Startup of the Week: Triple O Games

  • Triple O Games was founded by Isidro Quintana & Ricardo Varela in 2019.
  • The gaming startup is blockchain-enabled, focused on building unique game experiences.
  • Triple O Games is on a mission to empower players to earn money through videogames and blockchain.



Triple O Games logo


What is Triple O Games?

Triple O Games is a gaming startup that uses blockchain technology to build unique entertainment experiences. They are keen to upgrade the “Free-2-Play” model by empowering players to earn money alongside game developers through blockchain.

“We upgrade the “FREE-2-PLAY” model by empowering players to earn money through a new “PLAY-2-EARN” model.”


Who Founded Triple O Games?

Triple O Games was founded in 2019 by Isidro Quintana & Ricardo Varela. On their website, both of the founders are described as having vast experience in the tech and gaming world, as well as a passion for gaming.

In an interview with TechRound, Isidro commented: “I always loved games, but I remember while I was working on the movie, the first colour mobile games started coming out, and I recall thinking how horrible they were. They were super bad in terms of graphics and I saw it as an opportunity, thinking–what if we bring the high quality animation from the animated movies into mobile games?”

Ricardo boasts 12 years of professional experience in the game industry, and has worked as a programmer for big-budget games for the likes of Sony and Ubisoft. Isidro notes some of his biggest milestones on their site, including: several successful investment rounds, and amongst others, being awarded Best Startup in the Canary Islands.

“Our mission is to reward players for their loyalty, skill and commitment. Our vision is to change the way people interact with video games being part of their success. Our goal is to solve gaming industry problems, incentivising loyalty and promoting and rewarding players.”



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What Makes Them Stand Out?

Triple O Games are unique in their offering as they focus on empowering players with a PLAY-2-EARN model, rather than a FREE-2-PLAY model. This allows players as well as developers to earn money as they play.

As well as this, Triple O Games firmly believes in remote working. With a name meaning ‘Out Of Office’, the company reflects this in their work life. Their head office is based in Tenerife, and employees are encouraged to work remotely and to a schedule that suits their lifestyle best.

“We are a group of veteran game, technology and innovation developers who love to bring new, innovative and disruptive ideas through meaningful entertainment and gaming experiences, creating high-tech solutions that we implement in high quality games. Our executive team has worked with world-known amazing brands in the videogames field.”



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