39. Homeppl

  • Homeppl was founded in 2017 by Alexander Siedes, Elran Kadosh and Ohad Shalev in order to reveal the consumers real transactional ability.
  • In the past 12 months Homeppl have raised £2.5M, tripled the team to 37, expanded internationally and witnessed 4x year-on-year growth.
  • Homeppl are now used by some of the largest letting agents in the UK such as Knight Frank, Chestertons, JLL, Carter Jonas, Spotahome and Quintain Living.


About Homeppl


Homeppl is an innovative, intelligent and comprehensive tenant referencing system which leverages open banking, fraud detection tests, and behavioural analysis to confirm consumers’ real creditworthiness and transactional ability.

The business was launched in response to the fact that around a third of people applying to rent a property in the UK are discriminated against because of unfair tenant referencing.

Tenant referencing – the due diligence done on tenants before they sign a tenancy agreement – traditionally relies heavily on credit files.

People who don’t have one – common amongst internationals, the self-employed, students and high net worth individuals – are often unable to get approval unless they pay up to 100% of the rent up front or find a UK based guarantor.

Ironically, not only were landlords failing to approve good tenants without credit reports, but they were inadvertently approving fraudulent tenants, putting them at huge risk, both financially and legally.

About the Product


Homeppl leverages open banking and various fraud detection tests to protect landlords from bad tenants and to ensure suitable tenants can rent a property. By using behavioural analysis, error level analysis, domain and email tracking, document verification and multiple other stress tests, Homeppl have approval rates of 95%, compared to an industry average of 70%.

Homeppl is so confident in its own tenant referencing process that it also offers a service called Guarantid, where Homeppl will be the guarantor for accepted tenants who are unable to source one themselves.

Due to the depth of their analysis, Homeppl also have had 0% defaults, meaning landlords with agencies using Homeppl are confident that there won’t be any surprises. Incumbent referencing providers on the other hand are sloppy in their due diligence, their inability to detect fraudulent tenants results in 8% defaults and 1.6% court possession claims.

Homeppl’s unique fraud detection tests identified that 2% of all tenant applications since the start of the pandemic were fraudulent, meaning it was able to protect its clients from more than £800,000 in losses.


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