14. Datscha

  • Datscha is a web-based solution giving you fast, easy access to high quality data for all registered commercial properties.
  • Datscha was founded in Sweden in 1996 by Urban Edenström, and then launched in the UK in 2016.




About Datscha


Datscha believe that the real estate industry should be a more innovative, transparent and collaborative place. That’s why they’ve been working for 20 years on their award-winning technology.

Used by professionals from across the sector, including agents, investors, developers, bankers, lawyers, and asset managers, Datscha is a new way of working for the real estate industry.

They exist to help you spend less time gathering data, and more time doing business. Datscha helps companies reduce the time they spend on research by hours, days, or even weeks.

Datscha’s core DNA is to collect, aggregate, and visualise public and proprietary real estate data in the market’s most modern and intuitive web-based solution. Launched in Sweden in 1996, Datscha strive to always be focused, fair, flexible, fun and friendly.

Today they serve over 900 companies in 7 countries.

Datscha Acquired by RCA


Datscha UK has a new look—with the same great functionality and data quality our customers expect. In 2019, RCA acquired Datscha, the leading provider of web-based services for information and analysis of commercial real estate in the Swedish, Finnish and UK real estate markets.

It’s not just a new look, combining Datscha’s technological skills in linking complex public and private datasets with RCA’s global reach across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific has helped Datscha to facilitate increased market transparency as we continue to deliver innovative and intelligent solutions to the real estate market.


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