11. acasa

  • acasa is a household management tool and bill splitting package that helps students, sharers and couples.
  • Founded in the Open Data Institute in 2014, acasa (originally Splittable) is backed by some of the leading technology investors Europe.
  • The company is run by young property enthusiasts with a collective passion for improving the lives of householders.




About acasa


acasa is a home management platform designed to create seamless living. It’s live on iOS, Android and web, and automates and streamlines the process of moving in, managing and moving on for the resident, utility companies and landlords.

acasa helps residents set up, manage and auto split utility bills in one place, taking the stress out of running your home. Residents can get clarity on household spending and track all household expenses within the app helping them get more from their money as well as choosing the best offers which suit their needs, with the potential to save users up to £200 a year.

The vision expands much more widely than just utilities, as the platform will become a full fledged concierge for households, covering the critical needs of every household (ie utilities and rent payments) and wider more delightful services that the team are exploring with their customer base.

The company is backed by some of the leading investors globally in financial techology, property technology, brand, consumer, finance and property including Nationwide Building Society, Seedcamp and Playfair Capital.

acasa App


To get started with the acasa app, you register a user profile and then choose from the types of services you want to set up. Currently this includes energy, Internet, TV license, water, with more coming soon. After adding some basic information about your home (ie how many people you live with, number of rooms, etc.), acasa will provide a quote for all of these services.

After a home is set up, a digital “magnet” for each supplier appears on the acasa dashboard, which you click on to adjust how the cost is split between the people in your home or to learn more about the supplier.

Then when the bill is due, the magnet on the home will adjust automatically to represent how much each of you owe to the service provider, and each person is automatically charged the agreed portion of the bill and the money is collected by acasa and sent to the supplier in one lump sum.



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