SEON Raises $94 Million Series B to Address Exponential Growth of Online Fraud

IVP leads the funding round to expand the company’s presence in North America, LATAM and APAC and heighten product functionality to help businesses keep their customers safe.


SEON, a London-based Anglo-Hungarian startup that powers online fraud prevention raised $94 million in Series B funding. Led by Silicon Valley-based IVP, the round also includes existing investors Creandum and PortfoLion, as well as, angel investors including founders and senior executives from the very best product-led tech companies: Aiven, Coinbase, DataDog, DoorDash, Figma, G2, GitHub, Public, Slack, Supercell, UiPath, Veriff, and Wise.

The funding, which comes just a year after the company’s Series A, will be used to expand SEON’s presence in North America, LATAM, and APAC, build partnerships with leading e-commerce platforms, heighten product functionality, and integrate additional data sources to help customers better fight fraud.

As the pandemic accelerated consumer activity and transactions online, identity fraud has grown exponentially. Fraud is a problem faced by every company that transacts with customers online from the world’s most significant financial technology companies to online marketplaces, digital health, education, gaming, and e-commerce companies. Bad actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and companies need better tools to fight back. Historically, effective fraud tools were only readily accessible to large enterprises with the budget and staff to handle complex implementations. SEON democratises access to fraud-fighting technology, making the internet a safer place for business.

SEON is bringing something different to the fraud prevention market by offering an accessible and flexible solution, which delivers instant results. Once discovered, our solution can be trialled by potential customers in less than 30 seconds and up and running in less than a day,” said Tamas Kadar, CEO and Co-founder at SEON.



With an API-first approach, SEON allows enterprises to plug into their system and go live within 24 hours. SEON’s Data Enrichment module uses data to establish an individual’s digital footprint based on their email address, phone number, IP address, or location in real-time. This GDPR-compliant approach to analysing a user’s digital footprint helps companies accept more transactions while blocking fraudulent ones.

SEON’s Full fledged platform leverages the company’s advanced machine learning capabilities to help global enterprise teams set rules, wean out false accounts, and detect fraud in real-time. The company’s solution can verify users with zero friction, enabling businesses to save money and fully complement their KYC / IDV checks.

SEON experienced significant growth in 2021 and is now the go-to fraud prevention solution for companies like Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, Patreon, Sorare and mollie. In 2021, the company more than tripled its annual recurring revenue, grew its headcount by 4X, and opened new offices in Austin, and Jakarta.



Along with welcoming IVP into its portfolio of investors, SEON will appoint Michael Miao, Partner at IVP to its board.

Identity is one of the most important and biggest problems on the Internet. This product-led team is making a remarkable dent in fraud prevention by making it easy for every business to adopt its data-driven solution. As fraud explodes at an exponential rate, IVP is honored to help guide this talented group as they work to expedite the fight against online fraud,” said Michael Miao, Partner at IVP.

For more information about SEON and its Series B announcement, please visit SEON’s blogpost or watch their announcement video.