leading food and drink brands in the industry, both UK based and internationally including Hunter & Gather, Nick’s and Palmini.


Hunter & Gather

Amy Moring and Jeff Webster, Hunter & Gather


Founders: Amy Moring & Jeff Webster


Launched in 2017 by Forbes 30 Under 30 co-founders, Amy Moring and Jeff Webster, Hunter & Gather is a best-in-class condiments and supplements brand on a mission to change the way people think about what it means to eat well, giving them the tools and knowledge to take back control of their health, and bringing optimal health to the mainstream.

As the first brand to launch Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and Sugar Free Ketchup in the UK, they have defied the odds (Brexit, a global pandemic, and a food landscape dominated by multinationals) to achieve £3.5 million GSV in just their fourth year of business, paving the way for clean and healthy food.

The brand’s ‘real food’ mission is at the heart of its success. Every single Hunter & Gather product is clean, natural, and packed with high quality, nutritionally dense ingredients that are always free from inflammatory oils, refined sugars, grains, gluten and chemical preservatives. From their Olive Oil Dressings that are harvested and pressed in the traditional way so absolutely no chemical hexanes or solvents are used, to their Avocado Oil Mayonnaise made with free-range British eggs and more than 8 avocados per jar, all Hunter & Gather products have health at the forefront.


Hunter & Gather Product


With online sales accounting for 70% of GSV turnover, they are breaking new boundaries in the way that food brands do business. Taking an innovative, lifestyle- first approach to growing their community is central to this. This means using tech to provide their growing ‘tribe’ with information and ideas on how to fuel a healthier lifestyle, from ‘Instagram lives’ with experts across the optimal health space, to the brand’s online quiz that tailors product recommendations to customers dietary needs.


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You + I

You & I Founders


Founders: Kelsey Moore & Alan Moore


Drinks with benefits.

You + I create purposeful alternatives to the mass produced and unhealthy drinks that saturate the market.

The Glasgow based company produce a range of contemporary health drinks that will make you feel a world of good. Their belief in a world where the more good you put in, the more good you get out results in an unwavering commitment to only use the highest grade of natural and organic ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected not only for it’s flavour but also for it’s function.

The company started in 2017 in the kitchen of Alan and Kelsey Moore when they weren’t happy with how unhealthy soft drinks were often targeted at young children and believed they could create healthy drinks that would appeal to adults and children alike.

The company has since grown to supply high end outlets such as The Connaught, Gleneagles and Panzers as well as over 300 independents throughout the UK.


You & I Drinks


Canadian born Kelsey is the creative energy behind You + I. From a young age she has developed a culinary passion and is a self confessed health addicted foodie. Alan is in charge of the all important number crunching and ensuring everything from production to the ecommerce site runs smoothly.

“We believe in making products that are the best for ourselves and our customers.”

The You + I range of drinks includes gut loving kombucha, functional botanical tea and contemporary barley water.



Brite Founders


Founders: Simas Jarasunas & Andrius Ratkevicius

Brite is a natural nootropic drink for better focus and productivity. If you’re looking to be more productive through the day, Brite nootropic drink is the answer. It provides the science-backed synergy of caffeine and L-theanine to aid your alertness and concentration, without the jitters, anxious feelings and crash associated with coffee and energy drinks. It is made of good for you nootropic superfoods such as organic matcha, guarana and guayusa.

“We wanted to be less stressed, more focused and productive. This is why we created Brite. Our new plant based nootropic drink is made of 5 key adaptogens and functional ingredients that support focus and mental performance.”


Brite Drinks


“To be productive it is important to stay in a calm state of mind. This is why Brite now includes ashwagandha, a well known adaptogen that helps to adapt to everyday stress. The functional ingredients are 100mg of ashwagandha, 100mg of L-theanine and 100mg of caffeine derived from organic matcha tea, guarana, organic guayusa and vitamin C.”

“Our new nootropic drink comes in three delicious flavours, Pineapple Mango, Raspberry Mint and Blueberry Verbena, available online and at Sainsbury’s, Planet Organic and WHSmith.”


CHIKA’S Snacks

Chika Russell


Founder: Chika Russell


CHIKA’S range of natural, plant based, gluten-free snacks embody the energy and vibrancy of Africa. The brand’s aim is to bring natural ingredients and taste sensations from Africa to both food lovers and the health conscious alike. Whilst being a British company, the business is committed to giving back to communities, and in 2019 they launched ‘Snacks4Change’ with World Vision – Empowering girls. An initiative that aims to support 30,000 girls through education by 2025.

CHIKA’S was founded in 2015 by Chika Russell, an English-Nigerian international entrepreneur, mentor and speaker. After 10 years working in finance and banking, she went on to launch CHIKA’S, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to create a brand inspired by her African family who loved to cook using unique African ingredients, from ‘dodo’ fried plantain, to roasted yam or toasted ‘epa’ peanuts.

In 2015, Russell took part in BBC’s Dragons Den and gave what Deborah Meaden described as ‘one of the best pitches ever’. The battle between the 5 Dragons for a stake in the business was the most watched episode of the whole series.

CHIKA’s growth story has been an inspired one. Right from the start, the brand made the decision to never accept a listing or distribution in the world food aisle, determined to be showcased as a mass market brand in the main snacking aisle, as that is where the footfall is. As a result, today the brand is listed in Waitrose, Co-op and Ocado, with more growth to come.


Chikas range shots


Passionate about educating women, Russell secured a partnership between CHIKA’S and Worldvision for their Empowering Girls program. She is a founding member of the Conduit Club, which works to develop and promote positive social impact, and she has represented female-led SMEs at 10 Downing Street’s Women in Business events.

Over the next 5 years, the brand will continue to champion diversity and entrepreneurialism in the food industry: “One of the things that is needed is to bring the mass market brands from world-food aisle to the mainstream, as that is where the footfall is. Entrepreneurialism is a beautiful thing. But it is tough. More should and could be done to encourage and support it.”


Oh Lily!

Oh Lily! Founders Govinda and Dewi


Founders: Govinda Cortier-Agrawal & Dewi Cortier-Agrawal


Oh Lily! is a holistic wellness snack brand that inspires conscious snacking with water lily seeds, an ancient super seed from India used for centuries in Ayurveda Sisters and co-founders Dewi and Govinda are two French foodies based in London, who are very passionate about food and want to share their aspiration for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Their secret ingredient is LOVE!

Their mission is to create delicious, healthy snacks that are good for your mind, body and soul. “More than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Tasty and nutritious food is the easiest way to start!” says co-founder Dewi.

They have created a gourmet range of 8 savoury and chocolate flavours. Each flavour combines nutritious ingredients allowing a functional crunchy indulgence. Co-founder Govinda shares as the one who has alchemised exotic flavours like green tea matcha with traditional favourites like dark chocolate into a finished product that’s more than just a snack. “Next to epic taste, each flavour comes with a piece of wisdom, a lesson in mindfulness or philosophy we’ve loved and picked up from somewhere in the world. And the best is they are super-healthy all while tasting amazing. Our products are truly meant to nourish your mind, body, and soul.”


Oh Lily!


Embark on a culinary journey. You can enjoy the crunchiness of our super seeds throughout the day: as a snack on the go, but also as nutritious toppings on soups, salads, curries; or for your breakfast to pair with porridge or granola; and they think the chocolate water lily seeds are fabulous sprinkled on ice cream . Oh Lily! goes beyond snacks!

Oh Lily! snacks are naturally gluten-free, plant based, made in the UK and packed in 100% recyclable pouches.