Top Startups In Brighton To Keep An Eye On

Nestled along the picturesque coast of England, Brighton is celebrated for being an artistic hub brimming with quirky cafes, captivating art galleries and, of course, tasty fish and chip spots. But did you know this city is also a bustling entrepreneurial hub teeming with creativity and innovation?

With an ecosystem ripe with possibilities, join us as we explore Brighton’s lively landscape and shine a spotlight on some top startups capturing attention and spearheading transformative change in their industries and beyond.





Let’s kick things off by introducing MyPocketSkill – an innovative platform empowering individuals to earn money on their terms. This digital technology company is driven by a vision to foster financial empowerment among Gen Z, aiding young people aged 13-24 in skill development while facilitating opportunities to earn, save, and gain financial literacy.

MyPocketSkill offers flexible work arrangements that fit seamlessly into your work or study schedule. With tasks spanning various domains including digital and social media, music, academic tutoring, babysitting, and more, there’s something for everyone.

Getting started with MyPocketSkill is simple. After signing up, just undergo a brief onboarding call to familiarise yourself with the platform. Then, create a listing showcasing your skills and interests, and apply for tasks that align with your expertise. Once you’ve connected with a client and agreed on the task, dive in and get it done. The platform’s approach fosters engagement, motivation, and a lifelong learning mindset among young individuals.


Universal Quantum


Universal Quantum


Universal Quantum envisions a future where building a million-qubit quantum computer is not just a possibility but a reality. This ambitious goal is anchored by six core technology pillars: cutting-edge technology breakthroughs, fully integrated modules, electron quantum gates, scalable temperature control, trapped ion qubits, and a focus on practical engineering.

With these foundational elements in place, Universal Quantum is confident that achieving true scalability to millions of qubits is within reach by interconnecting their distinct quantum computing modules. Central to this endeavour is UQ Connect, a groundbreaking quantum matter link technology designed to transport ion qubits between modules. Already setting world records in connection rate and fidelity between two trapped ion quantum computer modules, UQ Connect stands as the pathway to scaling to millions of qubits with unmatched specifications.

Ultimately, Universal Quantum’s mission extends beyond technological feats; it aims to leverage quantum computing to address real-world challenges that would otherwise be insurmountable for today’s fastest supercomputers, potentially taking billions of years to solve. From revolutionising medicine to reshaping finance and beyond, Universal Quantum’s endeavours hold the promise of transformative impact.


Hardball Games Ltd


Hardball Games Ltd


Hardball Games is driven by a singular mission: to craft interactive entertainment experiences that stand out on the global stage, facilitating collaborative play in fresh and engaging ways. Their games boast cross-play functionality, multiplatform compatibility, and multiplayer features, catering to expansive player communities seeking innovative and diverse gaming experiences.

At the heart of their ethos lies the belief that creating fun games means enjoying the process of making them. Hardball Games fosters an environment where creativity flourishes, inviting individuals to contribute their ideas freely within a safe and collaborative space. Embracing the emergence of cross-platform play, the studio harnesses the power of connectivity to reach vast audiences, fostering inclusivity and community engagement through a free-to-play business model.

Founded by seasoned industry professionals, Hardball Games emerged out of a vision to deliver fresh, multiplayer action experiences to large player groups who seek novel adventures to embark on.






Seeking a sustainable, personalised way of getting your loved ones? Look no further than Prsnt. This innovative gifting app revolutionises the act of giving by letting users send and share gifts directly from their smartphones. With partnerships established with over 100 of the UK’s premier high street brands, Prsnt offers the opportunity to send heartfelt gifts to loved ones, regardless of their location.

At the core of this app lies the aim to elevate users’ dopamine levels and foster positive thought processes through the psychology of gifting. By facilitating instant peer-to-peer referrals and tapping into innate human generosity, Prsnt cultivates an ongoing cycle of giving and receiving.

This platform even caters to businesses, meaning corporate gifting just got a whole lot easier. This feature grants business owners and team leaders the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively gift their staff, clients, and customers without the burden of subscription fees or minimum spending requirements.




Sprie leads the industry with its cutting-edge virtual try-on technology, tailored for remote selling, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar stores alike, seamlessly blending the realms of online and physical shopping.

Harness the power of Sprie to deliver personalised online shopping experiences and allow customers to virtually try products in real-world settings before making a purchase. This AR solution seamlessly integrates into e-commerce websites and social media platforms, eliminating the need for app downloads and making augmented reality more accessible than ever.

What sets Sprie apart is its innovative product visualisation process, featuring image-to-3D product digitisation. Compatible with all major website builders, Sprie effortlessly integrates into existing infrastructures, providing measurable insights for data-driven decision-making. With a secure infrastructure, Sprie ensures the confidentiality and security of your data, empowering retailers to enhance the customer experience while maximising sales.





Experience the power of real-time cash flow forecasting and reporting with Futrli, enabling you to prepare comprehensive 3-year forecasts utilising your accounting data. Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or business owner, Futrli seamlessly predicts across the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow, offering unparalleled insights into your financial landscape.

Futrli’s intuitive and robust forecasting and reporting platform instills confidence and clarity, with dedicated support to guide you every step of the way. With Futrli, unlock instant insights into performance metrics and optimise your time for maximum efficiency. Tailored to meet your accounting needs, Futrli delivers essential insights spanning historical, current, and future performance, benefiting both your practice and your clients.

Gain professional reports swiftly to elevate strategic discussions with stakeholders, clients, teams, boards and investors alike. Futrli’s reports, specifically crafted for accountants, are easy to compile, simple to share, and fully customisable to align with your financial expertise. Enhance your variance analysis capabilities with integrated graphs and charts that seamlessly track Budgets and Scenarios, all within this efficient and user-friendly platform.



Enter a world of wonder with Curiscope’s exquisitely crafted Augmented Reality products, inviting you to explore the realms of knowledge in unprecedented ways. Everyday objects undergo a remarkable transformation, evolving into multi-award-winning creations that breathe life into learning experiences.

Take, for instance, Curiscope’s poster – an ordinary piece of art becomes a gateway to the universe’s marvels. Simply point the free app, available on iOS and Android devices, at the intricately designed prints and witness the cosmos come alive before your eyes. Similarly, their t-shirt is no conventional attire; the Virtuali-Tee, Curiscope’s flagship product, is a 100% cotton supersoft garment that, when paired with the free app, unlocks the captivating world of anatomy through Augmented Reality.

Experience the awe-inspiring reactions as you point your phone or tablet at Curiscope’s products. These creations cultivate an audience like no other and promise endless fun and fascination, remaining as stylish and appealing as ever even when the AR mode is turned off.


emteq labs



Introducing emteq labs, a cutting-edge emotion analytics platform revolutionising the objective measurement of human responses in real-time. By seamlessly integrating biometric sensors, signal processing modules, gaze tracking, and optional eye-tracking capabilities, emteq offers unparalleled insights into emotional states and responses with ultimate precision.

This innovative solution is designed for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments and real-world applications. Its synchronised sensors can be seamlessly integrated into VR headsets or glasses, providing objective measurements for a wide range of scenarios.

emteq labs stands as the world’s first wearable platform for real-world and XR (extended reality) behavioural analytics, communication, and wellbeing. With its high-quality data and researcher dashboard, emteq enables researchers and professionals in various fields – such as academia, clinical research, content creation, development, training, and healthcare – to gain valuable insights into human behaviour and emotional responses. Offering comprehensive insights into emotional responses, it paves the way for a deeper understanding of human behaviour across diverse industries and applications.