Top 10 Canva Alternatives For Startups

The integration of AI in visual design tools is changing how companies create and share content. AI betters the quality and speed of producing visual materials, which is necessary for keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s business demands.

“AI is not just a tool but a transformational force in business communication,” explains Edith Reads, a Financial Analyst at Stocklytics. “It allows companies to produce high-quality content swiftly, meeting the modern-day demands of engagement and clarity.”

Canva is a great all-in-one tool, which also has AI features for efficiency. Though, some may still prefer the traditional design process. Below are different Canva alternatives that have different ways of increasing efficiency and productivity when it comes to designing graphics, editing, scheduling and more…

Alternatives To Canva


1. Piktochart



Piktochart is good for creating infographics, presentations, and printable content. You can simply use their user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, and turn complex data into visually appealing infographics, improving the way information is communicated.

With customisable templates which cater to different industries and needs, like marketing, education, and corporate reporting.

2. PosterMyWall



PosterMyWall is the go-to for quick promotional graphics such as posters, flyers, and menus. It offers thousands of templates that can be easily customised, perfect for businesses needing to produce promotional materials regularly.

The platform supports video and image downloads and social media sharing capabilities, making it easy for users to market their events or products effectively.

3. Fotor



Fotor, just like Canva, gives you a mix of photo editing and graphic design tools. It’s powerful photo editing capabilities, including advanced effects and filters, allow users to edit photos without needing to be a pro.

Fotor also has a rich collection of design templates that help users quickly produce attractive and professional designs. The platform even has HDR effects for photos, for a professional touch to images with minimal effort.

4. Gravit Designer



Gravit Designer shines for startups that need versatility. This tool provides startups with the flexibility to create detailed and scalable graphics from logos to detailed illustrations. Its cloud-based structure means that team members can collaborate and access projects from anywhere.

5. BeFunky



BeFunky is perfect for startups that want to edit photos or design graphics without getting bogged down in complex software. It’s all about making professional-looking design accessible, so you can quickly turn out stunning visuals that capture attention on socials and other marketing efforts.


6. DesignBold



DesignBold operates similarly to Canva, providing extensive resources for designing everything from social media graphics to detailed reports. Startups can use DesignBold to create high-quality content that stands out, with minimal effort and time investment.

7. Venngage



Venngage allows anyone to create eye-catching infographics quickly and easily. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use templates suitable for various content needs, from business presentations to educational materials.

This tool is equipped with user-friendly design features, allowing you to integrate your own data, customise layouts, and share your creations online. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to present information in a clear and attractive format without needing advanced design skills.

8. PicMonkey



PicMonkey serves as a versatile design tool that lets you craft impactful visuals for social media, advertising, and branding. With an array of templates, it simplifies the process of creating professional designs.

Its editing suite includes tools for photo adjustments, custom text overlays, and icon placements, ensuring your graphics stand out. Ideal for bloggers, marketers, and small businesses, PicMonkey supports creating compelling visual content that captures audience attention.

9. RelayThat





This application simplifies digital marketing by automating the design process, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms. It has quick customisation options, including automated copywriting and image resizing to fit various media formats.

Ideal for teams seeking efficiency, this tool helps maintain a uniform brand identity with minimal effort, allowing more focus on strategy and less on repetitive tasks. It’s a smart solution for achieving professional-grade graphics across marketing campaigns.

10. FotoJet



FotoJet provides a straightforward and accessible approach to graphic design. It features a library of templates for creating everything from flyers to social media posts. This platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing rapid creation without the need for registration or lengthy setups.

It’s perfect for users who need to produce aesthetically pleasing designs quickly. Teacher, student, or small business owner, FotoJet gives the tools to bring your creative ideas to life.