42. Pitch 4 Finance

  • Pitch 4 Finance are Property and Business funding specialists, matching lenders with borrowers and intermediaries, in an instant.
  • Pitch 4 Finance was founded in 2021 by Founder and CEO, Miranda Khadr.
  • The initial response to Pitch 4 Finance has been fantastic and to date has received over £188m of enquiries and offered terms on £178m of business.




About Pitch 4 Finance


Pitch 4 Finance is a unique loan packager and sourcing system for the alternative finance market. It specialises in matching the financial requirements of brokers and borrowers to the most appropriate lenders.

It can source mortgages for bridging, property development, refurbishment, commercial loans, complex buy-to-let and business loans from a panel of more than 180 lenders.

CEO Miranda Khadr also owns a commercial finance brokerage, Yellow Stone Finance, which has been trialling the Pitch 4 Finance software. In April 2021, Pitch 4 Finance officially launched to the broker market but borrowers can also use its platform directly.

How does the Pitch 4 Finance work?


The borrower or broker fills in an online application form and the matching process starts as soon as the system receives enquiry parameters. There are between 16 and 38 data entries, for example, loan type, loan amount.

However, property development cases can be complex so by asking for specific information, the system can ensure the most suitable lenders will be returned in the matches. For example, is the property currently habitable, its location, credit record and development experience of the borrower? The system automatically generates the loan to cost and the loan to value. The Pitch 4 Finance platform is the only comprehensive solution in the alternative lending market going into this level of detail.

Once the form has been completed, the platform sends the enquiry parameters to the API which are saved in the database. This generates a data object, and that is sent to the matching engine.

The matching algorithm then matches the enquiry parameters against lenders’ business streams criteria and decides which should be matched. All matches are saved in the database. At the front-end application, the platform receives matching results and displays them. The entire process is carried out in real time with a time delay of under two seconds.

One of the advantages for lenders is that they can control the amount and type of business they want to lend on by switching criteria on and off. A lender may decide they have too much of one type of lending so for risk management purposes might want to ease off on it for a while. Perhaps they want to target a new area of lending so will make certain loans more attractive.


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