20. Rentify

  • Rentify is an online Proptech platform that helps individuals market and manage their properties.
  • Founded in 2011 by George Spencer, Rentify’s board of Directors is, in addition to Spencer, Greg Jackson (Zopa), Simon Guild (WAYN, XING, Spreadshirt, Bigpoint), Tim Bunting (Balderton Capital) and Simon Bullivant(Ashcombe Advisers).




About Rentify


Rentify is a letting agent built for the 21st century. It helps landlords to let and manage their properties by giving them a fixed yield, using Rentify’s Property Specialists without the hassle and expense of an old-fashioned agent.

Rentify’s landords successfully leverage our unmatched property knowledge. This means better rents, great tenants and substantial savings in letting fees.

Rentify emphasises great customer service and convenience, powered by remarkable technology.

Founded in 2011, Rentify operates nationwide with more than 175,000 landlords using its services to market, manage and make money from their properties.

Rentify Launch AI Tool


In April 2021, Rentify announced the general availability of its online tool to help property owners and managers improve their ability to screen prospects and identify ideal residents.

Rentify uses an AI-driven approach that replaces credit checks with a comprehensive analysis of prospects’ overall financial picture that leverages bank data.

Credit checks often provide incomplete and misleading information that fails to uncover serious risk factors. Rentify solves this problem by providing a much deeper snapshot of a prospect’s financial history, allowing property owners to make more informed, better decisions in a matter of minutes.

Property owners can create a Rentify rental application, select their questions and criteria, and ask prospective renters to connect with their banking institutions to provide a detailed report called a Bank Check. This document contains the applicant’s bank balance, total income, employer information, overdraft frequency, rent payment issues, bill payment issues, and red flags such as past bankruptcies.

Rentify verifications are paperless, cost half as much as credit checks, and can be done instantly, building instant trust between landlords and tenants by getting everything out in the open.


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