30. HomeRenter

  • HomeRenter is a marketplace for private rentals, connecting tenants and private landlords.
  • HomeRenter was launched in 2016 by founding partners, Jim Thomas, Julian Leadbeater, Sean Quinn and Will Handley.
  • HomeRenter cater to four connected audiences – private landlords, tenants, key-holders and service providers – and look to deliver a happier rental experience for all parties.




About HomeRenter


At HomeRenter they believe the traditional lettings model is broken and unfair to tenants and landlords alike. They believe tenants are sick and tired of property searches that feel like wild goose chases and culminate in rip-off ‘admin’ fees.

They believe landlords are getting poor value and service from existing agents, not to mention a tough ride from the press and Government. What’s more, contrary to received opinion, they believe the rental market works best when you remove the middleman and allow property owners and renters to connect via a managed community and operate in harmony.

The vision, therefore, behind HomeRenter is to create an AirBnB-style marketplace for private rentals in the UK that delivers superior value to both landlords and tenants whilst putting right several of the imperfections of the current category.

HomeRenter Product


For landlords the site operates as a one-stop-shop to advertise, let and manage rental properties at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional agents. Pricing options for launch comprise a 6 month free trial and an annual listing, sold on a subscription package, at £49.99 discounted from £99.99.

For the paid listing option, to assist with finding tenants, landlords get access to a fledgling community of key-holders to facilitate remote or inconvenient viewings, two weeks promotion on established portal groups such as Rightmove and ZPG, plus HomeRenter To Let boards and access to an intelligent dashboard via which to vet prospective tenants, e-sign leases and run the admin of their tenancy.

For tenants, the site provides a permanent profile and dashboard from which to manage not only their rental search but wider tenant history, including ratings and reviews. The site charges no admin fees to tenants and allows prospective renters to search for future rentals on the cusp of going live and reserve these properties ahead of the chasing pack.

There is also a HomeRenter sub-community of key-holders , known as “HomeViewers”, and the team are looking to scale nationwide over time. The site will vet all HomeViewer candidates for experience, aptitude, plus proofs of ID and insurance, but then facilitate peer to peer booking between landlords and key-holders.

To deliver trusted property maintenance search into the site HomeRenter has partnered with Central Index, a Web.com company, to make accessible the largest services directory in UK.


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