Top 15 Tech-Savvy Mother’s Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day, consider stepping outside the box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers. Why not surprise your mum with something unique to make the day truly unforgettable?

Tech gifts might not seem like the typical choice for Mother’s Day, but they offer a world of possibilities. From smart skincare devices to innovative fitness wearables to gourmet gadgets for food enthusiasts, there’s something for every mum.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, our curated selection of gifts is readily available in stores or for online ordering so your mum can be sure to receive the gift she truly deserves this year.


Top 15 Tech Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Nespresso Vertuo, Coffee Maker


Nespresso Vertuo, Coffee Maker


Nespresso is renowned for offering some of the best coffee makers on the market. Their sleek designs are available in an array of colours and, with a little help from centrifusion technology, they can make sure you get a perfect brew every time. With simple, one-touch brewing, gift this to your mum this Mother’s Day and she can opt to brew from 6-cup sizes and an array of delicious blends.


2. Nixplay, Digital Photo Frame


Nixplay, Digital Photo Frame


Why not gift your mother something tech-centric that also has a thoughtful touch? The digital photo frame from Nixplay can play a slideshow of your favourite family photos as well as videos, so your mum can enjoy personal photo and video playlists to keep those memories alive.

Better yet, nix-FamilyCircles allows you to share these playlists so your friends and family can send photos and messages to each other from all over the world, perfect for those looking for a thoughtful way to stay connected with loved ones.


3. Anker, Soundcore Mini


Anker, Soundcore Mini 


Is your mum somebody who loves getting the music going whenever she gets a chance? Well, wherever she is – whether it’s in the house or on the go – the Anker Soundcore Mini offers the perfect solution. This super-portable speaker is accessible, sleek, and offers powerful sounds and a robust bass.


4. Fitbit, Luxe Activity Tracker


Fitbit, Luxe Activity Tracker


Most have already been acquainted with the benefits of the Fitbit. If your mum hasn’t yet discovered these delights, this Mother’s Day offers the perfect opportunity. This device is both a wellness tracker and sleek jewellery combined. Available in a range of colours, the Luxe Fitbit boasts a long-lasting battery, water resistance, daily readiness scores to evaluate and track your workouts, heart rate, menstrual health and sleep, and call and text notifications all in one gorgeous design.


5. CurrentBody, Skin LED Face Mask


CurrentBody, Skin LED Face Mask


The Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask from CurrentBody can stimulate collagen production for powerful anti-ageing and brightening results. By emitting light wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin, the CurrentBody Face Mask has become the No.1 best-selling LED mask clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in just 4 weeks. So, for any mum who loves dabbling with new and innovative beauty devices, this fabulous face mask will certainly be just the thing for them.


6. Amazon, Kindle


Amazon, Kindle 


Amazon’s Kindle offers an array of fantastic devices, from the Kindle Scribe to the Kindle Paperweight, each offering its users a light, compact design that allows them to read comfortably with glare-free light and a paper-like display. Any mum who loves to get buried in the books will be able to indulge in this pastime with this distraction-free device, complete with an extended battery life of up to 6 weeks per 1 charge and the ability to store thousands of books.


7. Evolved, 2 in 1 Wireless Charger


Evolved, 2 in 1 Wireless Charger


We all need constant access to our devices, right? This means having robust accessibility to chargers. Fortunately, Evolved offers the perfect solution. Gift this on Mother’s Day and give your mum the gift of being able to charge multiple devices on the go, free from all those annoying wires.



8. Apple, Airpods


Apple, Airpods


Speaking of living a wire-free, and thus hassle-free, life, it’s time to explore Apple Airpods. Most are already familiar with the benefits these nifty headphones can bring, but if your mum is not among this number, this Mother’s Day offers the perfect opportunity.

With a simple one-tap setup, these noise-cancellation, sweat and water-resistant headphones are perfect to take on the go. Better yet, they can be placed in a Lightening Charging Case so you can change whenever, from wherever.


9. Ninja, Blender


Ninja, Blender


Ninja offers a range of fantastic kitchen appliances and, among these, is the Ninja Blender. Gift your mum this and allow her to easily create everything from fresh smoothies, crushed-ice cocktails, savoury sauces, soups, dips, desserts and more. Better yet, the Ninja Blender comes with a multi-serve jug or single-serve blender, allowing her to share her delectable creation or take it on the go.


10. Tile, Airtag


Tile, Airtag


We can all agree that mums have enough on their minds, right? Nobody needs the added stress of trying to remember their phone, keys, wallet, and so on. This is where the Tile AirTag comes into play. This Bluetooth tracking device is perfect for any Android and Apple user, but can also be attached to other belongings such as keys or luggage. Simply link it to the object you’d like to track and enjoy the subsequent peace of mind that your belongings are safe and sound.


11. Magic, Smart Workout Mirror


Magic, Smart Workout Mirror 


For all those fitness-loving mums out there, or perhaps those looking for a way to get into the world of exercise, the Magic products will make for the perfect gift. Using AI tracking technology, complete your workout in this mirror and receive real-time feedback from a trainer, helping to improve your position, pace and range of motion. Moreover, the technology can track your weight each workout, helping you keep on top of your fitness goals.


12. Ember Mug, Heated Coffee Mug


Ember Mug, Heated Coffee Mug 


For all the coffee-loving mums who are always on the go, the ember Heated Mug will certainly hit the jackpot. Not only can this mug keep your beverage hot, but its smart technology allows its user to set an exact drinking temperature and keeps it there for up to 3 hours, so your drink is never too hot, or too cold.


13. Lumie, Sunrise Alarm Wake-Up Lamp


Lumie, Sunrise Alarm Wake Up lamp 


Waking up is hardly ever an enjoyable experience, but it can be made easier! The Lumie Sunrise Alarm Lamp gently wakes up its user with a mimic natural sunrise or sunset and can even play personalised sounds as the alarm to ensure better sleep, waking, mood and energy. Given the impact of sleep on our mental and physical health, one cannot underestimate the power of an alarm to establish a natural and regular sleep pattern.


14. SURI, Sustainable Electric Toothbrush


SURI, Sustainable Electric Toothbrush 


Just because a gift is created with tech, doesn’t mean it has to be bad for the environment. The SURI Electric Toothbrush can keep the planet as clean as your teeth. Treat your mum with soft plant-based bristles, a slim and easily transportable design, a 4-hour charge for a 40+ day battery life, and a 2-minute smart timer – just some thoughtful extras that are sure to make her have a sparkly wine smile.


15. Nimble, Lite Portable Charger


Nimble, Lite Portable Charger


For all the mums that need to charge on the go, the Nimble Lite Portable Charger does just what it says on the tin: It offers a nimble and lightweight charger that can be easily transported. Packing twice the battery pack of devices double its size, the Nimble charger is perfect for any mum who likes to be ready to move on the go.