41. Disruptive Technologies

  • Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies (DT) is an award-winning tech company and developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and IoT infrastructure.
  • Their tiny, efficient, powerful, and adaptable sensors are designed to reach an ever greater number of operational components, making buildings sustainable, intelligent and safe, in minutes.




About Disruptive Technologies


The sensors are tiny (19 x 19 x 2.5mm), installed with adhesive, affordable, scalable, robust, have a battery lifetime of 15 years and top grade security. Use DT Studio, a Partner Application or use the API to integrate it into other applications.

DT’s plug-and-play solution allows easy and quick retrofitting of existing buildings and assets, without the need to rip and replace legacy systems. The sensors are deployed in a wide range of applications, helping to optimise energy efficiency, reduce business’ carbon footprint, and enhance sustainability practices, while providing immutable proof of compliance. These solutions are available to people and buildings in a way that was never before thought possible.

Some applications include legionella compliance, cold storage (food & beverage/hospitals & pharmaceuticals), occupancy, predictive maintenance, smart cleaning, energy optimization & sustainability, and health & wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic, the sensors have been used to accommodate the immediate need for clean and safe operations, with a full overview of assets, resources and safety. Digitisation quickly became a “must have”.

One recent example, in collaboration with Infogrid, 120 NHS sites demonstrated the benefits of smart monitoring with DT sensors. In costs alone, hospital wards saved 10,000 hours of nurse time and between £9,987 and £70,103 per annum – the latter figure relating to acute wards. With the added environmental benefits of saving 43,020+ KwH of energy, 46,488+ litres of water, 44,335 Kg of C02, and 81% of manual labour hours, just imagine the potential savings if all NHS buildings underwent the same treatment.

Accessibility and Sustainability


DT has already made strides towards making IoT tech accessible to as many businesses, organisations and commercial property owners as possible. With the July 2021 launch of their new starter kit, anyone can make a building or space smart in minutes. Making workspaces healthier, buildings more sustainable, and integral business processes more cost-effective.

The move towards sustainability is inevitable. Soon, all buildings will be expected to comply with evolving sustainability practices, regardless of age, location, or design. Disruptive Technologies is committed to facilitating, and leading that movement.


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