16. Ideal Flatmate

  • Ideal Flatmate is the first UK website dedicated to helping its users find the right flatmates.
  • The London-based firm was set up in 2015 after its co-founders, Tom Gatzen and Rob Imonikhe, became increasingly frustrated with the lack of options available to find a suitable flatmate.




About Ideal Flatmate


Tom and Rob are two young professionals who met at university and, having lived with each other, and also their fair share of less than ideal flatmates, decided they wanted to build something to make it much easier to find the most compatible people to live with.

Frustrated by the current flatshare sites, which are based entirely on the look or location of the property, Ideal Flatmate was created with the knowledge that who you live with affects your happiness far more than the features or size of your room.

Ideal Flatmate places people and personality at the heart of the flat-sharing experience, not just properties and location. They are driven by the desire to make flat-sharing better and easier for everyone, by helping their users find flatmates they match with.

To help the customer, Ideal Flatmate have developed a short questionnaire about your living habits, the answers of which will allow the customer to find their ideal fellow flatmates in a given area.

Ideal Flatmate and Key Workers


In March 2021, it was announced that Ideal Flatmate have unveiled a partnership with build-to-rent company Get Living to offer a dedicated selection of London flats at a discounted price for key workers.

The scheme was launched in East Village, the former Olympic village in Stratford which has been developed into luxury rental flats and allows those working in sectors such as the health service, education and other key public services to move into flats below market rates.

For anybody in these professions who need to find a flatmate, ideal flatmate will provide their matching technology for free to help key workers find compatible people to share the property with.


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