Tudor Lodge and TechRound Announce Two New Senior Team Members

Tudor Lodge and TechRound are delighted to announce the addition of two new senior members of staff to drive the two companies’ growth.

The 16-people strong team welcomes Andrew Speer as Head of Marketing and Commercial and Guy Levy as Head of SEO and Growth as of April 2022.

Tudor Lodge and TechRound Creates a Unique Proposition

“We have always prided ourselves on being a unique company,” explains Daniel.

“We have always worked remotely, well before it became mainstream and when people thought it was alternative. We know that investing in SEO is massively profitable with some clients seeing a 10x or 20x of their investment after 1 year, but for some it is a leap and we manage this by offering flexible rolling monthly contracts and no upfront fees.”


“On top of our strong SEO proposition, we can cross-promote clients on TechRound through multiple channels such as online PR, email, social media, podcasts, videos and more – at no extra cost.”


“With TechRound, we are the voice of UK startups, right from the earliest of stages to full scale-up and we are here to serve the UK startup community. We would all love to be featured in TechCrunch or Business Insider but realise how elite and hard it is to get covered, but TechRound is here to hear your story and if we can present it in a more light-hearted and interesting way, even better.”

For years, we have been running two businesses and making personal sacrifices to get them up and running,” explains the founder, Daniel Tannenbaum

“Tudor Lodge started from my bedroom in 2014 with zero income and zero clients and we have been pushing TechRound for the last few years whilst fully attending to our clients.”

“With 300,000 regular visitors per month, we are excited that TechRound is now established enough and that we can attract such incredible talent of Guy and Andrew and we cannot wait to see what value they will add to our SEO agency and TechRound.” 


“I went to an event and was welcomed on stage as the co-founder of TechCrunch. I am not the founder of a $4 billion company, but who am I to correct someone in such a public setting?”


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Co-Founder David Soffer commented: “On the SEO-front, Guy will be able to use his incredible insight and experience in tech to offer the same level of dedication, passion and quality that we are accustomed to.”

“On the TechRound side, Andrew has been consulting with us for years and coming in full-time is a huge indication that the business has grown and will continue to build on its 300,000 monthly visitors, whilst increasing its influence and reach in the startup space.”

“With Andrew, it reminds us of when Gareth Bale came back to Spurs for the second time: He meant business…although as an Arsenal fan, I would probably compare him to when Thierry Henry came back to the club…”

“With Guy, he has just come off the back of selling a huge tech business – like he just won the Champions League and wants a new challenge.”


The New Head of Marketing, Andrew Speer, commented: “I’ve known Dan and David since the beginning and have watched Tudor Lodge and TechRound go from strength to strength. I’m excited to be able to join them in a senior role to take the business to the next level,” said Andrew.

“One of the best parts for me is to re-embed myself in the startup ecosystem. I can’t think of anything better than helping startups succeed and get the publicity they deserve.”


andrew speer
Andrew joins the Tudor Lodge and TechRound team after being a consultant for several years



Guy Levy added: “I’m so excited to be here! l can’t wait to take all the knowledge learnt from building and exiting a startup to help Techround and all their clients really thrive!”


guy levy
Guy joins the team following the exit of a large HealthTech startup


The new team restructure also sees long-term staff member Josephine Melvin promoted to a senior management role.

Josephine commented: “It’s been so exciting to see how TechRound has grown over the years. I remember when we were only getting a couple thousand visitors a month, and now, to see it develop into a hub for tech and startup news is extraordinary. Looking forward, I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this exciting and passionate platform.”


josephine melvin
Josephine has been promoted a senior role within the company



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