10. Connectd

  • Connectd was founded in October 2019 by Roei Samuel, Sam Luckett.
  • Connectd is a growth marketplace underpinned by smart matching technology directly connecting the UK’s leading Founders, Investors & NAMs.
  • Once a good grounding has been achieved in the UK, there are plans for Connectd to scale globally.




About Connectd


Roei Samuel and Sam Luckett have successfully created a three-sided growth marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with a curated group of investors and NAMS, underpinned by a smart matching technology.

Unique data points are at the core of the business and the platform has gone through a natural evolvement. The team has assembled a group of professionals to aid time poor founders in developing their investment collateral. Founder progress reporting tools also allow businesses to concisely capture critical performance metrics, keeping shareholders updated in real time and allow prospective investors to track the business. Investors gain the ability to monitor existing investments as well as discover new opportunities across the ecosystem. NAMs can easily search for the exclusive opportunities within the pool of businesses, as well as receive any coaching themselves.

Connectd is proud to have been on the journey of many founders that have successfully matched with investors and advisors and looks to share this success across other countries next year

Connectd Funding


Connectd has raised a total of £1.1M in funding over 2 rounds. The initial funding came from a pre-seed round, where they raised a £300,000. Their latest funding was raised on May 1, 2021 from a Seed round, where they raised £750,000.


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