27. Coyote Software

  • Coyote is commercial real estate software, transforming how businesses buy and manage commercial assets globally.
  • Coyote was developed by Founder Oli Farago, initially as the in-house software for a real estate business founded in 2009.




About Coyote Software


Coyote helped the company to make quick investment decisions backed by data. By 2016, they had grown into a pan-European organisation with over 250 employees and circa £7.1bn of assets under management.

In 2017, Oli Farago launched Coyote Software as an independent product to the broader commercial real estate market. As a result, for the first time, investment teams, asset managers and property managers could track a commercial asset throughout the commercial lifecycle – from introduction through the bidding and acquisition stages, the management of that asset, and ultimately, the disposal of it.

In addition to helping investment teams track deals and trade commercial assets faster, Coyote Software also integrates with existing property management systems to give investment teams a consolidated view of their entire portfolio.

Using API integrations, Coyote breaks down data silos that are commonplace in commercial real estate and helps real estate professionals quickly compare data from different sources in multiple formats.

Many real estate businesses continued to adopt Coyote Software throughout 2018 and 2019, including publicly listed organisations like LandSec and international companies like HiH Real Estate.

Coyote operates on a typical enterprise SaaS model, with a usual project consisting of an onboarding element plus a contracted number of monthly users. Clients can increase their monthly users as their business grows throughout the contracted term – typically a period of 24 months.

Coyote Today


When the pandemic hit and lockdowns began in early 2020, remote access to crucial data (previously accessed via office-based machines) was thrust into hyperfocus across the real estate industry. As a result, cloud-based PropTech platforms like Coyote saw a huge rise in demand from new clients looking to invest in their digital infrastructure and future-proof their businesses.

Today, Coyote collaborates with clients on new feature requests and, in early 2021, integrated ProductBoard into the platform. This integration makes it easy for Coyote Software users to suggest and vote on new feature requests from inside Coyote.

Coyote’s product development team uses clients’ feedback and requests to help plan the product roadmap and prioritise the most popular updates. In the 12 months from May 2020, the engineering team delivered 22 product releases, with 84% of those feature updates originating from client requests.


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