Interview with Sam Franklin, CEO and Co-Founder at Job Search Company: Otta

Sam Franklin

Otta is a jobs platform that helps people find jobs at London’s most exciting, fast-moving, and innovative companies. There are roles from tech giants like Apple, established disruptors like Revolut, and fast-growing startups.

One of our reviews by Kirstie Morgans on Trustpilot probably says it better than I can: “I cannot recommend Otta enough! When looking for a job, I found the filtering options on LinkedIn terrible and wanted a clearer idea of what the company and role was. Otta provides this with a professional yet fun product that allowed me to narrow down my search. Through Otta, I’ve found my dream job and have since recommended it to friends and family!”
Otta | Greenhouse

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I previously worked at a startup where I interviewed a lot of candidates as the company was growing fast. One thing I decided to do was ask candidates, “How was your job search?” and it was shocking to hear how frustrating people found job seeking. Hearing phrases like “it’s soul-crushing” was a clear signal to explore.

The more me and my co-founders looked into the space, the more we realised the industry is incredibly focused on solving companies’ needs (How do we get that hire in the door?). There was an opportunity to build something that was focused on making the experience amazing for candidates. Looking for a job is pivotal, and the products you use should support that process and not be a frustration.

The first step was quite obvious to us: we should be picky about the companies, as there’s too much choice otherwise.


Tell us about the Rocket List

Every year we launch the Rocket List to celebrate 50 or so companies that are fantastic places for someone to accelerate their career. The idea is that if you join the fastest growing companies, you’ll turbo-boost your career development.

We saw plenty of “top startup lists,” but they had very little substance. Often they were just names of companies, leaving job seekers to do all the research. We provide as much useful information as we can on companies. In one page you can see how much funding the company has raised, their mission, a few examples of people progressing fast, and more.

When starting our 2021 edition, we saw hundreds of fantastic companies hiring, so we sought out some experts to help us select the best 50. We worked with some leading VCs to get as much insight into which companies were really taking off.

The result is that the 2021 Rocket List includes 50 companies growing so fast that you’ll turbo-boost your career development.

What can we hope to see from Otta in the future?

We’re currently working on an exciting rebrand project. It’s centered around us being fanatical about helping candidates be their best. It feels very out-of-category, and so we’re excited to launch it soon!