The Best Pet Apps And Gadgets For National Pet Day

April 11 marks National Pet Day, which celebrates our furry friends, and the joy they bring into our lives. Founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, an animal enthusiast, National Pet Day is a day we remember to save and help animals who are sheltered by donating and adopting pets who may need a home.


Health Benefits For Pet Owners


As much as pets are adorable and entertaining to have, there have been many health benefits linked to having a pet:


Reduces Stress and Lowers Blood Pressure

Pets help lower stress levels. Studies show that interacting with animals can decrease cortisol, a stress-related hormone, and even lower blood pressure, offering a calm presence in their owners’ lives.


Enhances Social Support and Reduces Loneliness

Animals reduce feelings of loneliness and boost social support. Owning a pet can increase feelings of companionship, reducing loneliness and enhancing overall mood. This is particularly true for those living alone, as pets provide both company and a way to meet new people.


Improves Children’s Emotional and Social Skills

Children benefit emotionally and socially from pets. Research funded by NIH and Mars Corporation found that pets could help children develop better social skills and reduce behavioural problems. This is especially noticeable in children (and adults) with disabilities such as autism and ADHD.


Encourages Physical Activity

Pets encourage physical activity. Dog owners, in particular, tend to engage in more physical activity than non-owners, as walking a dog is part of the daily routine. This added exercise is good for heart health and overall well-being.


Boosts Heart Health

Owning pets may improve heart health. Owning a pet, especially a dog, is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Pet owners have been found to have lower resting heart rates and lower cholesterol levels, contributing to a healthier heart.


Apps And Gadgets For PetCare


Tech has played a major role in making pet care more efficient and accessible for everyone. For those who are not able to own pets, there are robot pets, and apps where you can even own and take care of a virtual pet. The opportunities to have a furry friend are endless, and below are 10 apps and gadgets that may be useful:


Biscuit Pet Care




The Biscuit Pet Care app is free-to-use rewards app designed to help keep dog owners and their dog active, happy and healthy. Dog owners are rewarded with Biscuits (points) for taking care of their dog through daily walks, hitting weekly goals and routine pet care such as flea and worm treatments, and weight tracking.

Biscuits can be exchanged for gift vouchers for favourite shops and restaurants, or even for charity donations to help protect the environment. App users can shop with the likes of M&S and Amazon, enjoy a meal out with The Dining Out Card, or feed the family from Tesco, plus many more. Search Biscuit Pet Care in the app stores or visit


Tile Bluetooth Trackers




Tile Bluetooth trackers are the go-to gadget for pet owners to give added peace of mind that they can easily see their pet’s location whenever they need to. With a range of Bluetooth trackers on offer, Tile location trackers can easily attach to collars, keyrings – or anything else you want to keep tabs on. Simply attach a Tile to your pet’s collar and the Tile app lets users ring it if close by – or view its last seen location on the free app.

Tile is part of Life360, the UK’s #1 location sharing app – and Tile Bluetooth trackers are also visible on the Life360 app, so that friends and families can track everything in one place at any time.


Catit PIXI Vision Smart Dry Food Feeder With Camera




Cats eat a couple of times a day, from early morning until late at night but you can’t always be around to give them the correct amount of food. The Catit PIXI Vision Smart Dry Feeder keeps an accurate log of your cat’s eating pattern so you can schedule their meals to match their appetite.

No more leaving kibble out all day for it to get stale, attract insects and deter your kitty away from their food. This automatic dry cat food feeder audio and camera allows you to record a personalised message to call your cat when food is being served, audio so they can hear the food has been dispensed and motion detection in up to two zones so you can watch them eat (and check how much they eat of their serving).

Designed for optimal food distribution, the opaque reservoir and airtight lid keep out light and air, while the desiccant pack absorbs any moisture.

The feeder can be controlled via Wi-Fi and can use the free Catit PIXI SmartApp (available on the App Store and Google Play) to plan your cat’s meals, watch live, record for later and set motion detection from anywhere. Automatic recording requires MicroSD card (max. 256 GB, not included).



Pure One Station Pet




Fresh from IFA: Tineco Pure One Station, a self-emptying cordless vacuum for allergy sufferers | T3Tineco Pure One Station Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Tineco US

Four-in-one multi-functional OmniHub: After vacuuming, simply dock the vaccum in the OmniHub dock where it will automatically detect the self-cleaning mode, self-clean the whole system, filter out 99.9% of dust, and recharge, all whilst stored away neatly.

Three litre capacity dustbin: The large three litre capacity reusable dustbin means you don’t need disposable bags, while dust and debris can be held for up to 60 days, helping save money and reduce waste.

Increased battery lifespan: An upgraded pouch cell means that the vacuum maintains its exceptional cleaning power for longer. Compared to other batteries, the battery lifespan is extended 3-fold, allowing for prolonged usage.

ZeroTangle™ brush head: A specially designed brush effectively targets and traps hairs without wrapping, it makes the brush even easier to clean and it’s perfect for pet owners.

Voice assistant: A built-in voice assistant also means you can monitor cleaning performance. It tells you when cleaning is complete, when you need to clean the dustbin and air channel and filter and other details.

Three self-cleaning modes: It includes three self-cleaning modes for 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Real time-display and LED screen: Which shows accurate dirt and debris cleaning.





