TechRound100 Finalists 2019



We are delighted to announce the TechRound100 Finalists for 2019:


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Feedback From Our Judges




“We were amazed by the volume of applications in our first year and the variety of products and services too. Thank you to everyone that entered. It seems that the UK is not short of startups.

There was a particular interest in new employee benefit schemes and how employers are making life better for their staff using digital means (yulife and neyber).

There were also a lot of impressive entrepreneurs who created alternative food products, finding a gap in the market after they had a particular condition or challenge and were searching for that exact product (MISSFITS and HOU).

We noticed the ability of some entrepreneurs to take age-old products and making them digitalised, allowing for better scalability (looking at PensionBee, Farewill and Vintage CashCow).

Those entrepreneurs that scored well included those pushing their own designs, beliefs or talent and working with big clients or getting listed in big stores, despite being just a few people.

Finally, we were most impressed by those startups who were taking on challenging social issues and not necessarily looking to profit (Beam).”

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