A Chat with Matt Watson, Founder at High-Quality, Affordable Eyewear Brand: Bullion Eyewear

Bullion Eyewear is an eyewear brand that focuses on offering unique, high-quality products at an affordable price. The slogan ‘raising the bar’ encapsulates the brands drive to be the best and Bullion Eyewear is working to build a community of trendsetters, livewires, and high-flyers to come on the journey.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The brand idea started when I was looking for a new pair of sunglasses that were higher quality but at an affordable price in case they got damaged, or lost on holiday, which lots of pairs typically do. However, all the sunglasses I found all seemed to be £120+ which I didn’t want to pay.

Having searched around online and in different retailers, I found there was a big gap between cheap and expensive sunglasses and there wasn’t much in the middle. I decided to investigate how feasible it would be to create a brand that offered premium quality sunglasses that looked unique and luxurious, but at a price point nearer the middle around £50-70. I set upon designing a few different pairs and then looking at suppliers to have samples made.

It was difficult working full time and then spending long evenings researching and teaching myself how to create a brand. Once I had created the fundamentals of the brand and had a few samples, I began getting feedback from friends and sunglasses retailers. All feedback was really positive and gave me the confidence that there was a gap in the market for the brand. It was then that I decided to take the plunge and use my savings to order my first bulk order of sunglasses and go for it.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

It’s been a big learning curve for me during the first few years since launching the brand as I had very little experience in all aspects of running a business previously. Each month that passes, I’m building my knowledge in each area to help the brand to grow.

Since launching, we’ve evolved with new products and ranges, most recently partnering with Digby Edgley from Made in Chelsea to design and launch his own range of sunglasses in collaboration with Bullion Eyewear.

What can we hope to see from Bullion Eyewear in the future?

As the world is becoming more aware of the efforts which are needed to help reduce the impact of climate change, so am I. The future for Bullion Eyewear will be to focus on sustainability and the product longevity. We are working on a plan to use recycled materials to have as little impact on the planet as possible. We have already worked to ensure our products are built to last as we have put them through various long term testing programs but there is always room for improvement so we will continue working on this too.


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