PetsApp is transforming veterinary care by offering a comprehensive digital platform that simplifies communication between vets and pet owners. This versatile app includes text and SMS chat, appointment scheduling, reminders, digital payments, video calls, and AI-assisted communication, alongside Wellness and Loyalty Plans.

Widely adopted across the veterinary sector, PetsApp is praised for its intuitive design, which mirrors the ease of any mainstream messaging app, but with added functionalities specifically tailored for veterinary services.

Just a few weeks after integration, veterinary clinics report significant improvements: a reduction in missed calls by 85% and a substantial increase in wellness plan subscriptions. Since its inception in January 2020, PetsApp has facilitated over $12.4 million in transactions, registered 720,000+ pets, and supported 15,000+ veterinary professionals in enhancing their clinic’s efficiency and client satisfaction.

With stellar reviews on both the App Store and Play Store, PetsApp stands out as a leading solution for veterinary teams looking to upgrade their service and communication capabilities.


Thule Allax


The Thule team has used the company’s world-class in-house crash testing facilities to develop the safest dog crate in the market, with real-world crash test simulations from both front and rear helping to lead product design. The crate has built-in crumple zones for added security, to keep both you and your pet safe while driving.

Thule Allax is available in ten different sizes in order to optimise space in the car and find the perfect fit for your dog. The crate is available in ten different sizes with the recommended price ranging from £489.99 (for the smallest size, XS) to £719.99 (for the largest version, XXL).




DuePet is one of the fastest growing mobile apps for pet care management. We developed numerous options for tracking and monitoring your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Our app enables you to keep a record of the most common tricky points that pet owners can face. With years of experience, we faced and witnessed a lot of challenges and obstacles, so it brought us to the point where we decided it’s about time to take some action and help especially new pet owners plan and manage their routine for pet care management.

Considering that most of us don’t move anywhere without a smartphone, it was the logical step to create an app that will enable monitoring and helping with pet management. Here you can track your pet’s daily activities, food and water intake, check their vet appointments, and keep records and notes about your pet companion.

Our app has a free version so you can check, test and use it for as long as you want. It’s available for iPhone & Android users and you can download it here.

Have you ever got to the point where you weren’t sure when was the date when you vaccinated your dog? Or you’re not sure when is the expected delivery date for your pregnant female pet?

Among the many features in our app, you can find answers to those kinds of questions. Download the app and set up your pet’s profile. Just follow the simple instructions for the necessary fields and you can have all the information in your pocket, at your disposal at any moment, for as long as you need.

DuePet is one of the best and simplest pet health management apps online, with a number of extra features and trackers to help you easily arrange your schedule, include veterinarian appointments, record your pets height and weight, and monitor their progress.

On top of everything, you can create your pet’s custom notes and records, along with supporting pictures, so it’s also fun to use it.


Pure One




Tineco Pure ONE S15 PET Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerTineco Pure ONE S15 PET Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

ZeroTangle™ brush head: A specially designed brush effectively targets and traps hairs without wrapping, it makes the brush even easier to clean and it’s perfect for pet owners.

Purecyclone Technology: It powerfully separates air and dust to avoid pre-filter clogging or suction loss, ensuring strong and fade-free suction power.

One-Touch Trigger Wipes Dustbin Clean: With a simple press, a one-touch trigger scrapes off the dust and hair entangled around the filter and pushes the debris straight into the dustbin.

iLoop Smart Sensor: Automatically adjusts suction power according to the soiling detected, improving the cleaning efficiency and prolonging the runtime by 4 times.

FreeStand No-Install Charging Base: No installation required, with no drilling or marking on walls. Neatly store and charge the unit in the charging equipped FreeStand base.




The official iPhone app from, the UK’s most popular pet classifieds website for all types of pets for sale and adoption.

The Pets4Homes app gives you easy access to search over 26,000 dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, horses and other pets for sale and adoption, advertised by breeders, rescue centers and pet owners throughout the UK.


iPhone App Features:

  • Search pets by pet type, pet breed, location, price and distance.
  • View search results in a list view, grid view or on a map.
  • Sort your results easily by date, price or distance.
  • View pet adverts with multiple high resolution photos.
  • Share adverts via facebook or twitter.
  • Contact advertisers directly from the app.
  • Add adverts to your favourites list for viewing later on.
  • Read buying advice and pet breed information.
  • Read daily pet advice articles.


  • Register and access your Pets4Homes account page to post new adverts.
  • Manage your existing adverts via the app.
  • Upload and manage unlimited photos to your adverts.
  • Access advert statistics to see how many people are viewing your adverts.


Pet Adoption UK



Thousands of Animals: Multiple Charities: One App

Thinking of getting a pet? Search for dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals from animal rehoming and rescue charities throughout the UK.

The Pet Adoption UK App aims to help raise awareness not only of the different types and breeds of animals looking for new homes, but also highlights the sheer volume of animals in UK animal rescue centres.

Pet Adoption UK works closely with a broad range of animal rehoming charities (including multi-species Pet Rescue, Dog Rescue and Cat Rescue specific) registered with the Charity Commission, Members or Associate Members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes, Dog Rescue Federation and Kennel Club Breed Rescues.

From hamsters to horses, Pet Adoption UK provides a central platform for pets of all sizes!