Canva Vs. Adobe Creative Suite. Which Tool Is Better For Startups?

When it comes to standing out as a brand, a strong visual identity, brought to life through compelling graphic design, is much needed for communicating a startup’s values and vision to its audience. Amin Memon, Co-Founder of, mentions the importance of design beyond aesthetics: “When you craft gorgeous graphics that are well thought out, you grab a lot of eyes for your brand.”

Roshni Wijayasinha, founder of Prosh Marketing, spoke on the importance of branding for startups, particularly in creating differentiation in a crowded market. She asserts that “branding is a key component of our marketing strategy,” helping startups build trust and customer loyalty.

Technology plays an important role in bringing these ideas to life, as Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, points out: “Technology is constantly advancing. If you make sure your business is nimble and smart enough to adopt new ideas early, then it gives your startup a weapon that will allow you to compete with the market leaders.”

Both Canva and Adobe Creative Suite are tools for startups to create high quality visual content that resonates with their audience. These tools let businesses establish a strong brand identity, build trust, and stand out in the market. But which one is better?






Canva has different design tools that are easy to use. Here, startups can quickly create graphics such as logos, presentations, and social media posts using a drag-and-drop editor and an extensive library of templates. Their photo editing tools and the ability to work on designs with other designers makes it even better for a team setting.




The platform is versatile, and makes for the creation of things from business cards to marketing materials. Startups often use Canva for its speed and ease of use, which is much needed when producing high-quality content quickly. It’s also good for for creating consistent branding materials that help startups establish a professional image early on.


What Stands Out:


Canva’s appeal lies in its simplicity and the value it offers through both free and paid subscriptions. The platform is especially attractive for those without a background in design, thanks to its intuitive setup and helpful resources like tutorials and tips. The Canva Pro and Canva Teams tiers offer more specialised features, such as advanced collaboration tools and an expanded asset library, which are ideal for growing startups.


Adobe Creative Suite




Adobe Creative Suite gets you access to more than 20 tools great for all kinds of creative projects, from image editing, graphic designing, to video production. Creative Suite is home to well-known software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, all favourites because of their advanced tools and pro outputs.




This suite is widely used by startups that need detailed and refined creative capabilities. It suits sectors that demand high-quality visuals, such as digital marketing, media production, and tech development. The integration across different Adobe apps facilitates a smooth workflow for complex creative projects.


What Stands Out:


This Creative Suite is great because you get the professional high quality of industry standard. Pro marketers and creatives use this, making it a great tool for thoe who want to really be up there. Startups that need more than just simple andd easy to use tools, Adobe has a world of features that make sure all creative needs are met. The platform includes other resources as well, like Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts, so that it is centralised with everything you may need.


Canva Pricing


1. Canva Free:

Price: free
Details: Allows users to design with thousands of free templates and provides 5 GB of cloud storage. Ideal for individuals getting started with basic graphic design needs.


2. Canva Pro:

Price: $14.99 every month, per person
Details: This plan offers unlimited access to premium templates and design assets like photos, videos, and graphics. It includes 100 brand kits, advanced design tools, and 1 TB of cloud storage.


3. Canva Teams:

Price: $29.99/month total, for the first 5 people
Details: Features everything in Canva Pro, with additional collaboration and brand management tools suitable for teams looking to streamline their workflow.


4. Canva Enterprise:

Price: Pricing available on request
Details: Made for large organisations, this plan offers advanced solutions for brand control, design collaboration, and enterprise-level security.


Adobe Creative Suite Pricing


1. Creative Cloud All Apps Plan:

Price: $67.85/month per license
Details: Access to over 20 Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro. This plan is ideal for businesses and includes features like PDF and e-sign capabilities, integration with tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and more.


2. Creative Cloud Single App Plan:

Price: $41.39/month per license
Details: Choose one app from the suite such as Photoshop or Illustrator. This plan includes the same business features as the All Apps plan, made for users who need just one specific Adobe tool.


3. Adobe Substance 3D Collection:

Price: $114.99/month per license
Details: Offers tools for 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering. Includes 50 3D asset downloads per month. Ideal for businesses involved in 3D content creation.


4. Adobe Firefly:

Price: $5.74/month
Details: A generative AI tool that allows users to create content using simple text prompts.


5. Additional Offers:

Adobe Stock: $34.49/month for access to royalty-free images, videos, and templates.
Adobe Express: $11.49/month for quick content creation.
Photography Plan: Starting at $9.19/month for access to Lightroom, Photoshop, and 20 GB cloud storage.


So, Which Tool Is Better For Startups?




  • Canva serves as an all-in-one platform for design, branding, and marketing tools, which is extremely useful for startups looking to streamline their creative processes and overall visual brand identities.
  • There are countless professional templates that save time, making it easy for startup teams to create high-quality design materials without needing design skills or a professional designer.
  • On Canva, teams can work together on projects in real-time, no matter where they are, great for productivity and communication.
  • The service is scalable with Canva Pro and Canva Teams, offering more advanced features like Brand Kits, which ensure brand consistency across all designs.
  • Startups can access a huge library of over 100 million images, videos, templates, and graphics, which takes their marketing materials and presentations to another level.
  • Canva’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to team members with all levels of design expertise.
  • You can create eyecatching infographics, charts, and other data visualisations, so complex information is easier to digest and present.
  • Canva allows for the easy creation of professional UI mockups, essential for developing mobile apps or websites.
  • Canva offers educational resources and webinars to help your startup maximise the use of the platform by far.
  • It is cost-effective, offering a free plan, obviously with slightly less features, but useful for those without a budget!


Adobe Creative Suite


  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Business has a set of tools that allows startups to create designs, videos, and other creative content.
  • You can also access to popular applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro which are standard tools for graphic design and video editing.
  • Teams can also work together here, on projects from different locations by sharing files and feedback online.
  • Startups have access to a large collection of stock images, videos, and templates through Adobe Stock which can be used to enhance their marketing efforts.
  • Adobe Fonts is part of the package, has a whole library of different fonts for you to maintain a consistent brand identity.
  • New AI-driven features speed up the creation process, allowing for quick generation of content.
  • The platform is designed to be secure, providing tools to manage who can access different projects.
  • It offers scalable solutions, so as a startup grows, the Adobe tools can adapt to increased demand without switching platforms.
  • User management is straightforward, which simplifies adding or removing team members as needed.
  • Continuous support is available to resolve any issues, ensuring that workflows are not interrupted.

All in all, both are great in their own ways, and the answer to which is better, depends on what your startup’s needs are.